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If you bring a soup or stock to a boil, and cover it with a proper lid (no holes like some French cookware), the steam from the soup will sterilize the air and lid inside the pot. You may find that removing the lid when the soup had cooled can be difficult as a vacuum may have formed.

There's no reason in the world to put hot soup it in the fridge, immediately. And in fact, putting hot soup or whatever into your fridge MAY BE spoiling your other foods since few refrigerators in the home can cope with the heat mass you just deposited in there raising the temperatures to unsafe levels for a long period of time. You feel some sort of need to cool and repackage your soup immediately? fill your clean sink with some water, salt and ice and put the pot in (not submerged).

Soup Left Out Overnight: Is It Still Safe to Eat? Food Safety
10/17/12 02:37 AM

Most modern non-commercial ovens vent from under the rear control panel. (real commercial grade will have controls on the sides away from the heat usually vented from the top or rear with a dedicated opening) The panel is covered with a tempered glass that helps insulate the electronics from the heat. It shouldn't get too hot to touch. The area around it, will. I sometimes use the oven's vented heat to keep items warm (literally putting it on the back burner) or to melt butter in a glass container (need gloves to handle).

Some mild heat is expected on side panels but it should not be 'too hot to handle' The rear control panel's glass should be touchable at all times, while the surrounding area may not be, but there's usually some plastic fittings in there so they shouldn't be melting either. Oven door glass panels may get very hot.

An adequate (300 cfm at least) outside venting fan can eliminate a lot of these issues. (How to calc cfm? Add up the BTU output of all burners and oven, divide by 100.)

Help! My New Oven Is Venting Too Much Heat Good Questions
10/8/12 10:51 AM

run the oven cleaning cycle and make sure that venting to the outside is available.

Help! My New Oven Is Venting Too Much Heat Good Questions
10/8/12 10:24 AM

What Are Some Good Substitutes for Coconut in My Cooking? Good Questions
8/29/12 09:00 PM

The amount of acids and salt in marinades can make the ' bacteria doubling in 20 minutes' a total falsehood.

Do your cutting logically with meats at the end of your prep. Cross contamination is always the bigger issue when you start. You're cutting up that meat, toss all the boards, knives, etc into the sink when you're done before you do anything else and wash your hands.

I have to ask, Do you ever eat AGED MEATS? Hung game? You know that it's aged by bacteria at between 40-60 degrees up to 30 days or more. What temp do you think farm cured hams or prosciutto is made at? Do you really think they sterilize the air? Go over to Gallagher's or Loeb's in NY and take a peek, and then ask what temperature they age at. Now remember that in a vast majority of world they don't have the temperature controls or facilties here in the USA. They often just hang it outside or in a shed or root cellar.

Unsafe Food Handling: Do You Say Anything to Your Host?
8/20/12 01:03 PM

Regarding Pets and Pregnant Women. Modern ovens are often coated with Teflon. Why they coat self cleaning ones were the heat goes over 550 is a mystery. The first few times you use the self cleaning it is MANDATORY to use external exhaust and open windows. Pet birds should be moved somewhere where they won't be affected. Unlike teflon pans there won't be any peeling cracking stuff to manage. You should always use an exhaust to the outside should you have one for any cleaning cycle or open windows.

For the oven door window above? You'll find that the clean cycle won't clean it all. Use a razor window scraper before you run the cycle it'll be much better. Also the metal gasket won't clean well either, live with it. If your door didn't come out clean, use Cerama-Bryte to clean it (also fantastic on glass topped ranges/ovens use a non-scratching sponge (blue) or just paper towels).

Chromed racks should not be left in the oven , they will blacken and peel eventually. You can buy black ceramic coated ones from most manufacturers which can be left in the oven during the cycle. Stainless steel may discolor.

Pizza stones. I have a large pizza stone I leave in the oven on the lowest rack. I leave it in during the cycle to clean. Never use anything wet or damp on a pizza stone.

For those who are reporting wall oven issues, it's a install problem. Some wall units should come with insulation that must be wrapped around the unit to isolate it from wooden surfaces or with full-size ovens be sufficiently insulated in the wall of unit itself. If you have a wall oven and when running it in the normal course of cooking, the sides or top of the cabinet get hot to the touch, get someone in to check the install for insulation or improper venting. It's more likely that a fire is from bad electrical connections, improper mounting that is conducting heat into the walls' studs or cabinet is the real problem. There was a fairly recent famous restaurant fire that was due to 6 metal screws that conducted heat into the wooden studs holding up the metal sheeting behind the ovens. They should have use non-conductive attachments or not mounted to the studs directly.

I have a gas convection range oven combo. In 10 years, the electronics panel has been replaced and both top and bottom oven ignition have been replaced twice. It's about $100 with the service call fee for the ignition and $150 for the panel. I use the self clean about 4 or 5 times a year, depending on what I'm making that I might not want to put into a smelly oven (such as cakes).

Why You Should (Almost) Never Use Your Oven's Self-Cleaning Function
8/20/12 12:41 PM

Hey @carrotsticks nice way to put in the PETA/vegan message.... 'take your kids to an slaughter house' Why not to a Amish or Mennonite farm or farm market?

Baby's First Butcher Shop: Meat Market Playsets in Victorian Times Collectors Weekly
8/10/12 01:05 PM

macadamia nuts could be used too. But for the questioner finding nuts that aren't processed in a facility that processes peanuts can be hard. Macadamia may be better since they are usually processed in Hawaii and won't have peanut dust.

What is a Good Substitute for Peanuts in Asian Dishes? Good Questions
8/7/12 05:08 PM

I like to buy cilantro with the roots (they can be used in cooking too). I like to keep it in a plastic bag with a bunch of parsley in the fridge. I don't know why but the cilantro never seems to have any (or a lot fewer) discolored leaves. Keeps for a week or so. I also chop and freeze for the off season.

The Best Way to Store Cilantro
8/3/12 11:43 AM

The word is not a real word in any sense or dictionary but one that is supposed to conjure the image of a master craftsman (in the same sense of guilds in the middle ages) who made this product - whatever it may be. (S)He's an artist at making bread/cheese/wine etc.

Artisanal as it's being used in the US means the same as "Old World" did in prior decades - not much. This bread is made to look like they do/did in Europe but not necessarily with the same grade or combination of grains as they would use perhaps using a longer rise time, hotter oven or some other 'authentic' twist such as the oven construction or fuel source. (I'm waiting for authentic meats and breads cooked over dung fires in mud ovens to appear in markets.) This combination of shredded cheeses is 'more authentic' to the native country (or not) or that the cheeses were mass produced in some more old-fashioned methodology by actually using rennet (unlikely if they want a K approval), aging them for more than a couple weeks to a month but not in a 'dirty mold laden' cave. Of course it's all nonsensical since many items like authentic Italian Parmesan cheese is extremely and highly mass produced and aged in spotless warehouses yet imported Parmesan retains an "artisimal" image.

What Does "Artisan" Mean To You? Expert Interview
7/20/12 03:19 PM

This column reminded me that in the UK, it's common to have many kinds of eggs. The Sainsbury around the corner from where I lived at the time had not only chicken eggs (free range to industrial in several types and colors) but duck, quail and goose eggs. All Delicious.

What Are Pullet Eggs? Farmers' Market Find
7/15/12 01:35 PM

Garlic can be put into sherry/gin/vodka/rice wine for flavoring use in chinese dishes. Ginger can too. You would use the sherry not the garlic.

Garlic Sprouting Too Fast? Preserve It for Later With This Tip! Reader Tip
7/15/12 01:30 PM

I suppose I'm lucky. I have a Heritage Fund protected farmland a couple miles away. They have two working farms within 10 miles. This farmstand is a million dollar business and it's only open from May to Early November, plus Easter and Christmas for limited times and seasonal items. However, I pay $3 a pound for greeenhouse tomatos that they don't grow- but they charge the same for a short season of real vine ripened red and heritage tomatoes in season. $9 a lb for great fresh moz they don't make, $6 lb for Amish butter which is great, but has a much higher water and salt content than anything in the store. Big bargains are huge lettuce (green/red leaf, romaine, boston, and some iceburg) for $1.79 head; they keep for a week. My wife is from farmland in SE PA and Western MD, always laughs at the 60 cents a ear for corn, she still expects it to be $3/dz with a couple ears tossed in for 'worms.' They have great beets, carrots, squash, cantalope, etc. that they do grow, but sometimes the pricing is just outrageous, when does watermelons (seedless types) cost 50 cents a pound? The corn, tomatoes, greens, and cheese keep me coming back, for more than 40 years now.

Are Restaurants Causing the Price of Farmers Market Veggies to Soar?
7/15/12 01:26 PM

bad=bag but it's bad marinade.

Can I Freeze and Reuse Marinade? Good Questions
6/29/12 03:01 PM

There's no issue with vegetable only marinades being saved/reused, though you may need to re-salt it.

Marinades that has actually been used with meats or fish should NOT be saved. While it is possible that a high acid or salt marinades will not be harboring pathogens, you are creating a risk that should be avoided. Make extra marinade if it's such a complicated one and freeze that, but reuse of meat marinade is simply asking for trouble. Here you have a bad of marinade that's contaminated and you're putting it into your freezer.

Can I Freeze and Reuse Marinade? Good Questions
6/29/12 03:00 PM

It's much more of an issue to carry and dump a pot of possibly very hot water from the stove. For the typical kitchen (no matter how sophisticated) it's a waste, it was meant for industrial sized pots where you're making vast quantities of stock or soup for 50 or more on a regular basis. Chinese restaurant kitchens often have these, but those commercial stove tops are designed with it in mind and are sloped to the wall and have built-in drains. It makes it possible to quickly rinse and clean the wok for the next dish.

All About: Pot Filler Faucets Faucet Spotlight
6/20/12 01:07 PM

You can just drink it neat, and you can infuse it, mix it with any fruit juice and you can sub it in anything mixed made with vodka. You can also mix it into a spritzer with any sweet soda- I seem to remember mixing it with Mountain Dew when I was young. There's a cocktail called Apple Pie made with moonshine, cider and vanilla vodka as well as some variants of Mint Julip made with fruit (or not).

What Can I Make With Moonshine? Good Questions
6/19/12 12:10 PM

The problem with these pans if that there is moderate fat or wet marinade in the product being grilled, the cleanup is outrageous, you almost need to cover the cooking area with foil or at least get a folding wrap-a-round splatter guard. At least a 325cfm exhaust fan to the outside it needed or you'll be swatting at the smoke detectors. However, pancakes for a crowd on the flat side or doing bacon and eggs at once, great.

That said, in really bad weather (blizzard mainly) I have an old rectangular single burner Le Creuset cast iron flat grill with removable handle. Big enough for a porterhouse or two strip steaks. Heat it up, sear the steak or chicken on one side, flip, pop it into the oven, remove the handle. Since the handle's detachable, I don't have to worry about manhandling a 500F 5lb cast iron pan out of the self cleaning oven. Unfortunately Le Creuset dropped this particular design (or it's EU only).

On the Pros and Cons of Grill Pans
6/14/12 12:22 PM

Go get a metal splashguard (from Home Depot, Lowes or online). Get 2 or more magnetic disks without plastic covers (remove them) place the magnets on the fridge, click the metal splashguard to the magnets.

it should make it possible to keep the fridge cleaner from stray splatters and not heat it up since there will be air flow between the splashguard and fridge the width of the magnets. Refrigerator walls are insulated with Styrofoam or in expensive models, thermogel materials which are flame retardant. They should protect the inside of the fridge from outside temperatures though continuous heat from a stovetop over several hours might add a few dollars to the electric bill if the fridge is old or not well insulated.

How Can I Protect My Refrigerator from the Heat of My Stove? Health Questions
6/13/12 10:10 PM

My problem right now, is that there are so many recipes which specify a Cuisinart (and it's cousins from other mfg-rs) to make something; dough, sauces, mousse, etc. For many cookbooks and cooking sites it's the 'one' gadget they assume you have. Frankly between my stand-mixer with a grinder attachment, a blender and knives, I think I do a better job making dough, puree and even making a more evenly ground/chopped whatever than a Cuisinart. I gave up my mezzaluna/wooden bowl and chopping with two knives on a cutting board techniques when I got a grinder, two passes and you're done and it's not total mush. (And as for stand mixers, I hate the tilt function, I have what was the cheapest lift model at the time; K5SS - but I've had it for 30 years now. BTW, buy white it goes with any decor; can you live with apple green or majestic yellow in 30 years?)

The Kitchn's Guide to Essential Small Electric Appliances Setting Up a Kitchen
5/4/12 10:24 AM