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Very impressive! I wouldn't have been able to sleep that night, I get so excited when I've done a major clean-up!

Every once in a while I do see people talking about using baking soda and vinegar together but I have to wonder, don't they neutralize each other?

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions, everyone.

Rebecca's Cure: This One Nearly Killed Me! Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/11/14 01:07 PM

* I meant "some of us..."

And before any sarcastic comments about Pollyanna show up, I'd like to say, she had the right idea. I LOVED that movie when it came out. Though totally not the type of person who has a huge aversion to what I think of as honest negativity, [if something was awful, please say it was awful, not "it kind of felt less than real great,"] - nonetheless I also think this world is in dire need of a willingness to foresee and expect happiness. So Pollyanna, you go girl. The naysayers are the ones with the problem.

Being Grateful About Your Home's (Unfixable) Flaws
1/11/14 12:38 PM

I've always made do with whatever I got. I appreciate the positive tone of this post and also of all the comments so far! A different or maybe complementary perspective though, is, if appropriate, to ALSO change our deeply held beliefs about what we deserve. I don't mean deserve because we're better than anyone else, rather because everyone deserves beauty, comfort, etc. Am I making sense? Some of need to learn to maybe open more to nicer possibilities than continue making do. Maybe we're a subclass of folks whose moms were children of the depression and embued us with a poverty consciousness that needs upgrading, LOL!

Being Grateful About Your Home's (Unfixable) Flaws
1/11/14 12:33 PM

I like color on walls. I do have a room that's all Behr's Ultra pure white but it seems dull to me. Almost all these rooms, though, seem blatantly overdone. Color doesn't have to shout.

True Hues: Room for Color Roundup Best of 2013
12/30/13 01:07 PM

Approximately a million percent improvement. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Before & After: Orange You Glad Rita Refreshed This Craigslist Dresser?
12/20/13 11:53 AM

Ooh! White!

Kim & Kyle's Graceful Home House Tour
12/13/13 08:01 PM

PS, I have nothing against your WHITE plates. I was just using this opportunity to vent about white on white on white rooms. It's gotten to where I take one look at a post and if it's one of THOSE, I don't even bother to look further, I don't care how interesting the vignettes or how cute the pets. But I didn't want to leave a rude post about anyone's place in particular.

How Owning 160 White Plates Has Saved Us Money
12/4/13 01:08 PM

I love @akay's contribution: " All the mismatched patterns end up having a very Anthropologie look that I always get compliments on, but the best part is that if one dish breaks, it's no big deal."

Getting so sick of white white, white, white WHITE WHITE W.H.I.T.E. white shite (oops, typo not intended but I'm afraid it fits!)

How Owning 160 White Plates Has Saved Us Money
12/4/13 11:36 AM

To be fair, a dusty TV isn't that much an indication of slobbishness - there's something about the screen that's electrostatic and ATTRACTS dust.

Five Furious minutes a day is a good idea, though! I think I'll try it.

ALSO: besides stashing junk in closets or ovens or wherever, if you can simply rearrange them so they look neatly stacked - like papers, books, even dishes in the sink - it makes a huge difference in how they're perceived!

5 Tips: How To Quickly Make Your House Look Cleaner Than It Is
12/2/13 10:55 AM

THIS HACK IS TOTALLY FREAKIN AWESOME. I for one expect to be forever grateful. I love to car-travel in my minivan, find a National Forest (not Nat'l Park) to sleep in, and thus have a bed ready rather than have to rearrange things every night. Since these allow a bed to open from the side as well as the back as shown, they would be perfect! And by the way, no, it's not $250 - the website sells them for under $100.

I often find amazing and unusual hardware at woodworker websites - it behooves one to just surf around a site and get ideas!

Thanks loads to Christopher and AT for this!!

And let's not be afraid of nature, y'all. Look at the additives in your food if you want to be paranoid about something.

Small Space Bedroom Hack: Queen Bed Gains Extra Storage
12/2/13 10:40 AM

I want 'em all!

Gift Wrapping Guide: Unusual Tags
11/26/13 10:23 AM

Absolutely brilliant.

Before & After: Small City Bedroom To Custom Lofted Bed & Desk
11/25/13 11:47 AM

PS I meant my comment to be in agreement with the article! I've always felt that anything, even mundane chores, if presented and engaged in as a fun activity, can make all the difference in learning "discipline!"

After all, to be disciplined means to be a disciple of oneself, right? Do we not want to be benevolent masters of ourselves (as well as teaching our kids to be)?

My wish is that we'll all come to realize that doing something well IS fun; that technique and enjoyment need to be present in equal parts. I once conducted a church choir whose members didn't want to learn to do the music well - because they just "wanted to have fun." Heartbreaking.

Mix it Up!: Fun Tips for Homework & Music Practice
11/23/13 11:00 AM

I'm so with @spikele even though it was also good to read the explanation that, for five-year-olds, the "pracice session" means more just do some every day rather than some set time.

I had a friend who wanted her daughter to take up some instrument just so she'd "learn discipline." Ack. PLEASE, let music be about the love of music, and learn discipline some other way!

Otherwise, classical music will continue to be populated by unfeeling technique-obsessed people who in some cases can't even keep a beat - unless it's a metronome-like mechanical beat with no life to it!

Mix it Up!: Fun Tips for Homework & Music Practice
11/23/13 10:52 AM

Wow, NICE! Forget matching, for heaven's sake!

Look! Tiled Stairs in Sydney
11/21/13 10:23 PM

@runswithscissors Wow, you rock!

Source for Industrial-Style Cabinet from India? Good Questions
11/18/13 11:39 AM

The bamboo butcherblock is absolutely beautiful! And indeed, the warmth it adds makes a huge difference in how the room feels!

Before & After: Kari's Modern Kitchen Makeover
11/16/13 06:49 AM

Oh, thank you for sharing especially #1. How totally luscious!

Color Inspiration: 8 Beautiful Yellow Sofas Shoppers Guide
11/14/13 08:35 PM

So very nice! I'm more a boho type so when an example of this style, ie yours, really rocks me, that makes me doubly impressed!

Yes, your tufted headboard is absolutely gorgeous; the folds are luscious. I'd have not thought to use a gold mirror above those colors, and yet it works perfectly!

I, too, love the blue accent wall in another bedroom.

I could go on and on. Do love your assortment of round mirrors. The starburst ones are just so effective, aren't they?!?

Oh, btw, @firehorsejane, her black chair is currently unusable; it's being upholstered and has pins in it! Guests probably appreciate its temporary banishment to the corner!

Suzannah & Jason's Did-it-Themselves Townhome House Tour
11/14/13 01:22 PM

Intriguing! Unfortunately, their catalog is nascent and contains only a VERY small sprinkling of products. But I'm glad to have this heads-up and will keep my eyes peeled either for one to come to my area, or to visit when I'm down south!

\"Japanese Ikea\" Aki-Home Opens First US Stores in Orange County Design News 11.14.13
11/14/13 01:07 PM