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Hmm, the page still isn't working :/

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 03:15 PM

Love it!! Amazing!

Kathrin & Brian's Dome in the Desert House Tour
6/11/14 11:41 PM

Love this post!

Lens is More: Inspiring Photographic Artwork from our House Tours
5/27/14 01:04 AM

Beautiful home!

Scott and Jacqui's Artistic Homestead House Tour
5/18/14 04:28 PM

This place is awesome!

Isabelle's Top Floor Flat in London House Tour
4/19/14 10:08 PM

We have a rental and love it- it's a converted attic space. I wouldn't want to move. But there are a couple of things that annoy me:
-it's a pretty open floor plan and the bathroom opens right into the only logical place to have our "living room"... so when there's company and everyone's sitting on the couch, you can hear *everything * going on in the bathroom a few feet away. Embarrassing!!
-terribly insulated so our heating bills are exorbitantly expensive
-sloping walls that we always hit our heads on
-the windows are tiny so when the AC window units are installed for summer, it's hard to see outside

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 04:40 PM

Gorgeous place!!

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/27/14 09:18 PM

Wow, if the painting is a study, that's amazing! Copying the masters... a great way to learn. It looks wonderful in the room, original or not.

Kelly's Cozy Chic Studio House Tour
2/26/14 11:43 PM

Yikes- the copy on this needs quite a bit of editing. It's very distracting!

Nevertheless, the Jenny Saville painting is stunning, and I echo the first commenter in wanting to know the story behind it. The paint color in that room is also fantastic.

Kelly's Cozy Chic Studio House Tour
2/26/14 12:57 PM

Great place! So much great art -it's so tastefully decorated. And it looks like a real, lived-in home, too. Love it!

Peggy's Bohemian Beach Home House Tour
2/22/14 01:38 AM

Wow, amazing place! I totally thought those paintings were Kenneth Nolands. Ha.

Miles & Antena's Laid Back Coastal Home House Tour
2/16/14 12:17 PM

Wow, great place! So much great art!

Mark's Comfortable Contemporary House Tour
1/29/14 12:22 PM

This is a great classic cocktail. The Violet Hour in Chicago does a variation with raspberry syrup and grapefruit bitters I think! Yum.

A Whiskey & Winter Citrus Cocktail Recipe: The Blinker Cocktail The 10-Minute Happy Hour
1/27/14 09:44 PM

Really classic, tastefully put together home!

Kirsten & Chris' Timeless Style House Tour
1/23/14 04:48 PM

This place is so nice!

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/19/14 01:15 PM

If you're looking for a sofa or couch from IKEA that's the best value, I highly recommend the Kivik- it's so classy looking, comfortable, and durable. We love ours and got it for under $600.

The Ultimate IKEA Shopping List:
9 Cheap, Chic Classics

12/17/13 05:09 PM

Love this idea! The visual effect is so bold and whimsical.

Goodbye Gift Tags: Make Personalized Wrapping Paper
12/17/13 05:08 PM

My mom always does this really clever centerpiece: she takes a super tall cylindrical vase, and fills it with vintage/1950s glass bulb ornaments. It's colorful and really packs a punch! And super easy.

Idea Exchange: Your Easy, Last-Minute Holiday Decor?
12/17/13 05:06 PM

Such a cool home!

Cyndi's Fearless Family Home House Tour
12/16/13 04:22 PM

Apparently I'm "one of those people who's obsessed with sloths" because that embroidered sloth is beyond adorable.

Gifts for For Your Crafty DIY-Loving Friends
12/6/13 12:16 AM