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catching up on the new items in the skymall magazine.

What's Your In-Flight Guilty Pleasure?
7/16/13 03:03 PM

I used the Downy wrinkle releaser before and later found the DIY version of a wrinkle releaser: 1 spoon of fabric softener filled with water works just as well.

Lazy Days: A Quick Tip to Avoid Ironing
7/11/13 12:05 PM

I bought my first ceramic knife in asia and i love it. It is my go to knife for cutting through tough veggies, and it slices through tomatoes wonderfully. Be careful with it and not toss it in the sink or try to cut any bones as this will easily chip the blade. It's been at least 5 years and i've never had to sharpen it.

i recently got a $30 - 7 pc set of the Kitchen Aid ceramic knife set from Costco (paring, santoku, chef's knife, all with sheaths included and peeler). I can tell the blades are all quite thin. I can feel it slightly twisting when I'm rocking the blade. I don't expect them to last a long time but it is good for the price.

Lightweight & Sharp: Kyocera Ceramic Chefs Knife Product Review
6/6/13 02:10 PM

Marie D: a thermos should work. they keep both hot/cold well.

5 Tips for More Satisfying Smoothies
5/15/13 02:09 PM

hemp seeds are packed with protein, rich in omega 3 and 6. They make a good thickener in smoothies and adds a nice nutty taste as well.

5 Tips for More Satisfying Smoothies
5/14/13 11:48 AM

Tiramisu w/ panna cotta running a close second!

Enter to Win a Copy of Bakeless Sweets by Faith Durand! Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/9/13 03:58 PM

it's a great idea! as a bonus, it will also help motivate me in cleaning up the house for the guests

Invite Someone New Over for Dinner At Least Once a Month Reader Resolutions 2013
1/7/13 01:29 PM

i will have to go for panna cotta or creme brulee

Ideas for Recipes That Highlight Vanilla? Good Questions
12/18/12 11:59 AM

we love the Zyliss handheld wheel

What Do You Use to Cut Your Pizza? Survey
10/9/12 05:30 PM

i have the microwave/hood combo and it's useless as well.

All About: Ductless Range Hoods Range Hood Spotlight
9/18/12 05:58 PM

love this dish! it's great with a bit of ponzu for a citrus flavor too

Recipe: Japanese Cold Noodle Salad (Hiyashi Chuka)Recipes from The Kitchn
8/10/12 11:39 AM

i think i want a float version - i used to make this with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and club soda. in the end, it may taste very similar.

Cool Down! Watch this Stop Motion Egg Cream Video Right Now
7/20/12 11:21 AM

I like to poach an egg while I'm cooking the noodles. Sometimes I will add veggies on the side to make it a meal. Depending on the brand of noodles you buy, there are unfried noodle options available in Asian markets.

If you go to a Hong Kong cafe, common breakfast is fried egg, spam w/ ramen. =)

3 Ways Instant Ramen Noodles Can Become a Real Meal Cooking for One
7/18/12 11:50 AM

ikea shipping is by weight eg. under 500lbs, over 500lbs etc. It's worth while if you have multiple large items or pool together the purchase w/ some friends to make the shipping worth while. shipping may be similar for a $200 purchase and a $2000 purchase but all depending on the weight.

5 Places To Shop For IKEA When There Isn't One Around
7/13/12 03:35 PM

@jennifr1966 - i only have a blender and i've made the banana soft serve before. Slice the bananas to freeze, blend w/ yogurt and a bit honey. I would think this would be possible as @wvlinz suggests in a similar way. I'm definitely giving it a try w/ the 3 ripe peaches i have now.

Easy Recipe: Fresh Peach Frozen Yogurt with Only 4 Ingredients Recipes from The Kitchn
6/6/12 11:54 AM

i just made apple /peach crisp on the weekend - it had been a while since i last made it but was so easy that i have to make it more often. With all the summer fruits, it's a perfect summer dessert.

How To Make a Fruit Crumble with Any Kind of Fruit Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/5/12 12:46 PM

jeni's ice cream! so many favorites - salty caramel, pistachio, askinosie chocolate but i am looking forward to lemon + blueberries for the summer season. yum!!

It's Ice Cream Week at The Kitchn! What's Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?
5/21/12 04:54 PM

Asian here - 100%. And yes, with the asian flush. it takes me about half a drink before i start feeling warm and i will look very red. people would tell me i have 'good circulation'.
i have noticed it being less severe now, but before it would feel i have a throbbing face, with chest and arms pink as well. i've learned to drink slow, with food and only in moderation; this seems to work for me so far.

Asian Flush: Why I Turn Red When I Drink Alcohol
5/10/12 11:37 AM

I think these will fall under convenience or laziness...

People changing their mind on frozen / chilled goods and leaving it on a random shelf. If not buying, please put it back. Don't spoil perfectly good food which all customers pay for in the end.

People parking shopping carts behind other vehicles! It's really not that far to put it back in the coral. My car has been dinged by people leaving them behind.

What's Your Grocery Store Pet Peeve? Reader Survey
4/27/12 11:53 AM

i've never tried the glasses but i use "flux" at home. It adjusts the screen to the time of day so the screen is never too bright in the evenings that it will interfere will sleep.
I also find it's softer on the eyes as the color is warmer. It will be weird in the beginning but i hardly notice it now.

Healthy Living: Keep Eye Strain at Bay
4/26/12 05:58 PM