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I think I will try Panyl on my old, ugly laminate countertops - I don't cut or put anything hot on them anyway.

Five Ways to Customize Kitchen Cabinets with Colored Contact Paper
7/22/14 01:48 PM

There is a larger Magic Chef, 2.1 cu ft, a Walmart.

Have You Ever Tried a Portable Washer? (Plus 4 To Consider)
7/22/14 11:37 AM

Forgot to add: I didn't have to thread them onto the rod, I just used panels that were as tall as the window and folded them in half over the rod, so I don't even have to remove the rods when I take the panels off to wash. And if I ever want to cover the whole window, I already have a panel big enough to do that too.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/18/14 11:15 AM

I have panels (1/2 length of #1) on the lower half of all my living room windows, supported by tension rods - I didn't need a rod on the bottom. They let the light in but give me privacy. Also, it's easy to take off the panels to wash.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/18/14 11:08 AM

re: rods slipping
Try cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol before you place rods. You may have cleaning residue etc that is making the rods slip.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/18/14 10:42 AM

I too love the Orange Blossom Honey soap and have mentioned to the manager, several times, that a refill would be appreciated. I really hate having to buy those small dispenser bottles, but I LOVE that soap. BTW, I always thin out that soap - it's very thick - also makes it last longer.

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/8/14 03:10 PM

Taking photos of notes etc works really well on Evernote. You can sort and file too.

6 Small, Random Efforts That Pay Off Big at Home
6/26/14 10:33 AM

For backing up, I use Evernote for all the interesting stuff I want to access (once you set it up, you can access from anywhere and with any computer) and I use CrashPlan for automatic backup of EVERYTHING on my computer. No need to think about it, it happens according to the schedule I set.

6 Small, Random Efforts That Pay Off Big at Home
6/26/14 10:29 AM

Oops, looks like I was typing when Faith was posting about the Weck jar.

BTW Faith, wouldn't this sauce be good on "Belgian" fries? Have you tried it that way?

3-Ingredient Recipe: Magic Summer Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
6/25/14 10:50 AM

It looks like a small Weck canning jar.

3-Ingredient Recipe: Magic Summer Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
6/25/14 10:47 AM

Don't forget to clean the rubber seal. Also, I wouldn't use a muli-purpose cleaner, instead I use vinegar and rinse well.

How To Clean The Refrigerator Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
5/27/14 11:01 AM

Similar to making Vietnamese coffee, I always use condensed milk in my coffee. It's sugar and milk all in one, and makes the coffee creamier and has more body than milk does.

9 Surprising Things to Add to Your Coffee (Beyond Cream & Sugar) Smart Coffee For Regular Joes
5/26/14 10:30 AM

A countertop dishwasher might solve the problem. It can be put on a cart and rolled out of the way or into a closet.

How Julia Organizes Her Open-Plan Kitchen Kitchen Tour
5/15/14 01:06 PM

When I lived in a small SF apartment, I placed a cheap dressing room mirror (long and narrow) to the back wall of a counter below the cabinets. Not custom, but put lots more light on that side of the dark kitchen. Btw, I just leaned it up against the wall, didn't even need to attach it, but you could use some poster gum to keep it from moving around.

10 Ways To Be Less Frustrated With Your Rental Kitchen
4/29/14 11:18 AM

I use "Working Glass" glasses/jars from Crate & Barrel. They come in two sizes and have plastic snap-on lids. Really wide mouth and very thick and sturdy.

Before & After: How I Organized All My Little Bags of Gluten-Free Flour Pantry Organization
4/29/14 11:06 AM

I buy some of those CHEAP, store brand lemonade packs (without sugar) and put the contents of about 2 or 3 of them in the dishwasher when it's empty, and run a cycle. Really cleans up everything! If you read the ingredients on the packs, it's basically citric acid.

How To Clean a Dishwasher Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
4/25/14 12:49 PM

re: popcorn ceilings. You can wet them (use a spray bottle) and scrape off the "popcorn". Just remember to cover everything (including yourself) in the room - makes a mess, but quicker and cheaper than covering the whole ceiling with something else.

@Juleeann2.0 - go to the art supply store and get some matte board, or similar, and make a box with the underside open. Decorate/decoupage it and just slip over your Vitamix. You also might be able to find a ready made box that will fit. I intend to do this for my Cuisinart food processor.

10 Clever DIY Projects to Hide Household Eyesores
4/4/14 11:46 AM

Every few months, I throw a few packs of plain, cheap lemonade mix in the dishwasher and run it empty. Cleans the dishwasher and arms completely.

Unfortunately, my sink got stopped up and backed up into the dishwasher. I need to thoroughly disinfect it before I will use it again. Anyone have any suggestions, can I put bleach in it? If I can't totally disinfect it, I will pull it out and dump it.

10 Tips to Help the Dishwasher Run Better Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
2/24/14 02:22 PM

My shower doors and tub surround had a lot of hard water stains on them. I read about using 1 part Dawn (orig) and 1 part hot (not boiling) white vinegar. I sprayed this all over and let it sit overnight. Had to do this twice, but then I scrubbed with a non abrasive pad and it worked great! I then put on Gel Gloss and buffed to a nice shine. Everything stays slick and clean for a long time.
The Gel Gloss also works great on sinks, countertops etc. I've even used it on my grungy car headlights. Best thing (and I've tried them all) I've found to keep things clean.

How to Clean Your Shower and Keep it That Way: 5 Quick Tips
1/23/14 10:47 AM

Since it's such a small of flour, would regular AP flour be OK instead of whole wheat flour?
I never use whole wheat (gluten sensitive), but can deal with high quality regular flour (KAF).

Breakfast Recipe: Savory Muffins with Prosciutto & Chives Recipes from The Kitchn
1/22/14 04:43 PM