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You, ma'am, preach the truth.

I am looking forward to white appliances making a comeback- I prefer them strongly to stainless (smudge city!) and it'll be nice to have better selection when my old fridge finally bites the dust.

The Look of Unlacquered Brass for Less: Tips to De-Lacquer It Yourself!
1/28/14 06:25 PM

I thought it was widely agreed that it was best to season at least overnight? I always salt and pepper all meats as soon as I get home from the butcher. And it is, in fact, a pain to do while keeping the pepper grinder clean.

This Simple Seasoning Tip May Just Change the Way You Cook Tips from The Kitchn
1/21/14 04:21 PM

Not at all- the time "8 or 9" is way too vague and arbitrary. Cortisol peaks about 30 minutes after waking, whenever you wake up. This is partly because of your circadian clock, but also because waking up is, relatively speaking, a rather traumatic experience for the body.

It is true that you will experience a proportionally greater effect of caffeine or any drug after this spike has settled, an hour or two after waking. This is also why some people find themselves hungrier throughout the day if they eat breakfast- they are less susceptible to the satiety hormone leptin, and therefore while their blood sugar has already spiked and fallen, they aren't enjoying the satiety effects.

All that to say is that per usual with science journalism, this is a gross oversimplification- everyone is different and you should do whatever works for you. The only relevance is to people actively trying to get the most alertness out of the least amount of caffeine. But honestly, unless coffee upsets your tummy, anything under 24 oz a day is probably just fine (for most people. always add 'for most people' whenever you read this shibby).

Why You Should Have Your First Cup of Coffee a Little Later in the Morning Food Science
1/14/14 02:52 PM

Gorgeous! I want to see the other side! Always interested in multipurpose rooms.

Lula's Baby Bunnyland Nursery Tour
11/12/13 05:28 PM

Good night nurse- no, I will not be making almond milk from scratch. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I'm surprised no one has brought up my primary (only?) reason for drinking almond milk- it lasts so much longer in the fridge than cow's milk. My manfriend and I split our time between two houses, so having a milk at each place that lasts long enough to use it just in my coffee each morning is a challenge. I don't have a car, so a shelf-stable product that I can hang onto is really nice- I make a grocery run or two each month for heavy stuff with a carshare, and the produce and meat goes in my bike panniers a couple times a week.

These are the eco-calculations we all have to make. My lack of a car makes frequent milk purchases impractical- better to save on fossil fuels or pesticides? It's enough to boggle the mind.

Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead
11/12/13 02:17 PM

They don't actually read aloud to you, Wallflower- they just display the words on the screen.

Does Your Child Use an E-Reader?
11/6/13 05:17 PM

Oh sweet lord. I just decided to up and cook my first steak and I thought, let's see what the Kitchn has to say about it. That was seriously one of the best things I've ever eaten – with some mashed cauliflower on the side, it was just perfect. thank you!

How To Cook Perfect Steak in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/5/13 11:19 PM

I live between the tracks in East Oakland- a block from the BART (commuter rail) tracks and forty feet from the freight line. The late-night horns used to wake me up pretty regularly for the first month or two, but now I sleep right through all of it. Can't get closer than that!

Everybody Loves The Sound Of A Train In The Distance: But How Far Is Far Enough?
11/5/13 04:22 PM

If it smells good, you're good to go. The mother is desirable. Sometimes it's possible to get an undesirable array of bacteria that form their own mother, but that will smell bad, often like stinky feet. If it smells yummy, go for it! (professional biologist speaking :))

Is My Homemade Wine-Turned-Vinegar Safe to Use? Good Questions
8/15/13 07:30 PM

I think every couple should have a man cave and a lady lair, or two of one or the other for gay couples. Often two members of a couple want different things in their decor, and it's nice to have a room of one's own to do whatever you want without compromise. My partner and I both have strong and seriously conflicting aesthetic sensibilities, neither of which includes a dart board or anything pink- but it's still awfully nice to have some space that's just yours. If women weren't allowed to have their own little nook then maybe it would be sexist- otherwise, I think maybe y'all could stand to give your partners (and the internet community) a little room to breathe.

Before & After: Messy Shed To Minimalist Man Cave
7/15/13 04:11 PM

I love it! and this technique could easily be applied to other projects. I too am curious about the weight- I'd be tempted to put sand or some bobs in or something.

Off the Shelf vs. Do it Yourself:
Riveted Metal Table Lamps

5/29/13 02:30 PM

I think you need to ask yourself- if this project came through as a submission from a reader, would you have found it to be of merit? Based on either its aesthetics or execution?

How To Make a Simple Princess Bed Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/28/13 05:38 PM

My thoughts exactly! And I learned a new word :)

Before & After:
A Boerum Hill Loft Gets Un-Podded The Sweeten

5/17/13 02:38 PM

Great article! I've run workshops on plant propagation, and I would refer people here in the future.

How To Propagate Cacti & Succulents Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/17/13 02:31 PM

I really liked the look of the CB2 trunk, but when I went to look at it in the store it was flimsy and cheap. Just a PSA for those of you who would be ordering it sight-unseen.

Small Space Storage: Chests & Trunks
5/14/13 02:42 PM

I'm with you, Marin- I pine for a full size freezer!

Marin's Keep What You Love Close Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 02:38 PM

Thanks guys! I did want to include the view, but it would be very obvious to any Oaklanders exactly where I live, and that gets a little weird.
It's funny you say that, LyonStill- I often hear from guests that it doesn't feel like a bedroom, which is a goal of mine. I suppose it depends what you're used to. In the Bay Area, people have beds in the living room, the hallway, the enclosed porch... rents are such that we've become unfazed by hanging out in a space with a bed.

Caitlin's Treetop Daydreams Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 02:37 PM

Thank you! It's a sculpture/poem my boyfriend did when he was in art school. It's about the moment an egg is fertilized, so it's perfect for a biologist's apartment.

Caitlin's Treetop Daydreams Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 02:27 PM

That's just what I thought! I may yet get one for starting seeds.

10 Pretty Domed Cake Stands & Keepers Product Roundup
5/14/13 01:26 AM

As a fellow teeny-tiny dweller and lover of gray- nicely done! I love that counter-height table, it is the perfect thing.

Alexander's Small Space, Big Challenges Small Cool Contest
5/8/13 04:41 PM