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That is a great breading mixture that I grew up with, except we had it usually on chicken and called it "Miss Heidi's Chicken," based on our friend's mom who introduced us to it. :) She used regular breadcrumbs and parm, with garlic powder and paprika. It's great for eggplant, too, and makes a great base for eggplant/chicken parmesan.

Recipe: Oven-Baked Zucchini Parmesan Crisps Recipes from The Kitchn
7/18/14 12:15 PM

Yup, glasslock. I've gotten mine from amazon and woot.com. They don't leak as long as your don't break the lid (which I did to one of them!). Figure out what you tend to bring for lunch the most and pick a size based on that, if you're going to just get a few pieces.

What's the Best Container for Bringing My Lunch to Work? Good Questions
7/10/14 04:02 PM

I have found memories of Pilsener from my trip to Ecuador. Wherever we got it, it came in a super tall beer glass, was always $2, and combined with the altitude it kicked in fast! The first time we went to a bar, I remember asking what kind of beer they had, and the bartender gave me a Pilsener saying, "It's the only beer!" I'm not sure that was really true, but I liked it. :)

Popular Beer from Around the Globe to Drink for the World Cup World Cup 2014
7/9/14 02:30 PM

I haven't had a ton of success with this method- maybe have saved one or two shirts, but definitely not all. I finally at least realized that all the grease stains in pretty much that same place on many of my favorite shirts were splatters from cooking, and have been trying to remember to throw on an apron.

How To Remove Grease Stains Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
7/9/14 01:42 PM

I'm not sure how much fiber you've been prescribed, but I find it pretty easy to reach the "goal" that myfitnesspal sets for me - which is also a good and easy way to track calories, nutrients, carb/fat/protein breakdown. Check the fiber content of things like cereal and bread, and pick the brand that has more. Then two slices of toast and you're well on your way! I find I'll reach my goals pretty effortlessly (if not exceed it) with few servings of a whole grain-somethings, apple, bananas, and some veg's with lunch and dinner, which I usually have every day. Beans are also a good source of fiber, just work them into your diet slowly if you're not used to eating them all the time. You know, musical fruit.

What Are Some High-Fiber Foods and Recipes? Good Questions
6/19/14 03:50 PM

I tend to brown them first because I'm afraid I'll accidentally taste the sauce too soon while they are still raw! I also like them crispier. But it's safe as long as you don't go tasting it!

Is My Grandma's Method for Spaghetti Sauce & Meatballs Safe? Good Questions
6/13/14 10:32 AM

Both my parents are great cooks, but my dad has a more flexible schedule and more free time, so he did the majority of cooking growing up. I learned from him how enjoyable and therapeutic it can be to spend the day or afternoon cooking or putting a meal together- not just something you do because you have to, but really working on it and enjoying the process. He also taught me to be a perfectionist in the kitchen which I am trying to slowly unlearn! It's a fine line between putting your heart into something and being happy with the results, and feeling like you need to produce something great or you've wasted your time. Something he and I both struggle with!

What Our Dads Taught Us About Cooking Father's Day 2014
6/12/14 10:07 AM

If I'm going to cook it that day, I shuck at the store so I don't have to deal with the husks at home and make a mess. It's also less to carry around the store or walking home.

How Close to Cooking Should I Shuck Corn on the Cob? Good Questions
6/12/14 09:48 AM

Re: the three hour car trip, if whatever you leave the house with starts out frozen, and you keep it in a cooler/cooler bag, you should be fine to take it and then refrigerate it. I'm thinking of a big batch of cooked shredded pork or chicken or something, and rice, and then you can add fresh veggies from the grocery store and steam them in the microwave. I would be tempted to do Asian style rice bowls myself. But you could do the same thing with any type of casserole - freeze it before you head out and then keep it in mini fridge and reheat throughout the week. Good luck!

Best Tips for Cooking in a Hotel Room? Good Questions
6/11/14 09:31 AM

Yes and it's definitely part of the fun! Heating up english muffins for six in the oven and having them with coffee and eggs and butter and jam on the deck is one of my favorite vacation routines. :) It's just better when you're on vacation!

Do You Cook Differently While Traveling or on Vacation?
6/9/14 11:43 AM

I feel like you guys do a pretty good job of balancing things out. Like they say - everything in moderation! :) I'm one of those people pitching for more low-sodium recipes (or probably, more so, techniques and tips). But I think you do pretty well with overall "healthy" recipes on a pretty regular basis, while acknowledging that everyone's health goals are different.

I'd love to see nutritional info and I think it would make me more likely to try a lot of the recipes. Usually I just look at them for ideas, and make my own adaptations to make them healthier (like the shrimp scampi recently - I just made it with much less butter!). But if nutritional info were provided, I'd be more inclined to work with your recipes as you write them. I agree that some articles with some tips or adaptations would be nice, or maybe highlighting some recipes that happen to fit well with certain diets - but overall, I think you're doing well as is. Just keep showing us pretty pictures of vegetables and salads and hope we eat them!

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 02:05 PM

I make these with sticky white rice and instead of oil, I use a tbsp of mayonnaise which I think helps keep them together. Haven't had issues with them falling apart with that combo. I also form them in a measuring cup to get a nice, even shape, and it makes four 1/2 cup cakes perfectly.

Recipe: Southeast Asian Canned Salmon & Rice Cakes with Sriracha Mayo Recipes from The Kitchn
6/5/14 08:18 PM

I always use a can of evaporated milk, per my mother's instructions! Nice to be able to keep it in the pantry.

Can I Substitute Half-and-Half For Cream in Quiche? Good Questions
6/4/14 03:39 PM

Another vote for low sodium recipes and/or tips for reducing sodium without losing flavor! I've had a lot of success with switching to "no salt added" products, but for general cooking, it can be hard to regulate other sources of sodium. I agree with previous comments - SO many people are eating way too much salt, I think it would be very beneficial to have some good everyday recipes that are low in sodium!

Reader Request Week Is Coming! Tell Us What You Want to Read Reader Request Week 2014
6/4/14 11:33 AM

If it can smush, it will get smushed. Definitely consider the cost-benefit analysis of whatever you are bringing getting all over everything else you brought. I think that's why some nuts, trail mix, granola bars, etc. are a smart move. Easy to carry, easy enough to keep them contained.

12 Delicious Foods You Can Pack for a Flight
6/3/14 10:24 AM

Sell them! :)

What Do I Do With 2 Bags of Limes? Good Questions
5/28/14 03:04 PM

How do I pick out good ones? I'm not sure my grocery store has the best seafood department, so what should I look for?

How To Cook Scallops on the Stovetop Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/14/14 12:41 PM

Love sage with roasted or sauteed chicken, and it's really good too in a simple sauce for pasta with butter, white wine, and parmesan.

What Are Some Great Ways to Use Up Leftover Sage? Good Questions
5/6/14 09:49 AM

Made a variation on these last night with some shredded chicken - they were great! Would not have thought to do corn tortillas like that and they were much tastier this way. Thanks!

Recipe: Crunchy Black Bean Tacos Cookbook Recipe from Love Your Leftovers
5/1/14 11:19 AM

I'd say start simple, so you don't get overwhelmed. Take a few fruits and veggies you like, and try to find a new preparation or recipe to use them, so you can work another way of eating them into your rotation. Then, next time you're at the store, pick out one or two new vegetables you'd like to try and find a simple preparation for them. If you like it or you think it has potential, try it again - if not, move on! And then try to keep some frozen or long-lasting vegetables and fruits on hand, so you can just pull something out of the freezer and add it to your rotation. What you don't want it to buy a ton of new produce you don't really know what to do with that then go bad because you got too much new stuff at once!

What Are Some Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Every Day? Good Questions
4/21/14 03:31 PM