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Bleach can be very caustic on laminate, making it even more porous allowing future stains to really soak in. It can also ruin some colors (like turning white countertops yellow). I use Oxy-Clean and enough water to make a paste and scrub the area. Gets everything, including tomato sauce and spice stains out of my white laminate countertop.

How Do I Get Spice Stains Out of My Laminate Countertops? Good Questions
6/17/14 05:13 PM

Sounds great! I've found that quinoa does beautifully in a rice cooker.

Recipe: Green Goddess Quinoa Salad Bowl Healthy Lunch Recipes from The Kitchn
6/16/14 01:10 PM

Thanks! I'm using this info to keep my new stainless steel sink clean and shiny!

How To Clean Stainless Steel Countertops To a Shiny, Streak-Free Finish Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
6/4/14 10:24 AM

Big secret is putting them on the plate just seconds before they are actually done as norahl mentioned--they finish cooking on the plate.

The Best Scrambled Eggs I've Ever Eaten Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
5/6/14 01:57 PM

The only way you can cook an egg in the microwave is if you PIERCE THE YOKE! Otherwise it will explode no matter what you put it in. Better yet, keep eggs out of the microwave. Eggs don't cook evenly in the microwave, anyway.

As for undercooked hard-boiled eggs, the oven method in a cupcake pan as mentioned earlier is your best bet.

Can I Re-Cook Underdone Hard-Boiled Eggs? Good Questions
4/30/14 09:53 AM

I add a little tarragon and blanched or toasted slivered almonds.

How To Make Classic Chicken Salad Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/24/13 03:17 PM

Never throw away baking soda. Throw a cup or so in your washer to soften the water and make the laundry detergent work more efficiently. I buy the huge box of baking soda for just that purpose and keep a smaller amount in an air tight storage container in my pantry.

Baking Tricks: How to Tell if Baking Soda Has Expired
3/25/13 07:43 PM

I use about a half cup of baking soda in the wash cycle (I have hard water and it softens it so I don't have to use so much detergent) and vinegar in the rinse cycle (I put the vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser). Fabric softeners (both liquid and sheets) contain carcinogens so they aren't healthy for us to use, anyway. Stick with baking soda and vinegar and you will have clean, disinfected, fresh-smelling laundry and machines without all the extra trouble.

How To Clean a Washing Machine Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/25/13 02:38 PM

Might work for them, but I agree with so many of the commenters here that cats don't like to be closed in, it has to be kept scrupulously clean...I'm so glad I have a screened porch where I installed a regular cat door panel in the sliding door on the side that we don't use. It's all locked in place and we can still keep the door locked, yet we can open the other side of the sliding door. Then of course the litter box is kept on the porch and is protected from the elements.

The Built-In Litter Box
10/11/12 05:39 PM

I wish he had shown us how to hone and sharpen a knife! Maybe there's another video somewhere?

What Is Sharp? Bob Kramer Has 5 Ways to Tell If Your Knife Is Sharp Enough Video
8/2/12 10:38 AM

I love my Keurig and have found loads of delicious coffee k-cups. For those who say k-cup coffee isn't any good, just haven't found the right kind. There are literally hundreds of brands, types, and flavors to choose from. You can also get plastic k-cups that you can put your own coffee in to brew in Keurig machines, so there's really no excuse for blaming the coffee.

Right now dealnews dot com has the Keurig B130 on sale at Office Depot for $50 delivered:
New: Keurig B130 In-Room K-Cup Brewing System for $50 + free shipping, padding
Office Depot offers the Keurig B130 In-Room K-Cup Brewing System for $69.99. Pad your order to over $75 (this sugar is $5.09) and apply coupon code "677961996" to drop it to $49.99 (excluding padding). With free shipping, that's $10 under our March mention (without padding) and the lowest total price we could find by $24. Sales tax is added where applicable.

At least this offer gives you the opportunity to try it out without putting out a lot of money.

What Is the Best Replacement for My Senseo Coffee Maker? Good Questions
6/20/12 10:06 AM

I think she's talking about the pre-coated, pre-cooked frozen chicken strips. I buy those for quick meals. What I do is put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds—just to thaw and warm them a little. I'm talking about 3 or 4 strips, but if you cook the whole bag, then maybe a minute would be better. Then I put them in a pre-heated 350 degree oven on a mesh baking pan. That way the heat surrounds them (putting them on a solid baking sheet makes them mushy on the bottom and takes forever because you have to keep turning them and they are lying in their own grease). I leave them in for about 10 minutes. I've also put them in a 450 degree toaster oven for about 5 or 6 minutes to crisp them up. Either way, I think you will be happy with the crispiness.

How Do I Make Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken Fingers? Recipe Questions
6/12/12 10:27 AM

Unless the writer was late and the dinner was ready, there should have been some transition time before being seated for the meal. All of my friends have a "cocktail" time upon arrival to give everyone a chance to arrive. The late-comers may find that they will be seated immediately because it's time to eat! Only one friend seats us at the table the moment we arrive, but often the other guests are late so we sit there at the table waiting. The hostess leaves all the food in the oven so due to the latecomers we eat dry, overcooked food. Every time. After several years of this we've decided not to go there for dinner anymore.

Do You Serve your Guests Dinner Right Away? Hospitality
5/4/12 10:27 AM

I live alone and I run my dishwasher once a week. If I just have a couple things, I might wash them by hand, but if you have service for 8, it will last a week. Running your dishwasher once a week uses less water than washing everything by hand daily and everything comes out clean and sanitized. I save energy by turning off the drying cycle and propping the door open a few inches overnight to dry the dishes.

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/2/12 10:50 AM

I use the vacuum sealer. I can't down a whole bottle of wine myself in a day or two and the vacuum pump (that comes with special corks) works best for me.

Smart Tip: Use a Canning Jar to Keep Leftover Wine For Up to a Week Food52
4/30/12 11:17 AM

I was taught to keep my elbows off the table and it must have been deeply ingrained because it actually feels uncomfortable to put my elbows on the table. In a more casual setting I really don't mind if people rest their elbows on the table before, after, or between courses as long as they are wearing sleeves that cover their elbows Really! Have you seen some peoples' elbows? YUCK! I wouldn't want them anywhere near the table, much less on it. :D

Elbows on the Table: Yes or No? Reader Survey
4/20/12 02:42 PM

Oh, and I almost forgot! Publix bakeries are pure heaven!!!

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/4/12 10:45 AM

I live in Florida and have at least a half dozen Publix' within 1-5 miles from my home. I would not shop anywhere else. Prices are very reasonable, and even moreso when they have tons of BOGOs (and no, they don't raise the price on the items for BOGOs like most supermarkets do). Their produce is always fresh, lasts a long time in my fridge, and they have an amazing choice of certified organic products from produce, grocery, frozen, dairy, and meats. I would not live anywhere where there were no Publix supermarkets!

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/4/12 10:42 AM

They are all amazing, but my "headboard" is a gallery of original paintings of all different sizes and subjects that I have collected throughout the years but did not really go with the rest of my house anymore. The only common thing is they are all framed in fancy gold-leaf frames. The only drawback is that I can't lean against them but I solved that by hanging the bottom ones just above the pillow shams so I can partly sit up and read in bed without hitting the paintings. I don't usually sit up in bed anyway so it works for me!

10 DIY Headboard Ideas
3/26/12 09:08 PM

Warm up the oven just slightly to the point where you can peel it off, or hot enough for it to melt onto the floor of the oven. Put a sheet or two of foil on the oven floor under the rack to catch the melted plastic. This comes from personal experience. :/

Help! How Do I Get Melted Plastic Off the Oven Rack?
Good Questions

2/29/12 10:50 AM