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I am Cuban and the "moka" espresso coffee maker is used as well. I know what the difference between an esspresso machine and a moka coffee maker is. One uses high pressure and the other is made on the stove but the most important thing to be concerned with is the coffee being used. Un "Caffe" is espresso coffee.........the key is the type of coffee being brewed. 100 % Arabica "Espresso" coffee is key. Kimba, Illy, Cafe Bustelo, Pilon etc... is used for this type of coffee. My favorite is Illy.
Cubans also have a nice trick to make a creamy froth on top like its made from a high pressure espresso maker. Just search "You Tube" on how to make a Cuban coffee and the technique is given. It involves preparing a paste of sugar and the first drippings of the coffee before its fully brewed called "la espumita". For Cubans, it's not only the coffee but the beautiful creamy layer of foam "not from milk" but from sugar......that makes it all so decadent.

Vincenzo Amato: How to Make an Italian Caffe' Apartment Therapy Videos
8/24/12 08:28 PM

Home Goods used to be a great place to find a lot of great treasures but in the past 5 years the quality of the merchandise has gotten worse and more expensive! I used to find some great bargains and the merchandise was one of a you just see the same cheap factory made junk in Marshall's and TJ Maxx.
I still go there for a find but never seem to leave with anything in my possession as I did in the past. Now it's only food.

HomeGoods Summer Preview!
8/13/12 06:44 PM

I skip the stove top completely and cook thick steaks in 15 minutes with just the broiler. I simply season and put a light coating of olive oil on meat and place the skillet near the broiler. You have to have the rack on the upper most level in oven then slide the pan in. I have a non stick skillet with plastic handle at end and leave the oven door slightly ajar with handle sticking out. Believe me it does not melt the handle! A skillet with metal handle is best and you don't have to heat the pan or wait for the broiler that long. Just wait a few minutes for broiler to get hot. I cook a fairly thick steak 7-10 minutes on one side and 5-7 on the other depending on the thickness of the steak and wellness. 15 minute total time cooks a thick london broil to medium rare. I also cook salmon this way, obviously in less time than the steak! It turns out tasting like you cooked it on the grill and very easy clean up!

How To Cook a Steak in the Oven
2/13/12 06:29 PM

I tried the Udon Noodle Soup and it is simply fantastic! It was my first time cooking with this type of noodle and it does thicken the broth. I added some shaved carrots, baby bok choy and shitake mushrooms....very quick to make (10 minutes) while healthy and hearty to boot! Yummm!!!

Soup for Supper: 25 Nourishing, Delicious Soups
11/1/11 02:20 PM

Wow, I didn't realize how many people are uptight about having their guests take their shoes off. I suggest that they don't throw a party at all if they're going to be paranoid about dirt. You can't catch anything from having a little dirt on your floors after a night of guests in your home. Were do these people live in a swamp? What kind of vagrant friends do these people have that track poop and piss into a house? People pass germs by touching dirty objects and then putting there hands to their face or when they become airborne after sneezing....not by the shoes on their feet! Now when they take their shoes off there may be a possibility to contract hook worms from your rug from Fido.....or athletes foot fungus from someone who wore a used party slipper. That right there is gross!
Instead of offering people to take their shoes off, why don't the hosts buy inexpensive outdoor area rugs to put over their floors before a party. Cleaning after a party is a given.....if you don't want to clean don't have a party. I personally think that wall to wall carpet is disgusting because they naturally pick up dirt. So I guess this post was appropriate for AT. Design is key.....form follows function, so bare wood/tile floors and area rugs are the only way go in a home for those who like entertaining.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/21/11 12:36 AM

Can I live there too? I love all the architectural and design elements of this open space! I would love to call this home!

Phil & Hali's Quintessential Loft
House Tour

7/26/11 09:52 PM

This is my favorite kitchen for such a small budget. I still can't figure out what the whole kitchen looks like from the pics. Where is the stone wall background fit in the scheme of things? What's up with the blue lockers behind the fridge? Either way this is my fav because it is modern and hard natural elements.

Jason's $250 Remodeled Rental Kitchen
7/26/11 09:12 PM

I want to go on the exact same trip.......can you please comment on the itinerary and what other ports of call you visited? Maxwell mentioned the tour company but not sure which sailing is best. I would love to do what you did!

A Few Brief Moments From Istanbul's Food Markets
7/21/11 04:47 PM

I would have to say it is A hand down. It is an 18th century American Antique chair with more craftsmanship than D. It has the turned finials, feet and stretcher, the rush seat is original and remarkably intact for it's age. The patina is original to the chair which adds value to any antique piece of furniture and if the provenance is known that will add to the value as well.

Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

6/30/11 05:47 PM

Another example this week about the rich creating jobs in America!

Irene & Mark's Hong Kong Warehouse
House Tour

3/11/11 03:19 PM

Good knives are one of the most important tools to have in the kitchen.

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12/16/10 11:14 AM

This gift would inspire so many design ideas!

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12/16/10 11:13 AM

I love gadgets that make life interesting!

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11/30/10 10:27 PM

OMG, may the gods come down and bless me!

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11/30/10 10:25 PM

Sweet bike!

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11/30/10 10:24 PM

Solar Power!

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11/30/10 10:23 PM

Ive never seen an albino cow rug!

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11/30/10 10:21 PM