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Doesn't make sense to me.

Do you turn on the oven, or just the grill? (the "broiler" in American speak). That is what I would call the heat source at the very top of the oven that has its own control (sometimes just on or off).

If you are just using the grill (broiler) then you should always leave the oven door open - though you at one point mention "opening the oven". To leave only the grill (broiler) on with the door closed is really dangerous...

Also, cooking under the grill (broiler) always leads to a lot of splashing into the heat elements, which is a tricky thing to clean. Do you find this method particularly splattery?

My brother is a chef and I am pretty sure he told me they always pan sear and then put the steak into the oven proper (ie, hot oven, door closed), which makes sense to heat the whole thing not just one side.

Perhaps that is what your instructions are attempting to provide, however you use the turn "set to broil" rather than "set oven to high"?

Can you please elaborate? Perhaps some of you who have said you followed the instructions without confusion?

I also agree with others above about canola oil, try virgin coconut oil (comes in a jar). The combination of (very subtle) coconut flavour plus meat is to die for.

How To Cook Perfect Steak in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
12/19/12 07:50 PM

They're all way too light. Too boring. Peach? yellow? lime? Gag!!

Come over to the dark side. Or at least to somewhere with some depth.

Help Me Choose the Right Color:
10 Paint Possibilities

7/25/12 01:55 AM

Enamel camping plates are all the rage at restaurants in Australia at the moment. That said, my brother works at a place where they use them, but he told me they had no choice because it was all they could afford after the rest of the renovations to start the restaurant!

Still, they add a nice urban jungle, (ok let's just call it what it is - hipster), feel (especially to expensive new places).

Enamel Goods: Camping Out & Staying In
7/11/12 09:38 PM

Taubmans "Rock Quarry", a very warm medium grey

Suggestions for a Good Warm Gray Paint? Good Questions
3/6/12 02:14 AM

The dog/roses loo is so unbelievably awfully kitsch! Also the last one is dreadful - who wants babies watching them pee? Besides the fact it isn't even done artistically.

But some of the others are divine - especially 8, 1 and the woods papers.

As for wallpapering, if done right it shouldn't be hard to remove with a little steam (yes, I'm sure it would help to prime/paint first). After all, *you* may wish to remove it in a few years. Nothing has to stay forever! If you're doing up a place to sell then I would stay clear of wallpaper as whoever buys your house will almost always want to change it - that's just how people are. But for yourself - do what you love! Just do it properly - the finish (edges, lining up patterns, where it meets fixtures, etc) makes the difference.

And also remember to accessorise in keeping - the mirrors, basins and light fittings in the above examples make the rooms as much as the wallpaper.

A slight segway: I am tempted to do something similar in wallpaper at the top of my bathroom walls above the tiles (about a metre to the ceiling). Would the steam from the shower potentially cause it to peel prematurely?

Little Room, Big Impact: Bold Paper in the Powder Room
2/18/12 07:13 PM

I've already put up my tree as it helps me get into the Christmas spirit early (and hopefully reminds me to get my pressie shopping done before the last minute).

No thanksgiving here so it's nice to get into the fun (decorating) spirit early =)

I've taken the approach to slowly build up the decorations on the tree. Currently my tree has black and silver ornaments only. Next week I am adding lights. The week after, some red ornaments, etc etc, building up the tree until Christmas day when it will look its best and most festive!

A Fresh Take on Tradition: Neon Holiday
11/25/11 03:36 AM

I never knew such a thing as a porcelain pen existed!! Anyone know where to get one in Australia??

Love the result and LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme!!

Poe Party: DIY Halloween Dinnerware
Brooklyn Limestone

10/7/11 12:32 AM

He remains an inspiration.

Even in the realm of interior design, you can't go wrong with principles that Apple as company has propagated through its products, such as

* being fearless in the face of change - sometimes you have to start from scratch and throw away or forget everything you know or have right now.

* acknowledging that form and function and not distinct elements - design is not an afterthought, it is part of the very nature and function of things, be they iPods or dining chairs, wireless base stations or laundry hampers. the most beautiful objects meld design and function until one is simply part of the other.

* that attention to detail matters - the size of a power brick, the exact colour of an accessory, the beautiful smooth simplicity on the bottom of your MacBook or the elegant layout of the internal components of your iPhone - even what you can't see everyday is worth your time if you want to create something to be proud of.

A favourite quote of mine from Jobs is simply: "focus is about saying no." Do what you do do well, don't compromise.

And above all, think differently. :)

Remembering Steve Jobs
10/6/11 01:02 AM

I'd happily live without ever having a bathtub in my house. They're of no use for actually getting clean on a daily basis, and I really have no time or interest in ever taking a bath - just sitting there in dirty water? boring!

A nice hot shower on the other hand...

Once Standard Bathroom Fixtures We've Left Behind
5/26/11 09:13 AM

To me, a bare cupboard/fridge is bliss! One way of helping maintaining control over the mess of life.

Excess stock is a waste of money that could be earning interest. I don't shop regularly either. If I notice I'm low on something I'll just go get some more.

That said, if an item is on significant sale, I might stock up (2-3 backups) on occasion. Maybe.

Stocking Up So You Don't Run Out (of Toilet Paper)
1/13/11 12:06 AM

Go for a warmer grey and you won't regret it! Cooler greys look nice and grey on small items but in a large space often go too blue or steely. A bit of extra warmth (ie brown-ness or even slight greenyness) will go with more colours and feel better overall!

Stonington may be a tad cool but may still be really nice.

I'm personally using Taubmans Rock Quarry, though in a Solver base, it has come out a bit cooler than it would have in the proper base but I still like it and Solver is better quality paint with excellent coverage. The British Paints Hawk Wing is also a really nice warm grey.

DIY Painting: Testing Benjamin Moore Gray Samples
9/13/10 10:37 PM

Collecting soil from overseas or even interstate sounds like a great way to spread disease, spores, fungus, etc!

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/3/10 02:15 AM

Love it! I think I walked past it once in SF.. I love modern and old juxtapositions and this is a great example.

Black Painted House: Love It or Leave It?
9/1/10 03:30 AM

The one made from recycled paper of course!

Is There a Good, Eco Friendly Cat Litter?
Good Questions

8/26/10 11:19 PM

Is that first wall really painted in a gradient fashion? Or is that photoshop or strange lighting in effect?

The Big Reveal! Barney's Pop Art Loft
The Inside Man

8/22/10 11:42 PM

Yes still too shabby for my tastes, not really urban - but I love where it is heading. I'm in love with deep grey walls (these seem a little too light to really contrast with the bright pinks, which was the idea I think). The chesterfield is delicious - where is it from??? The artwork is great too!!

I don't like the bedroom - boring! Reminds me of my grandmother's. Too much white. Guess that's the left over shabby chic! But obviously you can't outfit a house or room perfectly even in a few months - they are evolving entities and be keen to see where this house heads.

Tracy's City Apartment
Flickr Find

8/12/10 12:40 AM

shows what a lick of paint will do!

Before & After: Catherine's Instant Bathroom Makeover
8/12/10 12:28 AM

How about this tip - live minimally and resist acquiring excess junk (esp from thrift stores and the like) unless you REALLY NEED IT or REALLY LOVE IT.

This will save you pennies, effort, gas, bus fare and ultimately save you headaches later (less stuff for moving, less guilt of throwing out crap even though it's "still good").

It doesn't mean you can't be stylish - it just means you should be more discerning (DO NOT ACCEPT STUFF JUST BECAUSE IT IS FREE). This way you will enjoy your belongings for longer, and not have to buy them twice (when you want a 'nicer' version!)

10 Things to Save on When You're Setting Up a Home
8/5/10 02:06 AM

For those not in North America these mouldings are known as cornices (between ceiling and wall) and ceiling roses, and you might also refer to architraves (around doors and windows, usually of wood), skirtings (again wood, between wall and floor) and picture or chair rails (high and low rails on the walls).

Instant Architecture: Add Your Own Molding
8/4/10 01:26 AM

oh the skull paper _is_ flocked. fabulous!

Masculine Wallpapers
Inside Man

7/29/10 10:46 PM