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Love that bathroom! And the whole place, really nice, simple yet effective layout!

Rachel & Dustin's Continuous Color Scheme Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 02:17 PM

BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to live in a little haven like this :) Voted!

Tesha's Charming Character Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 01:08 PM

Love it! So cheerful, warm and full of personality.

Nicole's Little Oasis Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 12:53 PM

Love your home! It's minimal yet warm and the patio and giant sofa are awesome... I like how you chose 1 big seating area over lots of smaller furniture it really works here.... oh wait... I think the sofa can be pulled apart too? Smart!!

Lynn's Treehouse Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 03:16 PM

I LOVE that first shot of the blue wall dining area with the living room area in the foreground. Lovely!

I think that removing the two pictures closest to the door might help the eye have a break between the gallery and the hooks, and thereby keeping the attention towards the gallery arrangement?

Lovely home! I enjoyed taking a look around :D

Natalie & Fabrizio's Color Lovers Home Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 03:12 PM

This is lovely! And i'm totally smitten by that office chair! I may not be able to get it as I don't live in Canada but would love to know where it's from.

Drew & Kelly's Open Concept Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 02:39 PM

I can't wait to start seeing the entries! I was hoping I'd be ready for this year but... i'll join the 'next year' group :) Good luck to everyone for 2014!

Enter Now: The 10th Annual Small Cool Contest!
5/17/14 06:09 PM

Wow. Total inspiration. I love how the place is put together, and all these neutral colours look so rich and warm and interesting.

Erin's Modern Loft House Tour
5/14/14 03:49 AM

Another one here for the "take out the trash daily!!!" group.

I only realised this after moving to a country that has cockroaches. My first room was in an older building with a lot of shared apartments. My room was kept spotless and I took the trash out every other day, but that wasn't enough, I'd find a cockroach creeping in every so often... so I stopped keeping any trash in my room at all.

Now I have my own apartment I don't even keep a garbage bin, just a plastic or paper bag (reused from somewhere) for all the rubbish and it's thrown out every day.

Yes, I am now officially paranoid about attracting pests, at least it has gotten me into good habits! :)

5 Chores You Can Skip When You're Busy
5/11/14 01:27 PM

I moved abroad and brought with me a small clock that my dad gave to me when I was in my early teens or even a bit younger. I know it is at least 15 years old, and I've always had it on my bedside table.

My dad has always suprised me for having an eye for nice design (he even bought me a dress once that fit perfectly and looked great... and I liked it... and I was a teenager at the time... super kudos to dad) and this is a little brushed stainless steel star shaped clock from our favourite shop that used to sell all kinds of cool modern home accessories. It is about the size of the palm of my hand, with a ruby red face. I love it!

What Home Item Have You Had the Longest? (And What Is Its Story?)
5/3/14 03:09 PM

Gorgeous! This is one hell of a kitchen remodel, lovely lovely lovely :)

Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
5/1/14 01:35 AM

p.s. my 'Lazy' Susan is put to good use in a ridiculous corner cabinet whose door won't open fully due to being too close to the extractor fan hood... it was a cupboard lifesaver...

Best of the Lazy Susans... Er... The Busy Susans!
4/16/14 03:21 AM

Brilliant. I want a Movable Maxwell. I'd back you on Kickstarter ;)

Best of the Lazy Susans... Er... The Busy Susans!
4/16/14 03:20 AM

Nooooo! I don't need another way to be addicted to Apartment Therapy!! ;)

We're On Tumblr! Join Us for Daily Goodness
4/16/14 01:47 AM

Really nicely done! I'd love to have a bed like this in a regular bedroom too, very cosy :)

Before & After: Maura's Smart Studio Sleeping Solution
3/24/14 01:18 AM

I love our apartment so much that even the construction of a new building directly next door (that our place directly overlooks) doesn't even bother me!

I checked, it will be shorter than our building so we won't have our view blocked in (yay)!

What Do You Love About Your Home?
2/26/14 02:20 AM

Love it! Can't wait to see more good question follow ups this is awesome. :) Enjoy your lovely little chill out spot!

From Wasted Space to Family Chill Out Zone Good Questions Revisited
2/25/14 11:39 PM

I'm a non-drinker and I actually like how the bar displays look. All the different bottle shapes, colours, labels... it looks nice to my eye.

The only thing that makes it uncomfortable for me is that I don't like the darker side to how alcohol can affect some people.

I'll have to make my own juice/cordial version or something :)

Interestingly, as a designer I have noticed that packaging design for alcoholic products is actually really cutting edge and interesting! The newer brands at least, that have to give them something to compete against old standards like Johnny Walker or whatever...

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 02:24 AM

I love this home! It feels so happy and inviting, lots of beautiful spots and room to keep going with the decorating if you wish... really nice. I enjoyed looking around.

I also live on the top floor of my block and have a ridiculously dusty apartment... does dust rise up or do we have so much light in the house that we simply see the dust more than other people! ;)

Jessie & Jon's Colorfully Collected Home House Tour
2/11/14 12:20 AM

Also want to see the whole place, house calls are just not enough! ;)

Sean & Kristen's Warm Rustic Style in Seattle House Call
2/11/14 12:04 AM