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Dirty vodka martini (in place of green olive/juice)... A pickletini!

6 Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice Tips from The Kitchn
6/11/14 11:50 AM

409! I like to use mostly homemade, natural cleaners but... This stuff really does the trick on grease!

How Do I Clean Sticky Cooking Grease Off My Cupboards? Good Questions
5/5/14 11:17 AM

Great job! How did you get the granite installed that cheap? When we buy it for remodels it is fairly inexpensive but the fabrication (cutting to size, cutting sink hole, edge routing etc...) costs about 3k after the price of the granite for an average size kitchen. I would love to know how you did it for $800! Thanks!

Kitchen Before & After: A 1970s Kitchen Goes Contemporary For Under 10K Reader Kitchen Remodel
12/10/13 10:38 AM

We tried this at the Fermentation Festival in Goleta last weekend - SO YUMMY! I can't wait to find more - it blows away TJs dairy free options by a long shot. I just wish he could get it in more local stores... Hopefully he will eventually get it into Whole Foods and Lazy Acres.

A Visit with Sugar & Salt Creamery:
Jon Carpenter's Delicious Vegan Ice Cream Maker Tour

9/1/13 11:10 AM

Something about that looks creepy...

Look! A Rope Light Over the Island Kitchen Inspiration
8/8/13 11:51 AM

I am drooling over your colorful collection of dishes!

Kirsten's Out-in-the-Open Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
4/29/13 04:48 PM

I am in love with this home! Great job! I especially love the dining room paint color, makes me happy!

Scott's Cozy Treasure Palace
Green Tour

4/24/13 10:38 AM

LOVE! Always have and I am glad to see it has gained popularity - it's so good for you! I love it juiced, sauteed or raw as a salad.

Is There a Kale Conspiracy?
1/21/13 09:47 AM

I miss Deschutes Brewery! I lived in Bend for a year and have many good memories spent eating their tasty food and incredible beer! I especially love their Black Butte Porter!

Beer Review: Jubelale Winter Ale from Deschutes Brewery Beer Sessions
11/15/12 10:55 AM

Went to Missoula Montana in September and really enjoyed the Big Sky Brewing's "Moose Drool" and "Trout Slayer". Luckily, I was able to find the Moose Drool here in Santa Barbara at Whole Foods!

Impress Your Guests: 5 Great Brews for Beer-Loving Guests Beer Sessions
11/8/12 03:54 PM

How is this diet healthy? Beef and pork are NOT healthy! I think I would take a bowl of whole grains and veggies over bacon any day!

What Can I Take to a Paleolithic Dinner Party?
Good Questions

9/12/12 10:52 AM

I never worried about more/less nutrition, just about the chemicals!!!!!! I would love to know who funded this study for the college.... Hmmmmm????

New Study Says Organic Produce Is No More Nutritious Than Conventional Food News
9/6/12 12:07 AM

....or, don't eat animals...

East Coast Meat Recall: Cargill Recalls 30,000 LBS of Ground Beef Food News
7/30/12 10:59 AM

Well, my original comment was referring to how one can raise an animal, pet them, get to know them, then kill them.... It is something that perplexes me...

Past the Chicken Coop: Behind the Scenes of a Backyard Pig Farm
7/27/12 05:04 PM

I have been using them as noodles (using a spiral slicer) in place of pasta. Pretty tasty!!

Beyond Zucchini Bread: 15 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Green Monster Squash
7/27/12 11:56 AM

Love the bubble tile!

Alvin's Dramatic Makeover (with Bubbles!) Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/27/12 11:51 AM

LOVE! So good to finish off a curry with some fresh thai basil!

The Spicier, Sexier Basil: Thai Basil Ingredient Spotlight
7/27/12 11:51 AM

I love making a large platter of sliced avocado topped with lots of lemon juice, finely diced shallots, salt and pepper. Simple side for summer!

Backyard Party Idea: An Avocado Bar!
7/27/12 11:44 AM

Tomatoes and basil
Avocado and lemon

Two Is Company: What Are Your Favorite Ingredient Pair-Ups?
7/27/12 11:43 AM

Yum! This sounds great - I think I will try it with white tea :)

Recipe: Sparkling Peach Punch Recipes from The Kitchn
7/27/12 11:40 AM