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What a comfortable looking home. I want/love so many things - mainly that book case with the drawers beneath. I love drawers - nothing gets lost in the back. I've a tiny oil can you can have - my grandparents had neat stuff, but it's not needed by me or appreciated in the community I am in. Tell me how to send it to you - really :-).

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/24/12 05:58 PM

I helped my mom furnish and decorate her new home a number of years ago. I am a very patient and reasonably skilled seamstress, and I have an affinity for repairs and tools. AND I have to say, that the first time I installed something, I did something wrong and ended up spending a lot of time looking for better fasteners than the kits provided for, for example. Throughout each room, my mom and I giggled and said now we know why the designers and decorators were so expensive. They had expertise and they, too, would have to accommodate each project. We had more time than money and it turned out well, and we are the type of people who respect professionals. I especially admire someone with a fine eye for color and for imaginative placement. I'd love to work with a good designer/decorator.

Interior Designers: Reality Shows vs. Reality
9/24/12 05:32 PM

Furniture placement and flow are everything to me, and are the biggest problems I see in small spaces. This gal has that nailed. None of the furnishings are my style, but everything is so friendly with everything else, it has a very comfortable aura. Good job. I would have Merisa as a decorator anytime.

Thanks, too, for the good photography. It was nice to see the room proportions and flow.

Merisa's Playful Modern Apartment House Tour
8/28/12 04:44 PM

Hose out gutters before and after the autumn leaf drop. Before, so nothing gets clogged up - after for the same reason. The creepy sludge is really nasty and can fly around and stain your exterior paint, so be prepared to hose off your house immediately afterward.

Run very hot water down your garbage disposal as you grind up citrus peels. Good for the trap, good for the narrowing sewer lines in older houses. Houses that have poor sewer line drainage may have inadequate slope to the street, or they may have lines clogged with roots, or they may have narrowing diameters from grease. If there is an ongoing problem, I'd also check with your city sewer department to make sure there is no blockage at the sewer junction with the street. Never put rice down the disposal. It swells up.

Keep landscaping from actually touching the house - a good autumn pruning can keep things in order and prepare for the spring growth. That also reduces the bugs that inhabit the plantings - more air circulation.

Home Owner's Manual: Annual Home Maintenance Calendar
8/27/12 01:58 PM

Oh boy, I have so much of that same "stuff" - mainly from my grandmother, and I really enjoy seeing how you display everything. You've given me inspiration on the washboard for one thing. Mine's going to get scrubbed up now, maybe oiled and framed for a bathroom shelving unit. I'm in a bit of overwhelm. Thanks.

Lauren & Paul's Enchanted Urban Farmhouse House Tour
8/2/12 06:09 PM

There are also some rolling eggs out of Canada that are just a little larger. I'm quite impressed with them, too. And I do love my own bathroom facilities - even more than my own kitchen. I can always survive on a sack of apples - not so with a public toilet.

The grammer police here would like to let you know that there is no verb form for enthusiastic, which is an adjective. There is no "enthuse" unlike infuse or diffuse. I know, its droppings occur everywhere, much like Magnin's pigeons.

Compact Camping: Tiny Teardrop Trailers Sunset
7/31/12 03:37 PM

The slatted teak chair is the only one I would have if I could afford $250 per chair. You can place it on the grass without a leg sinking into the ground. Coleman makes a very well consructed "camping" director-type chair that has slat/tubular legs at the bottom and has good back support It does have arms. Costco did a knock off of this chair. Yes, they are in green and gray, but after seeing this poor selection, I'm getting some outdoor enamel and I'm reupholstering the canvas. The chairs you show look miserable with tiny seats.

to Embryo: comfort in outdoor furniture is so subjective. I think you just have to go out there and sit in stuff untill you can tolerate the look, the feel and the price. Not an easy job.

Best Outdoor Dining Chairs 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
7/31/12 03:25 PM

If it is a repost, then good for me. I missed it. It's lovely.

Jia Rose's Bright, Handmade Nursery My Room
7/31/12 03:11 PM

Is it not possible to have a composting toilet on the boat? I know they have their limitations, too, but ....

Tracy & Marty's "Retro Metro" House Boat House Tour
7/23/12 03:42 PM

@durga - California in general has very mineral-laden water. One tiny water spot dries to become a white blob, and one that etches into surfaces such as granite. Granite should be professional repolished once a year here. With all that wonderful light, those spots must drive her nuts. It would me; and she's from NYC, where the water tastes lovely and does not need to be filtered. But the windows are not as large :-).

Carol's Architectural Home in the Hills House Tour
7/19/12 12:45 PM

@weatherman - it appears that each picture has two wires hanging it to the source. Can't make those pics tilt :-).

I always hang my bigger pics with two nails, even if there is only one wire on the back. Much more stable.

Floating Gallery Wall Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
7/18/12 01:12 PM

These are such sophisticated and educated young people. I'd sure like to be their neighbors. I'd imagine the "pop" type art will segue into something more ethnic one day - or not. After all art is intended to be dynamic. The house, its design and its owners sure appear to be so. The amount of work and thought put into this place is truly astounding. I'm happy for you.

Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/13/12 02:07 PM

Because this post is being sponsored by AT, I would like to suggesst that AT take more responsibiity in editing their posts. The post includes apartments and independent dwellings, but there is seldom a photo tour that gives a good idea of the layout of the small spaces that are being viewed. If the purpose is to live better in smaller spaces, I feel there is need for a frame of reference rather than macro shots of pez containers.

There are some incredibly creative people who have shared their spaces on AT and I enjoy everyone of them to some degree, but I would get REAL satisfaction by seeing broader photos that illustrate the relationship of stuff to space, and how one navigates around it. I am not the only person with this comment/beef. Almost every post includes the request for understanding the room flow better, either by photo or by a plan.

And, uhum, Maxwell, you could use a proofreader.

Over-Sharing and Over-Caring: Decorating Our Homes in the Digital Age
7/11/12 04:24 PM

Is that fabric I see on the living room ceiling between the beams. Tell us about that. Yes, this is a beautifully comfortable space.

Joshua's Vintage Daydream House Tour
7/10/12 01:08 PM

Many years ago (1960s) I found Boston to be a dilapidated, dirty town with ill mannered men. However, there was/is no comparison for their performing arts schools. There was always a top notch free performance of these advanced students - somewhere. Each city has its plusses, and I found the singers, musicians and actors on the verge of their professional careers to be Boston's greatest advantage. At that time, food was not it, though. Things have improved since the bi-centennial cleanup :-)

A Design Lover's Guide to Boston Apartment Therapy's Design Destination Guide
7/6/12 04:34 PM

What a relief! Gorgeous large elements without a lot of "cute" stuff. Mature, sophisticated design. Personally I am not a fan of "modern" lighting, but I am less a fan of plastic furniture and "collections" of toys and footware as decor, and I don't like to think of the logistics of dusting. However, the shakers can jolt those leaning mirrors and pics, hmmm. San Francisco apartments sometimes have this peculiar room flow. Either it is the unique character of the apartment design or it is a space divided from a larger home or apartment. Her bedroom may originally have been a library, too. It's obviously an older building. In any case, it is lovely. I hope we get to visit again when she completes the work. Don't you all tuck away your "stuff" when company comes? I do :-). Thanks Chrystal for including us.

Crystal's Dramatic Home in San Francisco House Tour
7/6/12 02:20 PM

Another solution to that bathroom door situation is a bi-fold door. Tlhey are really inexpensive and essentially slide into place rather than swing. The new bath vanity is worth it I am sure, though :-).

Mark's Delightful (and Delicious!)
West Village HomeHouse Tour

7/3/12 09:05 PM

I don't usually squeal, but this was definitely squeal worthy. I was expecting a few polka dots on the interior after seeing those wonderful pink exterior strips. But you did find other good accessories/prints. I'll bet Tiffany's husband loves her girliness :-).

Before & After: "Audree" Gets a Makeover The Fancy Farmgirl
7/2/12 01:20 PM

One has city sewer and water lines in these homes. The houseboats are usually not moveable, but the lines are flexible to take the tidal action into account. As a child I was fascinated by our family's friend's houseboat on Lake Union. As an adult I recognize the water issues include perpetual mildew - in your fabrics and in your paper. There is naturally a lot of humidity living near the water, but living on it takes a special kind of vigilence.

Sweet Pea: A Tiny Green Houseboat Jetson Green
6/27/12 01:25 PM

Plastic chairs. They shift, flex, shift and in general have a feeling of impermanence oh, and did I say they shift when you sit in them :-). I prefer large comfortable furniture that may have required some forethought. Plastic furniture always looks temporary and cheap no matter who the designer is. More landfill, and not fast enough. Also I don't like any seating where the butt sits lower than the knees. Very bad for the back.

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/21/12 06:02 PM