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We transport our CSA veggies in an insulated cooler that has wheels and a pull up handle. Easy transport even if you take public transportation.

How Do I Keep My CSA Veggies Fresh on the Way Home? Good Questions
7/17/14 11:47 PM

Try rubbing the stains with a little cooking oil. Then take care of the oil with hot soapy water and wipe dry. A lot of food pigment is not water soluble. I got this tip from the user manual of my first juicing machine to remove carrot stains from plastic.

How Do I Get Spice Stains Out of My Laminate Countertops? Good Questions
6/17/14 08:11 PM

Smitten Kitchen made frico grilled cheese sandwich a couple of months ago. Yep, crispy cheese crusted grilled cheese. I can't go back to regular grilled cheese ever again.

How To Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/10/14 11:32 PM

Actually, several million Koreans have said that. Steamed eggs are rather good. Try it before you diss it, ok?

The Egg Personality Test: What Your Style of Egg Says About You A Strictly Scientific Quiz
3/6/14 12:49 AM

Juniper berries are one of the ingredients in the curing mix for pancetta (made mine from the Charcuterie book by Michael Ruhlman).

Sorry can't help you with the black lemon. You can contact the Oaktown Spice Shop and ask if they have recipes or suggested uses. The owners are super nice and they are always willing to help.

What Can I Make with Juniper Berries and Black Lemon? Good Questions
1/17/14 01:07 PM

It's not a lot of cheese recipes. It's a nice diverse set of recipes. There's even recipes for dessert. I made and liked the banana cake which came out light, moist, and not too sweet. Do what I did and borrow it from the library, and peruse the recipes.

Why I Listen to Readers of The Kitchn: You Made Me Keep This Slow Cooker Cookbook (and It's Great!)
1/17/14 12:59 PM

I borrowed this cookbook from the library and made a few of the recipes from the book. Everything I made tasted great. I meant to buy it but things happened and I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder to check it out again.

Why I Listen to Readers of The Kitchn: You Made Me Keep This Slow Cooker Cookbook (and It's Great!)
1/17/14 11:46 AM

If you can't get Velveeta due to the shortage, here's a cheese sauce that actual uses cheddar,

Yes, There Is a Velveeta Shortage: But Don't Worry. Your Super Bowl Dips Will Be Fine.
1/13/14 01:42 PM

Never underestimate the goodness of a lightly salted fish, panfried to a golden crispness. Growing up, that was dinner, at least 2 times a week. Pair with hot cooked rice and a garlic sauteed greens, it's a fast, simple and delicious dinner.

10 Weeknight Meals with Fresh Fish Recipes from The Kitchn
1/13/14 12:21 PM

I use a little tomato paste if the sauce is too watery even after a long simmer and I'm in a hurry.

The best advice I ever got for a good sauce is to add a good quality olive oil (a generous amount of it) and let the sauce simmer. My friend, AJ, said that his Nonna did this whenever she wanted more 'sweetness' (ie. less acidity) in the sauce; never sugar. I've tried this and Nonna was right.

How Can I Make Thicker Tomato Sauce? Good Questions
1/10/14 08:28 PM

You had me at triple cream.

Why Triple Cream Cheeses Are Less Fattening Than You Think The Cheesemonger
1/9/14 12:25 AM

As someone suggested above, try soaking in some rubbing alcohol (90%).

I would also try scouring with a pumice stone. It is a trick known to those who clean bathrooms for a living. The pumice will remove residue from shiny porcelain/tiled surfaces without leaving a scratch. I even tried it on my fireplace which had some sort of glue residue dried in its shiny tiled surface. So I took a pumice stone that was a callous remover and scoured that glue right off. Not a single scratch on that glazed tile. I think it will do the same with steel.

Help! How Do I Clean Sticky Residue Off My Knife? Good Questions
12/31/13 12:02 AM

Totally agree. Too sweet, weird wet texture. I prefer the donut hole version too.

These Two-Ingredient Cheater Cake Pops Are Kind of Genius
10/7/13 10:10 PM

I like to add a pinch of sugar to round out flavor of savory dishes.

What Are Your Favorite Flavor-Boosters for Savory Dishes? Good Questions
10/7/13 10:04 PM

Can't help with the yogurt puffs, but you can freeze dry at home using either the freezer or dry ice. Here is one site:

I did a search for "freeze drying at home". Lots of results for freeze drying food using low tech objections. It just takes time. But once food has been freeze dried, they tend to hold flavor and nutritional value for a long time. I think freeze drying would work for making veggie chips like kale chips.

Can I Make Freeze-Dried Snacks at Home? Good Questions
9/22/13 12:09 AM

I love VBC and all their cheeses. My favorites are Bijoux, Coupole, and of course, Bonne Bouche, my first love. Haven't had the Cremont. That clearly needs change ASAP!

Complexly Creamy: Vermont Butter and Cheese Cremont The Cheesemonger
8/29/13 12:25 AM

Lobster pad thai
Vietnamese lobster noodle bowl
Lobster Louie Salad

What Are Some Fun, Seasonal Recipe Ideas for Lobster? Good Questions
8/14/13 12:32 AM

Try soaking in some ammonia.

How Can I Remove Hard Water Stains From Vintage Glass? Good Questions
8/3/13 12:44 AM

I'll have 2 of those, please!

The Cronut King's New Science Project: Frozen S'mores
7/20/13 01:01 AM

In a pinch, when I don't have a sharpener and the knife is dull, I look for a ceramic mug or bowl. Very much like a sharpening steel, I run the knife across the bottom of the mug or bowl a few times. This helps to hone the edge and helps to sharpen the knife a bit. It is a trick I learned from my mother who knew how to sharpened her knives, often without a stone.

Coping with Dull Knives on Vacation: A Few Tips
6/21/13 12:39 AM