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Yeah, it's officially open now. It's across from the seafood section now.

America's Most Frequently Dyed Foods
9/12/13 04:15 PM

You're an ambitious one, SoccerJo. Personally, planning and cooking 5 variety meals each week is about all we can manage with other commitments. I'll look to prepare a more well-rounded list, with you in mind, next time.

A Work Week Menu Plan That You Can Do
5/29/13 08:10 AM

Sorry to hear your reservations. This was cooked and prepared by me (that's my grill, and my hands in the photo) during an outdoor demonstration at the Austin Food & Wine festival. No butter, no searing in a pan.

We just let the cauliflower rest on the grill for 25-30 minutes as I mentioned in the article. I did forget to mention the key step of coating the cauliflower in oil before adding the rub - this has since been edited. For seasoning we used a Chef Tim Love Wild Game rub which is a rosemary/salt/pepper mix.

Grilling This Memorial Day? Why You Should Throw On Some Cauliflower. Austin Food & Wine Festival
5/25/13 02:20 AM

Yay! Great to hear. Thanks so much erincee.

How To Pan-Sear Any Vegetable for a Quick Weeknight Side Dish Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/28/13 12:10 PM

I so want these! My old KEF 3000's in my setup need to go on a diet.

KEF T Series Speakers Designed to Complement the Thinnest HDTVs Tech Test Lab Review
10/11/12 12:19 AM

oops, I meant Augustus Gloop

A Visit with Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, Oregon
Maker Tour

10/10/12 01:12 AM

Leela, I am so going here whenever I find myself in Portland. You can be Veruca Salt and I'll be Gustav Gloop

A Visit with Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, Oregon
Maker Tour

10/10/12 01:09 AM

Thanks for the comments.

To clarify my friend's argument, he believes that our current education system isn't sustainable for future generations. He sees the current use of tablets in colleges to facilitate larger lecture halls,by giving students access to the lecture content, trickling down into grade schools for cost cutting measures. This leads to less teachers per student, and perhaps even leads to schools where the teacher isn't in the same classroom, but only seen as a video feed along with other coursework that is accessed virtually. He thinks this may be necessary to teach the most kids with the least resource (or number of teachers).

Glad to see you're opposed to this too, because I sure wouldn't like to see us give up our traditional methods of education for convenience and "efficiency"

Is Your Home Tablet Your Child's Next School Teacher?
10/8/12 08:10 PM

@Awstinite @Dona, the venue is Plantation House, and we recommend them highly

Putting Your Personal Touch on The Wedding Meal: Some Thoughts and Advice
9/28/12 05:46 PM

Ooo! All great ones.

We went on a streak of playing Ticket to Ride and Puerto Rico with a few friends. We played Bang! a few times as well, forgot about that one.

I'll have to look into some of the other suggestions.

Games After Dinner: What Do You Play?
9/20/12 03:57 PM

@FrettingDetails - LOVE "Killing Me, Smalls"
Several others - "Bill Wi the Science Fi" - so awesome.

fun to read through these.

The Funniest Home Wi-Fi Network Names
9/17/12 04:28 PM

Unreal @LeapKate!

Meet Freekeh & Use It Just About Everywhere
9/14/12 12:00 AM

Better cellular plans and chocolate @Vallie? Belgium just moved up on my travel priority list.

How To Pick the Best Wireless Carrier for the iPhone 5 (or Any Smartphone)
9/13/12 03:46 PM

So interesting to hear Siri working so well for so many people - makes me jealous quite honestly. I too thought it's main advantage was for adding a reminder or getting directions to a place while in a car, but alas, it doesn't work for me. I must talk at a particular cadence that is bad for it. Seriously every time it asks a "yes" or "no" question, and I respond "yes" it thinks I said "yet." And if I ask a not even too complex question it gets way out of line.

I agree that Facetime has the potential to be more useful once the wi-fi only restrictions are lifted from it in iOS6. But, I still think it will go mostly unused until they make it more obvious that it's an option on-screen. For planned talks with grandparents or family overseas I can definitely see it being fantastic. But I want Facetime with friends I haven't seen in a while that randomly call, and Facetime with Customer Service or Tech Support.

The Fizzled Five: Overhyped Technology
9/12/12 06:44 AM

You smoke the salmon in the same method. What makes this two ways is that you can choose to smoke the salmon plain (after washing off the cure), or adding a dry rub (after washing off the cure) to add extra spice.

Or you could do like I did, and do both ways. Adding the dry rub to one half and leaving the other half plain.

How to Make Smoked Salmon, Two Ways Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/29/12 07:31 PM

I'm to blame if you thought there were too many pictures of the homeowner. As a few have said before Tolly is a bright, energetic person and most definitely humble. I tried to showcase that personality in some of the tour photos to try and give a glimpse to her fun, personality but it appears I did it to the point of taking away from what the main focus should be on this site - her home.

Any comments on her being 'vain' are misplaced as during the shoot Tolly certainly wasn't saying 'take a picture of me here"..."and now here." I'm the one who says let's try this shot and this shot. I try to capture the real emotion of the tourees, and I thought a lot of those shots showed that emotion and chose to include them for that reason.

I removed a few photos from the gallery to hopefully make it read how you expect things to here on AT. Oh, and unfortunately something came up for her husband so he wasn't able to make the tour shoot we scheduled, or else I would have most definitely got shots with him in his cool music studio and in the home.

I'll try to do better for you all next time.

Tolly's Peaceful Home and
Adventurous Backyard House Tour

7/26/12 03:56 PM

Ha @JohnJake! That does look like an electric chair now that you mention it.

It's actually a light box project I was sketching ideas for. Guess I'm going to have to make some changes so my house doesn't look like it has an electric chair in it :)

What Type of DIY Planner Are You?
7/16/12 11:25 AM

@RosieGreenie the glass is a "Tour Martini" glass from Crate & Barrel

Summer Drink Recipe: Spicy Roasted Shishito Pepper Margarita Recipes from The Kitchn
7/16/12 07:54 AM

Good one @Jon Tingley, my mom does the Facebook thing too just forgot about that one. Not only is the comment cheesy but it screams for attention because it's written in all caps, of course. Gotta love it.

Our Parents' Most Embarrassing Tech Habits
6/27/12 02:05 PM

@Dulcibella I believe that's the Parsons Desk from West Elm

IKEA Home Offices in Every Style Decor Styles Inspiration
6/25/12 03:34 PM