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I haven't, but I have only really become an apple lover for a few years. I fell in love with them while pregnant. So I am looking forward to this!

An Apple-Lover's Apple: The Lady Alice Ingredient Spotlight
1/28/13 01:06 PM

All of your indulgences are nothin', compared to those little chocolate covered donuts in the check out aisle. I rarely buy them, but when I do, man oh man! I gave one to my 2 year old one day and she wouldn't touch it, preferred the orange. Good girl!

What's Your Secret Grocery Store Indulgence?
1/24/13 02:45 PM

So want some now!

Holiday Treat Recipe: Skillet Toffee
12/19/12 10:06 AM

You NEVER have too much cheese!

Win: Cheese Entertaining Kit Holiday Giveaway
11/30/12 02:29 PM

This is so beautiful!

Win: American Barn Wood Island by NapaStyle Holiday Giveaway
11/28/12 05:22 PM


Win: Oster Versa Performance Blender Holiday Giveaway
11/27/12 05:19 PM


Decadent Dessert Idea: Chocolate Pots
10/27/12 10:40 PM

I have the I Hate to Cook Book and I just double checked and my version does not have the pots de chocolate, please share! Mine does have the cock-eyed cake that I grew up with, still make and still love though.

Decadent Dessert Idea: Chocolate Pots
10/26/12 06:03 PM

This is brilliant!

Look! Hashbrown Waffles
9/17/12 03:38 PM

Today, this was much needed. Thank you

The Power and Virtue of a Small, Unexpected Gift Weekend Meditation
9/9/12 12:14 PM

These are amazing!

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/31/12 06:48 PM

I am making these as soon as I get some tapioca flour!

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/28/12 04:10 PM

This recipe is the recipe that I have now been using for a couple of years many Sunday mornings, and everyone loves them!

Recipe: Real Irish Scones
8/13/12 06:38 PM

My husband is German, and his sauerkraut with potato puree and pork chops is one of my favorite meals!

What's Your Favorite European Cuisine? (Besides French & Italian!)
8/13/12 06:36 PM

My mom made this stuff called Irish Spaghetti. Ground beef, a can of condensed tomato soup, a can of cream of mushroom, a little chili powder and garlic powder all simmered together then served over noodles. Divine. I get the craving from time to time, these are the nights my husband goes hungry!

The Allure and Comfort of Tastes from Childhood: What Do You Still Crave?
8/3/12 11:36 AM

I am with APK, anytime there is leftover fruit, I will make a small jar or refrigerator jam. It is always such a nice treat, and a fantastic way to really reduce our waste.

A Single Jar of Refrigerator Jam Cooking for One
8/1/12 10:20 AM

I loved the kitchen tour with Judith Jones. When I have a night to myself(so very rarely) I love having an egg and a glass of wine. It seems like the perfect indulgence!

An Omelet and a Glass of Wine: Some Thoughts on the Perfect Dinner for One Cooking for One
7/25/12 10:17 AM

Makes me hungry, but just got home from vacation so it will be awhile 'til I indulge!

Breakfast Recipe: Southern Sausage Gravy Recipes from The Kitchn
7/23/12 08:57 PM

This is why I let my daughter eat all the dirt she wants!

Why a Dirty Diet Is the Key to Good Health The New York Times
6/27/12 10:28 AM

This seems so common sense and yet I had never thought of it. It is a truly great idea!

Helpful Hint: Serve Heavily Garnished Green Salads on a Platter
6/21/12 04:38 PM