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That little sauce pan is so cute. How much of a difference do you think the size of the pan makes?

How To Easily Poach an Egg Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/11/14 10:24 AM

And you can't put sheet pans in the dishwasher either. It discolors them. I learned that the hard way, after I borrowed sheet pans from a neighbor and ruined them in the dishwasher. I still think sheet pans are much better than "cookie sheets."

11 Things You Probably Shouldn't Put in the Dishwasher Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
6/19/14 10:58 AM

I have my grandmother's Fostoria American collection and love them! Fun to hear from other fans today.

Sparkling Details for the Table: Beautiful Textured Glassware from ABC Home
1/31/14 05:03 PM

I have that west elm rug too.

Smart Styling: Tips to Try from a Small Space Makeover Refinery 29
1/15/14 04:29 PM

Yay Ashley! You make the project seem so fun. Color me inspired!

One Minute Tip: How to Make Felted Soap Apartment Therapy Videos
12/23/13 04:41 PM

I'm surprised that TV is killing the phone this morning. Maybe that's because we used a photo of an old rotary phone rather than a glassy new iSlab?

No disrespect to Anglepoise, but I want Nelson's Bubble Lamp for the big win.

Innovators & Icons of Design:
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11/21/13 12:31 PM

Proud IKEA kitchen owner here. I have renovated two kitchens with them. They are sturdy and the price is right.

Check your boxes when IKEA delivers them and consider rejecting previously opened boxes. Sometimes you can get stuck with "bad returns" where the parts you need are not in the box. For example, each pack of large base drawers should contain two drawers of slightly different sizes. The packs that I received contained only the slightly smaller of the two drawers.

When you don't have the right parts ready and waiting, you lose time and have to make yet another trip to IKEA.

You might not want to start an IKEA kitchen project at the end of a model year. The sizes and cabinet fronts change slightly from year to year. If your design is created based on one model year and you execute in the new model year, your design might need to shift if some sizes/colors are no longer available. (If you can't find the parts you need, check other IKEA stores and the scratch and dent section of the IKEA you're in. There's also sites and eBay to hunt for the pieces you need.)

If your IKEA charges per piece for delivery, it might make sense to take your cabinet hardware with you rather than have it delivered with the order since it is so many pieces.

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10/2/13 12:50 PM

BTW, I think a benefit of cruising is that they are good for groups with a wide range of ages. There's camp programs for kids, trivia and bingo for an older crowd!

The Pros and Cons of Cruise Travel
7/18/13 02:32 PM

@jlwmid Thanks for your question.

We checked in with Wilsonart to get an answer for you. They explained that one of the real advantages of laminate is that the surface is very stain resistant. Wilsonart does do hear stories every once in a while that a very old laminate top may be stain more easily if the extra-durable wear layer has been worn away by use. On the other hand, a solid surface like Corian (or Wilsonart Solid Surface!) is renewable, non-porous and easy to clean - you can remove most stains with an all-purpose cleaner and water.

We hope you'll give laminate another chance: you'll get lots of colors, patterns and texture options in a very affordable, hard-working surface.

Rethinking Laminate Eco-Friendly Countertop Design from Wilsonart
7/12/13 01:47 PM

I'm trying "standard" wax begonias in our tree pits. I'm only seeing standard begonias at reasonable prices around NYC. Where do you suggest finding these more elegant begonias?

A Few Alternatives to Impatiens The Gardenist
7/1/13 10:50 AM

Here's the direct link: It is $13,500

Branch Chandelier by Charles deLisle for The Future Perfect ICFF 2013
5/22/13 07:06 PM

Yes, Snafu! Now that you mention it I can hear all the sounds it made. I wonder if there's an iPhone version of it.

Total Toy Flashback: The 1980s
5/14/13 03:55 PM

I loved intellivision! My brothers and I went to war over Burger Time.

And I think the Snoopy Snow Cone machine was one of my first experiences "cooking." I saw one in a thrift shop a few weeks ago and it took a lot of self control not to snap it up.

Total Toy Flashback: The 1980s
5/14/13 03:54 PM

Working in the throne room, eh?

The Strangest Trend in Home Office Design: Bathroom Workspaces
4/18/13 06:07 PM

Do your house plants really get spiders and bugs? Mine never do.

Bring in Spring: Greenify the Space Under Your Sink
4/16/13 07:16 PM

Mother-In-Laws everywhere should take offense at the name of this plant!

Bring in Spring: Greenify the Space Under Your Sink
4/16/13 06:00 PM

My oven has a dehydrating fruit and vegetables button I've never tried. Maybe I should use it for this.

A Fun Little Trick with Clementines, After M.F.K. Fisher
1/9/13 03:30 PM

I had the same question. I would love to know more about the glass!

Downton Abbey Cocktail Recipe:
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1/4/13 11:53 AM

Move over IKEA Monkey, bring on the dog(s) with gift:

Office Inspiration from the IKEA Monkey
12/14/12 12:25 PM

Awwwwww. Sweet story.

Get the Look: Classic Style Play Kitchen
12/12/12 12:00 PM