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Wouldn't they be difficult to steer with the cargo up front? My not-so-secret dream is to get a cargo bike that has the cargo area in the back (which I call an "Adult Tricycle"- because that's what it is). I'm the wimpiest cyclist ever, so if there's a bike that I don't have to worry about tipping over and spilling the kids (or whatever I'm toting around) into traffic, that would suit my just fine.

The Best Family Cargo Bikes Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
7/22/14 10:22 AM

If you ever see a bottle of Badia Adobo powder, snatch it up. It's basically Garlic powder with salt, pepper and some kind of spice, but that stuff is DELICIOUS. It's not fancy at all, but it is so good in a lot of recipes- not just in Latin recipes. It's been my spice of choice on corn on the cob this summer- with a pat of Kerrygold Irish butter, for that touch of fancy.

6 Toppings to Make Your Grilled Corn Even More Magical Grill Your Heart Out
7/21/14 09:47 AM

Some kind of chickpea salad, with chopped cukes, feta, a little bit of red or green onions, mint, parsley (or whatever herb combo ya like) and a light dressing. dang, I'm going to go make that now...

What Are Good Recipes for Picnics? Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
7/15/14 12:56 PM

Yes, I imagine since there is one centered handle the basket must be perfectly balanced lest one ends up WEARING the picnic lunch as footwear.

Very pretty though.

Is This the World's Most Beautiful Picnic Basket?
7/11/14 02:57 PM

This is so spot on- we conscientiously did not buy a microwave for our new apartment and bought a rotisserie-toaster oven instead, because we tend to heat food up on the stovetop and mini oven anyway-- but cold coffee has turned out to be our main problem. I am also a coffee wimp who puts a ton of milk and sugar in my coffee, resulting in almost instantly chilled coffee, which sits around all day long (it's ok, sugar has preserving qualities right?) This helpful hint just made my day. Thanks!

How I Replaced My Microwave Without Buying a New One
7/11/14 02:54 PM

Thank you for this! My husband lurvvves zuke and summer squash, but while I appreciate them for their aesthetic qualities but can't for the life of me get excited to cook them.

12 Ways to Use Up All That Zucchini & Summer Squash Recipes from The Kitchn
7/10/14 07:09 PM

Adding a small amount of mayonnaise makes a juicier turkey burger, though I guess it doesn't make it any healthier, ha ha. I like to throw in some finely chopped sweet onion, a little goes a long way. Coriander powder has been my secret ingredient lately(:

4 Essential Tips for Making a Better Turkey Burger Tips from The Kitchn
7/10/14 07:05 PM

Another hint for freezing blewbs: lay them on a single layer on a cookie sheet so they don't freeze into a clump.

Why not make a simple fruit preserves, or jam. Warm Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream is so good.

What Are Some Great Recipes for Using Up Blueberries? Good Questions
6/24/14 11:08 AM

Amazing! I imagine that if it were haunted, it would be haunted by the hippest ghosts in NOLA.

The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake House Tour
6/19/14 06:40 PM

Cute! I might do that, but to a dresser. Our dressers are all ugly yard sale "finds" that definitely need sprucing up. One option for those who are not as artistically inclined might be a stencil, either pre-made or "traced" from an image, if one uses a translucent stencil blank sheet.

Why Not? Paint an Unexpected Landscape
6/12/14 10:20 AM

Oh wow, so cute! *I* want a room like that!

Johnny and Freddie's Cozy Collected Shared Room Kids Room Tour
5/30/14 12:02 PM

I used to work for a Vermont maple syrup farm, and I have to kind of scratch my head at this price: "my" farm sells rough chunk maple candy- which is what this is, but this is "shaved"- for $17 per POUND RETAIL, directly to the public, and can be found every week at the Union Square farmer's mkt in NYC. This product is 13 bucks for a quarter pound- a whopping $52 per pound!!! You're paying for the groovy packaging here. More work goes into making maple candy and sugar, but a reasonable price for maple syrup these days is a little over a dollar per ounce, and it will often get cheaper the larger quantity you buy.

While I applaud this company's style and their "unique" product, I'm giving them some serious side eye for that price.

Maple Flakes from Tonewood Maple
5/29/14 12:32 PM

I'm about to embark on a Great Closet Purge- we will be moving to a new place with smaller closets. We have relied too long on our current cavernous closets to "hide the cray cray." I'm looking forward to a more minimalist existense (ha ha, famous last words)

The Shopping Bag Method for Staying Clutter-Free
5/9/14 02:15 PM

I love this! Yay for the forest theme. The murals are great- that bear made me smile. RARR!

We have the same duvet cover for our 8 yr old- it gets lots of compliments. (: The colors are reversed on the other side, red beasties on white, which really brightens the room.

Wilder & Elliott's Wild, Wonderful Forest My Room
5/6/14 02:08 PM

Sage goes really well with egg, also with goat cheese. Sage goat cheese omelette!

What Are Some Great Ways to Use Up Leftover Sage? Good Questions
5/6/14 02:02 PM

What a great idea. I love french toast but hate making it piece by piece. I guess this is more like a bread pudding with croissants. Interesting. Sadly, good croissants are not to be found in my town (I'm really picky about the quality of baked goods) so I would probably just use a challah/brioche.

Recipe: Skillet French Toast & Preserves Casserole Recipes from The Kitchn
5/5/14 02:39 PM

This would be ideal for me! I often forget to close the upper cabinets, and when I am engrossed in food prep I nearly bump into the door corners all the time. I like the look too, it reminds me a bit of sliding doors and panels in the old Japanese homes.

Small Kitchen? Sliding Cabinet Doors Save Space Kitchen Inspiration
5/5/14 02:30 PM

Real talk: It's so expensive because it is made by hand by a small company here in the USA. It takes literally days to make a piece of pottery by hand, so wouldn't you think a small scale potter needs to pay themselves for their work? This isn't even the most expensive pottery cup I have ever seen (and yeah it's not that interesting though this photo isn't so great- the pictures at the link are nicer, but still kinda meh. Keep in mind the store is a middleman so maybe it's a bit cheaper thru the studio itself...yup, just checked: $18 a pop). I'm not even a potter (I have friends who are though) and even I remember from art class in school HOW LONG it takes just to make one thing out of clay, wait for it to dry, kiln it, glaze it, back in the kiln again. DAYS I TELL YA. And that doesn't take into account the pieces that break in the kiln...

Tourne Tea Cup
5/4/14 04:14 PM

Maybe this is called a gossip bench because folks started gossiping on the phone in the 50's... I thought the bench with two seats facing opposite was called a kissing bench, made so the Victorian era lovahs would not have bodily contact(: (Though it would work for gossiping too!)

Before & After: Gossip Bench Breakdown
4/25/14 09:08 AM

So nice. Built back when things were made to last. Love the blue details(:

Before & After: An Over-Madeover Console Gets Just the Right Amount of Love
4/24/14 10:55 AM