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I'm new to Android, but I thought you can always access Evernote? Even offline? I just turned my phone on Airplane Mode and can still access Evernote just fine.

10 Snapshots You Should Keep in Your Phone's Photo Album
5/3/12 07:03 AM

I agree M0387! I always cook the bacon first and put it on papertowels to drain then cook hashbrowns or mushrooms in the bacon fat. The bacon ends up being the only room-temperature thing in my English fry up (that has American streaky bacon instead of English back bacon because I finally convinced my English fiance that back bacon/Canadian bacon wasn't really bacon... to me) and it's never bothered me before. :)

What Is the Best Way to Keep Bacon Warm and Crispy for a Few Hours?Good Questions
3/13/12 06:46 AM

I actually used the moisture from washing the potatoes to get the salt and pepper to stick, instead of oil. I thought oil might make the skins more likely to burn or char.. I guess not?

How to Bake a Potato in the Oven
2/8/12 05:26 AM

As I read this, I'm sitting here at my desk eating my "work lunch" which today consists of a handful of baby spinach, some chopped onion and mushrooms, and two eggs that I whisked in a plastic container then added all the veggies to and microwaved-scrambled. It's not the most amazing thing ever, but I think it's a good, filling, and healthy lunch when all you have at your disposal is a microwave... The addition of fish sauce sounds perfect. :)

Street Food for Dinner: Thai-Style Omelet (Kai Jeow)
2/8/12 05:22 AM

I guess because I do not support her, I wouldn't want to spend my money on something she endorses.

Paula Deen Signature Wood Round Salt Box
Daily Find

2/6/12 07:02 AM

I know it's really bad of me to say, but I think I wouldn't buy it just because it's Paula Deen brand. :( Other than that I think it's a beautiful salt box.

Paula Deen Signature Wood Round Salt Box
Daily Find

11/28/11 08:50 AM

I think it's very important to give the turkey a day, two days, three days if you can, to dry out (uncovered) in the fridge... I also swear by brining, and most importantly NOT overcooking the bird! I use a digital meat thermometer that stays in the bird. I baste with butter every 20 minutes, and never cover the bird. In my experience, the skin does not overcrisp if you're cooking at a low temperature.

I also don't use broth or anything in the pan because I would think that would create steam in the oven and I'm all about the crispy skin.

I don't have a nice roasting tray, so I use a "vegetable trivet" to lift the turkey (or any meat I'm roasting) from the pan. I loosely pile carrots, skin-on onions, whole heads of garlic, and celery, and I think the "vegetable trivet" flavors the pan drippings for gravy.

Also, I roasted the turkey neck the day before (I had to celebrate Thanksgiving early this year) and used it to make flavorful turkey stock for gravy... Not only was it delicous, but I was also able to control the saltiness of the gravy that way, since the turkey was brined and canned stock has so much sodium in it.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/17/11 03:59 AM

I have a 24" cooker and a half-sheet pan doesn't fit by just a little bit. :(

What Are the Disadvantages of a 24-Inch Range?
Good Questions

10/28/11 02:16 PM

Awww, the kitchen really is one of the most romantic places. My boyfriend always comes up and hugs me from behind when I'm busy stirring something or washing dishes.

Elizabeth's Bold, Under-$500 Kitchen Makeover
Small Cool Kitchens 2011

7/11/11 03:54 AM

Do you need to have the non-metal knives available to use at a moment's notice? If not, a "civil war" type display case might be nice on the wall or on a plate stand on a shelf. Like this one:

Best Knife Storage for Display of Beautiful Knives?
Good Questions

4/21/11 11:02 AM

I'm in Dubai so it's just starting to be "can't eat outside" season. Boo.

Have You Eaten Lunch Outdoors Yet This Season?
4/12/11 04:12 AM

I just hate when recipes don't tell you WHY to do some seemingly unimportant task. If it's actually imperative to blanch each vegetable seperately, tell me WHY or else I'll assume you're just trying to make me wash more dishes.

Cooking Confessions: What Are Your Recipe Pet Peeves?
2/27/11 06:42 AM

My coworker and I watch Sandra Lee every Wednesday just so we can laugh at her. So mean... But it's also hilarious to watch her pour "suuuuuper simple" taco seasoning over everything. Although it does surprise me that SHE has decent knife skills compared to some chefs. HOLD THE KNIFE RIGHT.

Oh, my other pet peeve is when they complete the most challening step during commercial breaks!

Expert Errors: The Mistakes TV Chefs Make
2/27/11 06:18 AM

@ Green Cat... Yeah I think it's mostly helpful for storage. :)
KrapArtist, you're hilarious.

Clongs: A Better Pair Of Tongs?
2/20/11 05:51 AM

Good Food is seriously one of the best cooking publications out there and I too was shocked and oh-so sad to find out how expensive it would be to get a subscription. I always pick up a copy when I'm in England though! :)

Now Available For iPad: BBC Good Food Magazine
2/20/11 05:47 AM

Sorry, forgot to say LOVE THEIR KITCHEN! White subway tile and butcher block counters are my dream too...

Do they actually use their countertops to slice things on? Or once you have them are you more concerned about protecting them?

Jodi & Ryan's Transformed Kitchen
Kitchen Spotlight

2/15/11 03:54 AM

I would like to take a look at his food blog, what is it?

Jodi & Ryan's Transformed Kitchen
Kitchen Spotlight

2/15/11 03:51 AM

Ok, I have tried this method SO many times because I want it to work sooooo bad, but I can NEVER PEEL THE EGGS! I don't know what the problem is- I salt the water, bring to a boil, and leave covered for 12 minutes then plunk them in an ice bath and the eggs will not peel! WILL NOT PEEL.

Maybe it's something to do with the eggs in Dubai? Now I have to boil them for 7 minutes straight to get the peel off. Oh, and it's nothing to do with my peeling method, I swear!

How to Hard-Boil an Egg
2/12/11 11:51 PM

My cat is more obsessed with laying on top of piles of papers or books that you're trying to read... Although she also used to lay on top of my boyfriend's Pioneer deck wheels. Sometime's we'd give her a little spin around. :)

Tech Pet Life: Keeping Cats Off Your Laptop
1/25/11 09:22 AM

Oh sorry, GORGEOUS space, well done!

A Bachelor Pad Landing Strip: Three Men & Lots of Shoes
1/11/11 06:20 AM