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This is going to come in very useful. Thanks!

17 Recipes That Demonstrate Why Bananas Make the Best Desserts Food Blog Roundup
3/1/14 06:25 PM

Yeah none of those books would be good for girls. They have bicycles in them, not make up. Gosh!

10 Book Series Boys Will Especially Love
11/6/13 01:34 PM

We go through a lot of cherry tomatoes- my son LOVES them so we buy a lot and use those on our salads rather than large tomatoes. This is perfect for us. Thanks!

Kitchen Hack: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Slice a Bunch of Cherry Tomatoes Tips from The Kitchn
10/14/13 11:53 AM

Well it doesn't really advertise itself as a vegetarian book does it?

6 Ingredient Solution by America's Test Kitchen New Cookbook
9/11/13 09:22 AM

If she's friend enough to let you stay at her place, she's friend enough to be honest about her bathroom. I'd be casual, empathetic, and offer an out to blame it on someone else. "Thanks again for letting me stay with you. That really was so kind. I did notice while I was there that your bathroom seemed to have a lot of mold. I know how hard that can be to clean/treat! Is that something your landlord is working on?"

Should I Tell My Friend That Her Bathtub Is a Health Hazard? Good Questions
8/29/13 09:56 AM

Wow at all the judgmental people in this post. People who get a tattoo are doing it for you so you can stop fretting about what you think about them.

ExtInked: Tattoos With a Purpose The Gardenist
8/21/13 11:58 AM

It's all about the prep work. Before I leave for a long trip I clean my house, eat all the perishables, pay my bills, water my plants, run the garbage disposal, freeze 1 breakfast meal and one dinner, take out the trash, adjust the thermostat and unplug all that can be unplugged.

I'm fortunate enough to have a teenage sister who I can pay a bit to clean up any morning-of mess or do anything I didn't have time to do as well.

Are You Ever Able To Take An Extra Day Off After Travel?
7/29/13 06:22 PM

I clicked the link thinking 'what could she have done? glue some cutesy stickers on it?' and wow. Couldn't be more wrong. Love this!

Before & After: DIY Cooler Shanty 2 Chic
7/12/13 10:42 AM

Chocolate chips. We had some in a trail mix that spilled all over the car and they melted in the sun. Ugh.

Road Trip Food Mishaps: What Car Trip Snack Idea Was a Total Bust?
6/6/13 03:40 PM

We put ours in a drawer. Keeps them hidden and safe.

5 Ways To Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack
5/30/13 12:14 PM

I'm a Paleo eater and it is more of a lifestyle than a diet.

It helped me identify allergies I have from wheat gluten and helped eliminate the excess xeno-estrogens in my system. I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been- not just on a weight loss level but also because my brain and my emotions feel cleaner and sharper.

THAT BEING SAID- what you eat or do not eat is none of my business. I'm not your food police and you're not mine. This is just another "I have an opinion about your business" only with a food twist and it has to stop on an individual level before it'll stop on a larger one.

On Saying No to Paleo: Why Eating Isn't One Size Fits All
5/24/13 09:54 AM

Agreed. I've LOVE to find a high backed (affordable!) modern couch.

Shop the Room: Anne & Steve's Modern Pastel Living Room
4/16/13 03:31 PM

Wish I could find one that's also a recliner. Finding a stylish, patterned recliner has been such an effort.

10 Boldly Patterned Chairs Under $1000
3/22/13 09:45 AM

I used to meal plan every week and it really helped. Now though I just grab what's in season at the farmer's market and pick meats to match that. Works just as well.

5 Tips for Smarter Grocery Shopping
3/19/13 10:31 AM

Gorgeous but... no inside pics?

Oh Stop It, Smeg, You Charmer! The Flirtiest Fridge of Them All
1/25/13 09:28 AM

FYI - Alexander's Focus on Reusable party links to Emily's Archery party

Wild Things, Chinese New Year & More Kids' Parties on Apartment Therapy
11/28/12 05:30 PM

Best. Things. Ever. Serve with French Vanilla Cool Whip (and I HATE Cool Whip)

What Are Some Fun Variations on Traditional Pumpkin Pie? Good Questions
11/15/12 05:04 PM

I like asparagus oven baked with a little olive oil/salt. Nothing too fancy.

'Tis the Season (Finally!): 6 Great Dinners Featuring Asparagus
4/30/12 08:52 AM

Any idea of a price range? I'd love love love to do this.

Green Your Driveway with Permeable Paving
4/28/12 12:16 AM

I love her routine charts! I just wish they were edit-able so that I could move things around for our own schedule needs...

Dress Up Your Daily Routines
IHeart Organizing

1/12/12 09:47 AM