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I am a hostess & share the same issue. I love bringing all types of salads that are fortified w/ beans, (lot's of protein & affordable). The variety is endless. Chili, burrito's & wraps also work well, i take a day during the week & cook so I'm not scrambling the day's I go to work!!!

Work Lunch Recipes or Advice for Busy Restaurant Servers? Good Questions
3/12/14 12:26 PM

This is one my favoites !! It lower's cholesterol !!!

How To Cook Tender, Chewy Barley Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/6/14 02:02 PM

never had Indian food. gonna explore it now !

How I Cook: Mallika Basu's 10 Tips for Quicker Weeknight Indian Cooking Kitchen Tour
2/6/14 01:57 PM

Thank you for reminding me that i need to mix things-up!!! Excited too, since all
the items on the list are in my pantry !!

6 Ways to Make Smoothies Without Bananas
1/21/14 09:14 PM

I make fast cooking barley & make enough for 2-3 days. Then i'll add avocado w/ some plain yogurt & a dash of honey, or almonds with dry cranberries & cinnamon. Bananas are great too! Vegetables work well too. Spinach, mushrooms & beans are great !!

Budget-Friendly, High-Protein, Make-Ahead Recipes to Fuel My Long Days? Good Questions
1/21/14 08:44 PM

I'll suggest trying fruit gallete's !! they are so easy & yummy!!!

What Can I Make with a Baking Steel Besides Pizza? Good Questions
1/16/14 07:41 PM

I like to make a quick sauté of mushrooms,onions & red peppers w/ garlic, basil & oregano
then put on baguette slices& top w/ bread crumbs or cheese . then under the broiler.
Quick & easy !!! the options are endless too!!

Ideas for Festive Vegetarian Appetizers for Christmas Day? Good Questions
12/22/13 12:34 PM

how 'bout BBQ tofu bites... they're so,so simple & tasty.

Vegan Appetizer Ideas for a Cocktail Party? Good Questions
12/2/13 08:47 PM

I love the variety on the list. !!

10 Small Yet Special Thank You Gifts for Hosts and Coworkers Holiday Gift Guide from The Kitchn
12/2/13 08:35 PM

Love the salad suggestions !! Ya got me excited !

Eggs Breaking in Slo-Mo, Southern Cornbread Dressing & What to Eat for Thanksgiving Breakfast Friday Flashback
11/23/13 08:11 PM

how 'bout tossing it with shredded chicken or sliced steak .

What Can I Do With An Enormous Amount of Leftover Coleslaw? Good Questions
10/17/13 11:03 PM

Definitely got to surprise my husband & make the Brussels Sprouts !

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake & Lemony Chicken \"Picca-Tore\" Pasta Delicious Links
10/16/13 09:32 PM

It's just about midnight& I so wish this was in my refrigerator at this moment !!

A Side Dish Recipe For Chili: Apple Cabbage Salad with Cider Vinaigrette Pick a Side! From Tara Mataraza Desmond
10/15/13 11:55 PM

I marinate sliced Portobello's, bell peppers(any color), onions, zucchini & yellow squash in a large zip-loc with olive oil, basil, oregano, salt & pepper for bout 2 hours. Then I toss them onto the grill. I use them all week in wraps, or tossed with whole grains . I love that it's so easy & tasty!!!

Ideas for Meals That Hit the Trifecta: Make-Ahead, Budget-Friendly & Healthy? Good Questions
9/16/13 06:43 PM

My husband introduced me to them when we first started dating & he dropped
crumbled Gorgonzola inti them !!! Soooo Good.. . :))

10 Ways To Fill an Avocado Pit Hole
9/12/13 08:23 PM

Can't wait to make the Sparkling peach punch!! sounds so refreshing :))

7 Juicy Summer Sips Without the Booze Recipes from The Kitchn
7/9/13 09:32 PM

I recently bought a second-hand kitchen set with a wooden table which needed
a thorough cleaning. I was setting out to purchase some Murphy's oil soap when
my husband insisted he would clean it for me. The outcome was not too good. LOL!
I have forwarded your "kit" to him . Can't wait for his response. Your timing for the
article was perfect. TYVM :))

The Ultimate Used Furniture Cleaning Kit
5/22/13 10:32 PM

How 'bout Skewer's ... the size I like to serve are approximately 4-5" long (no fork needed).
The tasty possibilities are endless. I also stop at my grocer to grab a head of radicchio or
some Belgian endive & fill the leaves with calamari salad or shrimp salad that i tweek w/ some fresh tomato and sliced avocado. (again no fork needed. )

Ideas For Party Recipes That Don't Have To Be Eaten at a Table? Good Questions
4/15/13 08:53 PM

Two of my staples are brown rice & pesto/herb pastes. I'll cook double the rice & use for
another meal during the week. :)

Eat Dinner Like a Mom: 5 Indispensable Pantry Ingredients for Everyone Guest Post from Debbie Koenig of Parents Need to Eat Too
3/21/13 09:11 PM

my Hubby is in for quite a treat !!!!
LUV this :)))

Snack Recipe: Apple Sandwiches with Honeyed Peanut Butter, Oats & Raisins Recipes from The Kitchn
1/23/13 11:22 AM