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Here is the link:

A Gift Guide for Readers: Books & Bookends
12/12/11 12:54 PM

I've come across so many book lists but no "book ends". I'd like to see a list on some good book end pairing for these Holiday Books for Little Kids

A Gift Guide for Readers: Books & Bookends
12/12/11 12:53 PM

Love these decorations. I'll have to add this to my Holiday Decorations List:

Elegant Inspiration: Simple & Chic Holiday Decor
12/8/11 02:38 AM

Nice gift ideas..I love this Thoughtful gift list that I'm using this Holiday season>

10 Gift Guides You Can Shop From Home
Weekend Shopper's Guide

11/28/11 12:09 AM

Feel free to add more suggestions to this Trader Joe's list that I created.

Bite-Sized: 10 Mini Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
11/21/11 08:27 PM

These desserts looks really good. I however don't have the time with my busy schedule to bake all these items. I might just have to cheat this year and stop at Trader Joe's. They never fail in providing some delicious desserts.

Bite-Sized: 10 Mini Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
11/21/11 08:27 PM

Doing Thanksgiving solo can be as exciting as with a group of people (if you love to cook). If your like me where it takes too much effort to cook every side dish let Trader Joe's be your friend! They have a lot of options:

How Can I Make a Solo Thanksgiving Special?
Good Questions

11/21/11 08:25 PM

Not a morning person? I know I will be sleeping in the day after Thanksgiving :). Here are some great recipes that you can eat at any time of the day:

Thanksgiving Morning: 10 Easy Breakfast Recipes
11/21/11 08:22 PM

Is it mean that I gave my mom some helpful hints on how to make her Turkey more juicy this year?..I'll have to forward her this article. If you're not cooking your turkey this year and want to help contribute with some easy to make sides check out my Trader Joe's list>>

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/21/11 08:20 PM

hmm I'm not much a fan of relish, I wonder how that would taste with my turkey. I've actually never ventured out into the cranberry turkey sandwich side either. I do however know a lot about the trader joe's sides they are offering this year. You can check out which side you still need to buy for this weeks holiday dinner. Feel free to add any other sides I might have missed>>

Great Product: Trader Joe's Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish
11/21/11 08:18 PM

These are some great gift ideas.. I've found found some unique gifts for the iphone lovers on this list. From touch screen gloves to attachable lenses>>

10 Gift Guides for Tech Lovers
Weekend Shopper's Guide

11/15/11 01:19 PM