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We used them as bookshelves in my son's room. They're great for kids books when you want some books facing forward. Perfect for a reading nook as well!

10 Ways To Use IKEA's Bekvam Spice Racks All Over the House
2/18/14 11:57 AM

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Vancouver. It is a beautiful city, if I do say so myself. ;-)

Garden Visit: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
11/21/13 11:25 AM

If I am going to invite people over and cook them food, I want to be a good host and make sure they ENJOY THEIR MEAL! If that means I need to change some recipes for allergies, aversions, preferences or diet choices, that is what I will happily do. It's not that difficult and it stretches my "cooking muscles".

I eat Paleo (a choice, yes, but it is a long-term choice and one made for health reasons) and if a host ever told me to eat before going to their house for dinner, I would decline the invitation. Cooking food that only you will enjoy and ignoring the preferences of your guests is very rude. What's the point of hosting if you make your guests feel hungry and/or out of place?

Holiday Meal Planning: How Do You Accomodate Special Diets?
11/12/13 08:02 PM

Using a veggie oil on it's own is not a good idea - it will go rancid. Heating the oil up and adding it to melted beeswax, however, will allow the polish to last up to a year (or much more, depending on the oil used). I'd still rather use this method than using a petroleum product on wooden utensils.

DIY Wood Butter Creative Culinary
12/13/12 07:10 PM

Skip the mineral oil (a petroleum product) and use olive oil or coconut oil instead. I made my own using coconut oil and it's amazing stuff. I use it to polish wood products and I also use it as a natural lip balm.

This is the recipe I used:

DIY Wood Butter Creative Culinary
12/13/12 12:17 PM

Don't forget window film, plastic over windows and heavy curtains drawn in the evenings.

Draft Stoppers: Affordable & DIY Resources
12/8/11 08:38 PM

Growing up, my mum had five burl tables in our house - three were large (about 30 inches across) and two were smaller (about 18 inches across). They were all made from the same burl and had caste iron hairpin legs with the burl slice as the top. I *hated* them. I thought they were tacky and ugly.

Now, in my 30s and in my own home, I have all five in my livingroom and I LOVE them!! The three large ones are the "coffee table" in front of the couch and because they are from the same burl, they match and sort of fit together.

I love them and everyone always comments on them when they come to visit.

Try This at Home: Burlwood Tables
12/5/11 08:59 PM

Another super easy method: use a clay baker. Perfect bird, no basting, quick and easy.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/16/11 05:55 PM

I don't really like it. The dipped legs are cool but this chair would look better in a solid colour.

Before & After: Wicker Chair Made Pretty
Sweet Magnolia Way

11/11/11 12:09 PM

Wow. This "Canadian decor" is terrible ... and stereotypical "Canadian" by an American.

Sorry American author, this stuff is NOT Canadian decor for the Canada lover. The totem pole stacking mugs are especially insulting.

If you want real "Canadian decor", find a First Nations artist and buy his/her art directly. If you want to write a post about Canadian decor, find some Canadian designers and write about them or go to some Canadian homes and take pictures!

Oh Canada! Gift Guide for the Canada Lover
11/8/11 09:55 AM

The first turkey I ever cooked was when I was in my 30s, using a clay baker. Best turkey EVER!

Real Life at Home: Abby's First Thanksgiving
11/8/11 09:44 AM

My son also loves making art and I love making "DIY" art, whatever that means. My family and I love being creative and exploring our creativity. If that's not "proper" art to others, well, that's not our problem.

It's Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist
11/3/11 12:06 PM

The space behind those pieces and the wall would be hard to clean. Ick.

While I think it looks pretty, I would not want that in my child's room.

A Great Way To Hide Loose Wires

11/2/11 10:47 PM

We make a list and sit down together once a week or once every two weeks and look at the list together.

Also, we do the best we can but sometimes things are either stressful or no fun. We figured that's life with a toddler under foot and busy lives.

How Do You Keep Track of Home Maintenance Projects?
11/1/11 11:58 AM


DIY Idea: Turn An Old Comforter Into A Bath Mat
A Common Thread

10/28/11 12:23 PM

Beautiful house! I love the kitchen especially!

Also, hi! from another Tansey across the boarder. It's not a very common name so it's nice to see it here. :-)

Michele & Ryan Tansey's Antiquarian Hideaway
House Tour

10/28/11 12:21 PM

Oh my goodness do I ever love this house! The bull! The bathrooms! The art! The tiles!

Love it all. But I especially love the painting of batman and robin kissing. Fan-freaking-tastic!!

Perry & Lestat's Colorful Romanian Home
House Tour

10/28/11 12:49 AM

I like making my own pea soup. Simmering dried peas in veggie broth for a few hours with lots of curry and cumin. Yum!

Ham or Vegetarian? 2 Ways to Make Split Pea Soup
10/27/11 07:44 PM

When I moved out for the first time, my mum and I went tool shopping for me and created my first tool kit ... in a vintage overnight luggage bag.

Inside were some basic tools: a hammer, nails, a screw set, a few pliers, a leatherman multi tool and some furniture feet pads.

Now, as a home owner, there are more tools that I find are necessary:

A drill with a variety of drill bits
gardening equipment, including hand saws
a palm sander and sandpaper
steel wool
nails and screws, including plaster screws
a level
a crowbar (you'd be surprised by how often we use this!)
and general painting equipment (because we really like to paint)

Our Favorite Tantalizing Tips On Tools
10/27/11 07:39 PM

You could make something like that without too much trouble from old windows. I'm planning on doing something similar with some old windows I have ... it's finding the time that's the hard part! ;-)

General Store: A Gem of a Greenhouse
10/27/11 07:09 PM