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Faith, if you decide to replace your faucet, I highly recommend the one I ended up with -- the Kohler Simplice. I love it! It has good arch, swivels from side to side, and its nice sleek shape is easy to keep clean. The pull out sprayer has an easy, out-of-sight spray/flow toggle switch, pulls out and retracts smoothly, and snaps back into place instead of dangling like my last pull out. I had my heart set on the Grohe Concetto, until I read that once you push the spray button, you have to turn it off and back on to get it back to the flow function. The Simplice was a last minute substitution, but such a happy accident!

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: The Confusing Journey of Buying Kitchen Appliances Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
6/18/13 11:12 PM

I'm in the same boat as jayaymeye. I don't want to permanently drill through the tile though, until I'm sure I'll like that location forever. Any ideas for temporary mounting? Do you think a lot of double-sided sticky foam tape would be enough to hold it? The knives aren't particularly heavy (no cleavers).

5 Ways To Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack
5/30/13 03:42 PM

I haven't heard this about not cooking acidic foods in cast-iron pans. I thought that was only for reactive metal pans like aluminum. Why is it a problem in cast-iron? I'm hoping to use mine more now that non-stick coatings are being investigated as a potential carcinogen. Plus good non-stick pans are expensive, and don't last very long, even when I'm careful with them. I think good, expensive cookware should last a lifetime.

The Best Way to Dry a Cast Iron Skillet Tips from The Kitchn
5/30/13 03:22 PM

Spencer, American is the brand, or the location of the fishery? And as far as canned tomatoes and BPA is concerned, could you get around that by buying Pomi brand (sold at Trader Joes and other smaller markets), which comes in a box instead of a can? Or is the box also lined with the same BPA product as the cans?

10 Low-Budget Pantry Items Everyone Should Have
5/22/13 06:12 PM

And, finally, vindication for my parenting decision to let my kids play in the dirt, be dirty, and not have a sterile home! We don't have or use any antibacterial products in our home. When the occasional cold strikes, we rely on hand-washing and just swab down community items like remote controls and phones with cotton balls soaked in rubbing alchohol. If you aren't ever exposed to bacteria, how do you build up an immunity? Despite their limited picky diet, my kids are rarely sick and have not needed antibiotics. I can handle the dirty looks and skepticism from other parents, because our way works!

Why Michael Pollan Says We Should Get Friendly With Bacteria
5/22/13 12:14 PM

I know this was a quick summary, but eating more fermented foods was just one of the take-aways. There was also a recommendation to eat a varied diet, as different organisms live on each type of food, and to eat a less processed diet, as processing kills off all bio-organisms that you could ingest to increase your diversity. Also, he suggests letting yourself (and your kids) be exposed to organisms through getting dirty, living with pets, traveling to areas with different bio-organisms, etc. Side-note: if anyone can share favorite recipes or links for fermented food, I would appreciate it!

Why Michael Pollan Says We Should Get Friendly With Bacteria
5/22/13 12:13 PM

Where do you find the peppadews? I've seen them already stuffed in the per pound olive medley at the market, but I don't think those are what you're talking about. Are they with the jarred olives and roasted peppers? Already brined? Thanks. PS I'm in the SF Bay Area (N. Bay) if that makes any difference.

Easy Entertaining Recipe: Grilled Peppadews with Smoked Mozzarella Recipes from The Kitchn
5/20/13 05:08 PM

I actually prefer a creamy potato to a fluffy potato, but like joelfinkle, I do love a crispy skin. Is there anyway to achieve that with this recipe? What happens if you don't wrap it in foil?

How to Bake a Potato in the Slow Cooker Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/13/13 01:13 PM

When I had to buy a whole new set of appliances, I was overwhelmed and a bit panicked. I usually research like crazy, but when purchasing my last range, I decided to not obsess, and just picked something in the showroom that was in my price range and had the features I wanted. I hated that range! Back to compulsive research. The most helpful website I found was You can narrow your choices down very specifically, in every way imaginable. For instance, on ranges: by fuel type, style, width, number of burners, convection option, drawers, oven capacity, ventilation, self-cleaning option, voltage, color, brand, and price. They also have great consumer reviews that they compile from multiple websites for you. Also helpful were GardenWeb, and (compiled personal consumer reviews).

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: The Confusing Journey of Buying Kitchen Appliances Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
4/1/13 10:02 PM

I found Consumer Reports to be surprisingly unhelpful. I can't tell you how many times I looked up an appliance that looked promising, only to find it was discontinued. Or had terrible user reviews. One Samsung refrigerator that they gushed over had a pending class-action lawsuit on it because there was a known design flaw that caused it to completely fail. A couple of years later, Samsung was still selling the same design which was still failing on people. This is the model Consumer Reports was raving about! Lost faith after that.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: The Confusing Journey of Buying Kitchen Appliances Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
4/1/13 09:47 PM

I tried this tonight using bone-in skinless thighs (with the sauce recipe), and everyone loved it. For anyone else wanting to use bone-in thighs, in a 425 oven it took about 45 minutes to reach 165 degrees. My thighs were on the larger side, so smaller might cook faster.

How To Cook Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/5/13 12:37 AM

The U.S. lifted it's sanctions against Burma this past summer, so hopefully we'll be able to get Burmese products soon! In the meantime, here is the working link for Mum's House in London: Shipping is a bit pricey, and it's based on the weight of your order, so it's hard to calculate before you place the order. They will send you a paypal request, and beware: if you don't pay it very quickly, they will cancel your order and blacklist you! That's what happened to me. Consequently, I searched around and found this alternate source: I haven't ordered from them yet, but plan to soon.

Lahpet: Burmese Pickled Tea
1/7/13 02:55 AM

I'm with Babygrace; I make french toast like I make pancakes: with an oiled pan or griddle. A half inch of oil constitutes frying, in my opinion. That said, it does sound delicious! I'm going to try to adapt with less oil and whole milk instead of heavy cream.

Breakfast Recipe: English Muffin French ToastRecipes from The Kitchn
4/26/12 04:09 PM

I would love to try the green tea or mango flavored straws, yum! But only in addition to the original, not as a replacement.

How the Oreo Became the Biggest Selling Cookie in China

1/30/12 01:41 PM

I love the idea of making the gravy ahead of time, especially because my brother deep-fries the turkey (no drippings) but I have one question. I've re-read the recipe several times, and it only mentions adding the fat from the pan drippings. Wouldn't we want to add the rest of the drippings too, as that's where the most concentrated flavor would be? Maybe it's assumed that they are added along with the stock?

How To Make Turkey Gravy (Ahead of Thanksgiving!)
11/17/11 08:14 PM

Sounds delish! One question: do you have an estimate of how much two large bananas equals in cups? I freeze my overripe bananas, which makes them shrink down, so it's hard to judge. And for those of you looking for nutritional info,'s MyPlate has a great feature that will calculate it for you once you put in all the ingredients and # of servings.

Healthy Snack Recipe: 4-Ingredient Banana Oat Bars
9/21/11 03:06 PM

@aschy: I agree with your point, but I'm curious, do you know that the produce on this list is low in pesticide because they're "low-spray/no-spray crops," or because they don't absorb much of the pesticides (due to protective outer layers, etc)? I assumed it was the latter, but you make it sound like they are grown more responsibly. Thanks.

Best Conventional Produce: 15 Lowest Pesticide Choices
6/15/11 12:36 PM

@ btoddster: is this what you're looking for? Not cheap, but so pretty!

How To Turn a Tapered Lamp Shade into a Drum Shade
4/1/11 03:19 PM

I'm with joyosity: if this works for aebleskivers, I'll be happy to clear some cabinet space. It's our family Christmas morning tradition, but it's so hard to get the temperature just right, and to get the outside cooked enough to turn but not to burn. This looks like it cooks both sides at once.

A Gadget For Your Cake Pops: Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
3/24/11 06:02 PM

This sounds delish, but I can't quite picture the process. What happens to all the bacon grease when it renders? Am I supposed to be starting with cooked bacon, not raw?

Try This! How To Make Candied Salted Bacon
2/22/11 12:12 AM