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I disagree. I've priced items at very low price where I've been asked if it works, and yes, it does. Only reason why I would price it so low, is to get rid of it ASAP :)

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 02:26 PM

Hi. Which do you prefer, the coconut cream, milk or water?

Recipe: Mango Colada Drink Recipes from The Kitchn
7/10/14 10:08 AM

More info on wallpaper from photo #2?

Five Small Decor Changes with Huge Results HomeGoods
7/9/14 02:00 PM

That is not the before/after of the same bathroom. These are 2 different bathrooms. Thanks for the deception.

Before & After: Powder Room Exceeds Its Potential
6/18/14 11:20 AM

First, paint the table and chairs white.

Way to Spruce Up Upholstery on Drexel Projection Dining Set? Good Questions
5/27/14 03:07 PM

I agree. and thank goodness it wasn't turned white.

Before & After: A Well-Loved Table Gets A Long Awaited Update
5/21/14 02:39 PM

in #3, how do you get the kitchenaid?
lately the pictures in AT seem very staged, than real/actual/practical.

50+ Ways to Save Money on Home Energy, Utilities & Repairs
5/16/14 10:26 PM

If the first one had armrests then maybe it would be passable. It just looks like an unfinished job. (fellow ecuatoriano here)

DIY Delight: Four Benches Upcycled From Old Dining Chairs
5/14/14 10:27 AM

Living in Northeast, I wouldn't have a side table that expensive in my backyard, knowing that during winter I will have to store it in my crowded basement. I can live with the Tarno table from ikea though.

10 Tables For Tiny Backyards, Patios, and Porches Product Roundup
5/14/14 10:24 AM

Totally agree.

Also, are these chairs to be used for taking pics to upload to AT? Because more than half don't have any padding and I need padding in my dining chair if I am to sit there to eat (isn't that its purpose) and to socialize right after at the dining table.

Budget Style: 10 Stylish Dining Chairs Under $200
5/13/14 05:14 PM

This is more of a bunch of expensive boutiques.

9 Most Influential NEW Online Hardware & Style Retailers
5/12/14 02:49 PM

A hook at Makr costs $32?
That made me close that site right away.

9 Most Influential NEW Online Hardware & Style Retailers
5/12/14 02:47 PM

Looks like the home of a very neat hoarder.

Jeff's Texture and Tone Abode House Tour
5/8/14 02:07 PM

My eyes hurt while reading AT. The font is terrible on the eyes. Too much strain. Please change it.

Plant Shopping 101: How To Buy the Best Plants for Your Garden The Gardenist
5/7/14 05:07 PM

It's removed from the kitchen before the picture is taken?

Where Do You Hide the Trash Can In Your Kitchen? Good Questions
5/7/14 12:16 PM

Items #1-4 must not be part of a "tight" budget.

The Look for Less: Jamie's Living Room on a Budget Budget Living
5/6/14 11:55 AM

Looks like a space that was illegally converted to an apartment. I hope nyc's department of buildings is not looking at AT.

Elizabeth's Tiny Angled Attic Apartment in the Meatpacking District House Call
5/5/14 12:13 PM

Because the picture was probably taken at a hair salon, rather than at an actual home. It seems AT is posting pictures from catalogs or places that are not actual "homes".

3 More Fixes for Common Design Detours
5/5/14 12:12 PM

Tip #3 which is shown in picture #2 & 3, adding furniture, is from either a huge bathroom or a restaurant's bathroom. Else this tip isn't helpful. And who has a huge bathroom with no windows?!??

Small Bathroom Ideas: 6 Room Brightening Tips for Tiny, Windowless Bathrooms
5/4/14 10:51 AM

Best idea: "That one little arched alcove by the fireplace looks kind of like a surfboard to me. What if you painted that wall blue (remove the poppy stickers first, of course) and hung a 'retired' surfboard or two on the wall next to the alcove?"

I also noticed this and thought something similar.

Where Should I Paint Blue Accents? Good Questions
4/30/14 11:44 AM