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I've tried all three styles, but I found the alligator style the best. All others tend to puree or crush the products rather than properly chopping them. If I want to prevent the pureeing or crushing, I have to assiduously remove the smaller chopped veggies leaving only the larger parts that require additional chopping. This usually means a lot more hassle and frustration than just simply using a knife and chopping.

Even with the alligator style, I do not use it unless I'm chopping 2 or more onions.

3 Veggie Choppers For Quick & Easy Prep Product Roundup
10/1/12 03:01 PM

I usually make the Paraguayan version of this called Chipa. The major differences would be that Chipa uses lard, adds anise seeds, and shape them like a thin doughnut.

Anyways, the dough freezes really well. Just wrap them with plastic wrap individually and bake them whenever you want some. Frankly, the flavor, taste, and texture are virtually indistinguishable between the frozen and the fresh ones. I heard many Brazilian restaurants in the US actually get the frozen ready made doughs from a mass factory in NJ to serve them in their restaurants because it freezes so well.

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/28/12 11:48 PM

I used to drink raw milk a lot when I lived in South America. It tastes very "wholesome." When I came to the US, I couldn't drink milk for a few months, because it tasted awful. Now I'm used to the processed milk, but I still miss my raw milk.

Anyways, for all those people who talk about contamination and infection, you have to always talk in percentage term rather than in an absolute number. In percentage term, the infection is very low. Seriously, America has this irrational germophobia that will stupefy the rest of the world. Humans are very resilient animals. We do not get sick easily. Of course, there will be people who get sick, even violently, from contaminated foods, but the percentage is very low. If you are scared of those infections, you wouldn't be able to do many things that you are doing every day. Eating sushi, driving, etc.

I really want some of these germophobic people to travel to some of the underdeveloped countries, and see how well the locals live despite their "underdeveloped" safety standards.

Is Raw Milk Worth It? Dan Barber Says Yes. The New Yorker
4/25/12 12:52 PM

Empanada is not only appetizer, it is more often eaten as a satisfying meal. The size of the empanadas in the picture is tiny to be served as appetizers, but most empanadas are sized like a hand, and it serves a hearty meal. This is coming from a person who has lived in South America for 13 years.

Argentine Appetizer: Empanadas
4/3/12 01:10 PM

hm.... so it is unethical to kill animal. Are we all supposed to be practicing jainism?

I'm a big fan of NYT and the mentioned judges, but coming up with this kind of contest is arrogant and conceited. The premise of this contest seems to be that eating meat is fundamentally unethical and thus let's see how meat eaters defend themselves. It looks like they are just chanting the slogans of hardcore vegans.

Humans have eaten meat for as long as we have existed, and we are physiologically an omnivore. We are supposed to be eating meat, not in the absurd amounts that many Americans eat, but still we are supposed to be eating meat for nutrients. This is not a question of ethical or unethical. It is just what our body is. I don't understand why ethics is involved here. Do we question ethical integrity of lions butchering through the carcass of a gazelle? No we don't. The same thing should be applied to human eating meat.

By the way, I fundamentally disapprove the way that we raise meat through factory cattling. That is unethical.

However, asking if human eating meat is ethical or nonethical is simply irrelevant.

NYT Launches Contest To Find the Best Ethical Reason To Eat Meat Food News
3/21/12 12:32 PM

This is a faulty comparison.

You can't compare athlete to child. Body's metabolism is completely different after an intense workout.

Chocolate milk is an amazing recovery drink after a strenuous workout. Please look at the reasoning behind a renowned sports nutritionist and trainer Alan Aragan in this article

But if a little kid who doesn't do any intense workout drinks sugar laden milk, which can be addictive by surging dopamine reaction, the kid is unnecessarily consuming extra sugar and extra calorie. Sure, drinking chocolate milk every now and then is good, but little kids rare have such willpower to control their diet, and they'll probably chug chocolate milk very frequently given its taste.

Chocolate Milk: Banned from Schools, Now Stocked in Gyms?

11/23/11 11:30 PM


Try this place. It is fairly well regarded online store that will one day ship your frozen sashimi grade fish fillet. You can make up for the shipping if you plan to bulk buy and put them in a freezer. You defrost and just slice it and put it on top of a rice, and you are set.

Can You Recommend a Mail-Order Sushi Company?
Good Questions

9/26/11 04:44 PM

People, please do some research on the latest research on human nutrition.

I'll tell you this. Most of the Americans are so misinformed about the nutrition fact and reality, it is absurdly sad. If fat and saturated fat are so bad for you, you would see French and Belgian people dying left and right. They use butter, cream, and cheese heavily in their food. Check the per capita consumption of those staples by French, Belgian, and American. Then compare the rate of cardiovascular disease amongst those three groups.

Also, I really wish you would check the classic study of the Inuit's diet and their cardiovascular health observed and researched by the anthropologist called Stefansson in the mid-1900s. They only ate meat, organ, and FAT (yes straight out fat) from the animal, and they rarely had any cardiovascular disease. Don't give me some nonsense that they worked hard to hunt and stuffs. The women and children didn't move that much especially during the winter. And they were all in "normal" weight and cardiovascularly healthy.

I really wish people would stop stalking about nutrition before they do proper research. You are simply misinforming the other with your premature nutrition knowledge.

What's In Vegetable Oil? Labels Make It Tricky to Tell
The Columbus Dispatch

8/19/11 10:33 PM

If the OP is referring to Dongchimi, oh my, I would only wish you a good luck. Dongchimi may look simple but it's one of the hardest kimchi to pull it off. An ideal dongchimi should be slightly sweet, slightly sour, but should be very refreshing with this distinct complex flavor of dongchimi. It is a dish that I never eat/drink in the US because no Korean restaurant in either coast knows how to properly cook, and even in Korea, I only eat/drink the one made by my mom's sister (who's one of the best cooks we know) or go to those few restaurants that specialize in the dish. The reaosn why it's so hard to do it well is because you have to be able to pull all the mild flavors from radish, nappa cabbage by fermenting it in the right temperature and humidity for a long time. Anyways, good luck to you!

Help Me Recreate This Korean Cabbage Soup!
Good Questions

6/20/11 11:05 PM

If you can make it your own, you should make it yourself. Two reasons:
1) It's much cheaper. (I can get a box of nappa cabbage for around $10 in the local Korean supermarket.)
2) The commercial ones are usually heavily loaded with MSG. There are some that doesn't contain any MSG, but they are rare.

@jooksing, Kimchi can keep for a VERY long time especially if you keep them in the Kimchi Refrigerator. If you don't have Kimchi Refrigerator, just store them in a part where the temperature is very constant. Anyways, in Korea, there are restaurants that specialize in Kimchi that has been fermented for more than THREE years, and they are not super SOUR as you would think.

In a normal household, Kimchi can easily last 6 months, even a year.

Anyways, if you want to buy Kimchi, make sure you are buying something that's not heavily loaded with MSG. Health effects of MSG aside, MSG is not really necessary in a properly made Kimchi.

Make or Buy? Kimchi
6/17/11 11:13 PM