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Easiest method: cook it breast down in a paper bag. No basting, no checking in until the thermometer reaches its goal temp. So easy.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/16/11 11:36 AM

What were the chances that I had all the ingredients? I made it and am looking forward to having it tomorrow...for breakfast. Oh yes.

Summer Treat: Vanilla Milk with Chocolate Ice Cubes
6/21/11 03:21 PM

That's what I have in my cupboard. I didn't know it was the good stuff. Just bought it by chance. Lucky me.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla from Nielsen-Massey
Daily Find

6/20/11 08:37 AM

This comes at the perfect time. I ordered 4 kgs of potatoes (couldn't resist the buy-1-get-1-free offer) and need to start cooking!

Easy Pantry Dinners: 5 Recipes with Potatoes
6/9/11 05:47 PM

I do Weight Watchers and I live in England as an expat. I have to measure all.the.time. And I don't mind it one bit.

Survey: Do You Own (and Use) a Kitchen Scale?
2/1/11 06:26 PM

If it tastes great, bring it, that is the rule for my annual holiday cookie swap party. Why make someone who doesn't like to bake, bake? They may know where to get the best cookies in town, and if so, they can bring those. And I'll continue to make French macarons and pat myself in the back and eat whatever that is put on the cookie buffet table.

Is There Cookie Swap Etiquette?
12/16/10 10:00 AM

A fried egg make me feel so much better.

What Are Your Favorite Hangover Foods?
12/15/10 10:48 AM

Thanks so much for the heads up on Angelina. I went to Paris for the day and headed straight there. Best hot chocolate ever! Heaven in a cup!

The Best Hot Chocolate on Earth? Café Angelina
10/18/10 12:23 PM

I have been freezing milk for years. My friends think it's weird but it works. We buy milk in bulk when it is on sale, freeze the extra. I have never had it go sour. Great tip!

Tips: How To Stop Wasting Food
10/13/10 08:23 AM

I loved these! I knew it was truly fall when I saw these on the shelves in my neighborhood grocery store. I have to admit that I have never seen them outside of NYC.

Fall Favorite: Mallomars!
10/6/10 12:29 PM

I completely agree! Ladurée's salted caramel are to die for. Luckily they can be found at Harrod's in London but, boy, are they expensive: £11 for a half dozen, I believe. Anyhow, I have to admit...I ate a great macaron at the McDonald's McCafe in the Louvre. Really. And it cost me a euro.

Pierre Hermé vs. Ladurée: Macaron Smackdown
9/30/10 09:33 AM