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I know that many people disparage neutral-colored wall paint, but when I got my condo, I deliberately picked Benjamin Moore's Sepia Tan for the walls because I figured they'd look good with my white bookcases, white console table and framed photos and other art, plus some big or unusual standing or hanging art pieces, with their shades of green, blue, rust (and in other cases, yellow, gold or pink). I also spread some color around with a Moroccan-tile table and blue seat cushions in the area near the console table; an Indian blanket and kilim-patterned pillows on a loveseat in the living room, collections of ceramics, and a view from the living area to the patio, which is tiled in blue-slate and is home to about 50 plants.

Fear No More: 8 Baby Steps to Adding Color in Your Space
3/22/14 01:21 AM

Magenta door, magenta door! Must see the magenta door!

... not to shout, but magenta was my favorite color out of the entire big-box size of crayons (was it 64 colors?) when I was a kid ;) ...

Thayer's Modern Beachy Apartment House Tour
3/13/14 05:03 AM

Hi, @yoohoo -- here are a couple ideas that might help you with the problem of your cat scratching your carpet:

Are her scratching posts vertical or horizontal? If she prefers the carpet, it may be that she prefers horizontal scratchers rather than standing ones. So, I'd recommend buying a horizontal one.

If that doesn't work, can you buy a carpet remnant that is a close match in texture to your actual carpet? You could make a scratching post out of that, and introduce the kitty to that post and see if she likes it. (She will probably need positive reinforcement in the form of catnip or treats or praise and "smooches" -- or all of the above -- to be encouraged over the course of some days to use the scratcher, rather than the carpet.)

Assuming the cat gradually accepts one scratching post or another, you could reinforce the anti-carpet-clawing message with verbal commands (I know, verbal commands for a cat, LOL) or other noises that she may dislike. One of my 2 cats dislikes the sound of me unspooling some packing tape if I do it too fast when he's around. (I use it to de-cat-hair my clothes.) It sends him running. For some reason, he also dislikes the sound of aerosol cans. (I know, what a wussy cat, right?) I never use those sounds to discipline or purposely scare him, but, as I think about it, I suppose they could be good tools to shoo him (or similarly inclined cats) away from something.

Good luck!

p.s. Is your cat working her claws on the carpet (scratching it), or is she kneading it, in the sort of primal kitten-with-mother-cat way? My female cat has her moments where she gets blissed out and begins to knead a small flokati rug that I have under my coffee table, but the great thing is that that type of rug shows no signs of wear from cat claws. So if you're talking more about kneading, you might be able to gradually introduce your cat to a similar texture of material to "fall in love with."

Pets in the People Bed: Tips for a Cleaner & Cozier Pet Pajama Party Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 04:06 AM

I'll look forward to seeing the Home Depot link that Greg H. mentions for the under-cabinet lighting. Eventually, I absolutely have to replace the clunky lighting that the previous owners of my condo rigged up under a couple of the kitchen cabinets. ... thanks!

Before & After: A Cramped Kitchen Gets a Big Change
3/11/14 03:49 AM

Though they started out with a regular uncovered litter box, my 2 cats seem to prefer the covered one that I have in the bathroom. It's covered by a resin "faux wicker" cover that also fills in as a backup scatching post (and shows no wear). Additionally, I have an uncovered litter pan in a hall closet that I leave ajar for them. (The closet stores cleaning supplies, hardware and other things that I don't have to worry about being affected by odors.) But I have to admit that they mainly like to use the earthen area inside my condo's fenced patio. (Ugh!)

For people with larger homes, I'd suggest keeping the litter pan/s in a spare bathroom or laundry room or maybe the basement, if the cats can get to and from the basement easily enough (if they aren't very young or very old, for example).

Beyond that, if I knew that a guest was grossed out by my cats' litter pans, I'd solve that problem easily enough by NOT inviting him or her over. I don't need someone around who looks down on me, my cats or my housekeeping.

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/10/14 02:50 AM

Hee! .. Two close runners-up to my dislike of the phrase "pops of color" involve a phrase about cabinet knobs as "jewelry" for your kitchen, and the kitchen as being "the heart of the home."

I blame HGTV for the rampant overuse of these terms.

3 Common Color Missteps (And How to Fix Them)
3/10/14 02:43 AM

Oh, great, one more thing to worry about. ... Or NOT.

2 Completely Disgusting Reasons to Wash Before You Wear
3/4/14 05:25 AM

Darn, when I skimmed your post, I initially thought the FitBit Flex would count movements in your sleep as additional steps. So much for that fantasy! LOL.

From Couch Potato to Fitness Nut, in Two Easy Steps
2/16/14 04:46 PM

haha! Laughed out loud over this comment. Thanks!

(btw, laughing is good exercise, too ... or so I've heard)

From Couch Potato to Fitness Nut, in Two Easy Steps
2/16/14 04:42 PM

I've got a real weakness for the Moroccan stuff ... in moderation, anyway. The great thing about the bohemian look is that a lot of it tends to be pet-friendly. The patterns tend to hide signs that a cat's claws were anywhere in the vicinity (at least for kitty games and cat-stretches -- maybe not so much for heavy-duty clawing, but my multiple scratching posts take care of that), and the rumpled vibe goes well with pet sleeping habits- LOL.

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Is: Bohemian
2/13/14 06:44 PM

Wowzer! That is a totally amazing remodel for $10K !!

Congratulations on the vision, craftsmanship and tenacity to undertake and achieve that!

(Can you come re-do my bathroom? Eh, just kidding. Sort of.)

Before & After: Krista's Budget-Friendly, Modernized Kitchen Remodel
2/9/14 03:35 AM

Man, between my disposer and my garbage can (I have a galley kitchen), I have nowhere near that much space to play with under my kitchen sink.

My only salvation is to keep a large rectangular plastic, lidded box under the sink; I store less frequently used kitchen cleaning/fix-it items inside the box, and keep some other items (large plastic container of dishwashing liquid and some cleaning supplies and bags) on top of that.

Other cleaning supplies go on lazy susans in a hall closet or in the bathroom.

Stylish Storage: 10 Ways To Organize Under Your Sink
2/7/14 12:57 AM

For those asking about the lamps, I noticed this week that Crate and Barrel has some similar lamps -- not exact, but similar:


5 Ways to Declutter: Conquer Clutter Before It Conquers You
2/5/14 04:12 PM

I agree about the bulletin board (if there is one) next to the mailboxes as an initial ice-breaker and to get word out about events. Beyond that, is there a neighborhood park within easy walking distance? If so, that could be a great place for a first potluck or BBQ, especially since some people might initially be reluctant to have neighbors who are still strangers in their own homes. If successful, the outdoor potluck or BBQ could become a monthly event during nice weather, and could move indoors as people got to know each other better.

I've also thought that a monthly book discussion group could be a good idea, whether at a nearby cafe or in condo neighbors' homes.

Also, are there neighborhood opportunities for exercise -- gyms, spas, walking trails or, failing that, some sidwalks that go through attractive areas? If so, a group walk could be good as a way to talk and get exercise and get to know the neighborhood better.

I'll be curious to read other people's ideas. I feel as though I know only a few people in my small (24-unit) complex, partly due to my odd work schedule. And I agree that dog owners have an automatic "in" for getting to know people. People see them out walking their dogs and stop to chat about the dog, introductions are made, and it goes from there.

Ideas for Building Community at Large Condo Complex? Good Questions
2/5/14 04:08 PM

Gorgeous space but all the photos of the karate-chopped pillows were distracting. After the umpteenth such pillow-shot, I began hallucinating and imagining them as animate beings that had gathered for an annual convention.

Cow Hollow Home Gets a Pro Makeover House Tour
2/3/14 03:11 AM

Nice list overall, though of course it's up to each person's specifics.

My specific deviations:

**I live alone, so having 3 points of light going in each room is really nutty and a waste of $$, unless I have company. As I said to a relative who was amazed by the size of the much-loved junior 1BR I lived in for years before I bought a condo: "How many places can I be in at one time? I'm only one person." (Hah.)

**Art display: I'm super-short (just under 5 feet tall), so dagnabbit, I'm hanging my art to work for my height (or maybe a compromise level between my height and average folks). I use a step-ladder enough in the kitchen; I don't want to use one to look at my art ;)

**Flannel sheets: Ditto to what Ruby Mae said about the heat capture. If you tend to sleep warm as I do, avoid these like the plague. You'll feel as though you're doing a dry-sauna treatment. (I avoid most memory-foam products for the same reason.)

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/28/14 02:25 PM

@warblerific -- Is there a Yahoo Freecycle group in your area? I've found that to be the best way to get rid of things that I am determined to part with (but not interested in trying to sell). Unlike the craigslist "free" section, which can be iffy in terms of logistics and flakes, Freecycle really seems to come through (partly because of its ground rules) in terms of people showing up to take the stuff.

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/9/14 03:04 AM

@warblerific -- Is there a Yahoo Freecycle group in your area? I've found that to be the best way to get rid of things that I am determined to part with (but not interested in trying to sell). Unlike the craigslist "free" section, which can be iffy in terms of logistics and flakes, Freecycle really seems to come through (partly because of its ground rules) in terms of people showing up to take the stuff.

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/9/14 03:04 AM

Adorable from start to finish! Cute, colorful, warm, fun - totally appealing! :)

Ditto on the praise for the nightstand choices.

A couple practical questions: where is the bathroom vanity from (a store or a "find" from elsewhere)? ... and (not that it's my business, but now you got me curious) with all the traveling, how do they manage school for the kids? Are they home-schooled, or pre-school age? In any case, I admire the family's obvious sense of adventure and style! :)

Heather & Eric's Cozy Victoria Cottage House Tour
1/9/14 02:27 AM

Open-shelving may be a good idea for families in houses who have a pantry or more room in general for their foodstuffs than I and who run through their dishes more quickly than I would, as a single person. For me, I can't imagine having all open shelves since at least two of my cabinets are stuffed full at any given time with cereals, rice, baking ingredients, spices, canned goods, etc.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/29/13 03:57 AM