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Chicken divan, chicken parmesan, taco style lasagna made with flour tortillas and enchilada sauce instead of the Italian influences, chicken spaghetti...

an important thing to remember is that frozen casseroles can take a while to cook so you want to freeze them in thin layers, hard for me to do sometimes. I use disposable aluminum pans, pre-freeze the meal then add a layer of plastic wrap right on the food. Write the instructions on paper and put on the top of the plastic wrap. I put the name of the dish on the end of the pan and that way I can stack several dishes together to save freezer room. I top the top pan with foil and list the dishes that are in the stack, in order but it's also on the end of the pan.

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2/7/14 08:17 PM

My personal taste is the before. I would love to have that in my house.

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2/3/14 01:14 PM

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12/7/13 07:36 PM

It is sold in a package, like French onion soup mix, for people that want to "make their own dressing." It is the dry ingredients only. It's sold with the salad dressing.

Ideas for Make-Ahead Appetizers That Don't Need to be Refrigerated? Good Questions
12/7/13 07:16 PM

I love Aldi. The chocolate is incredible! I can't believe no one mentioned that yet, or my skimming just missed it. My daughter has one close to her. Unfortunately they aren't in Utah but I always go when I am in Texas.

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12/7/13 07:12 PM

My grandson has some gastro problems and has to be on the BRAT diet while he recovers. I sent his mom this recipe and he loves it. You get really tired of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast after a while. This helped.

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10/23/13 03:02 PM

Spatchcock your turkey and it helps the dark meat cook faster.

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10/12/13 04:56 PM

Homemade vinegar is what we make from our wine that gets oxidized. It makes amazing salad dressings. Yummmm!

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8/15/13 05:42 PM

I cook mine in the slow cooker over night but I agree with not doing them in the house.

I slice a 10 pound bag on onions on the mandolin in thin slices and cook them for 12+ hours on low in the slow cooker. I usually put them in the garage when they are cooking or your whole house will smell and it's not pleasant.

I have to finish mine in a skillet. My slow cooker/roaster doesn't have heat on the bottom and I find I get a nicer finish on the stove in a skillet.

After they are cool I put them in sandwich baggies in small portions and then seal the baggies in a quart freezer bag.

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8/14/13 12:23 AM

Has no one seen the movie, "The Secret Life of Bees?"

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7/17/13 12:04 PM

I have sour cherry pits (whole, not pitted) that have been soaking in vodka for over two years. Add just a splash to a little whiskey and it makes a marvelous manhattan. I don't have so many that I am concerned about the cyanide. It only takes a bit but it is AMAZING.

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7/15/13 02:15 PM

Homemade hummus and cut up veggies.

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6/3/13 04:14 PM

I like to grate my own cheese. It tastes better. I like to peel and cut my own carrots. It tastes better. I wash and cut my own celery. It tastes better. I chop my own romaine. It tastes better and lasts longer.

I think it's great that they initially made "baby carrots" from the gnarly bit that would have been wasted. Smart thinking on the farmers part but I am sad that convenience means so many people are eating less tasty food and there is more packaging going into the land fill.

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11/15/12 01:12 PM

I am a beekeeper and love all things bee and honey.

I don't even like these. Maybe without the screw top showing like someone else said?

I think practicing gold leaf is a good idea but not this. Sorry and it looks like the bears were purchased new? So someone went out and bought new plastic to make more cheap plastic stuff? Really?

DIY Idea: Honey Bear Vase A Beautiful Mess
11/6/12 12:36 PM

I think this is awesome and I am putting this on my gkids rotation. I think holidays revolve around "sugar comas" all too often. This is great and will help keep them focused while they eat dinner so they aren't just wondering if the other kids have already started trick or treating. I wonder what else I can make with veggies. Hmmmm....

@MGoodSilver, I give out chocolate bars for Halloween, check my kids candy over before they can have any of it, limit the number of pieces they can eat before bed, freeze some of it so they can enjoy it in the months to come and even throw some of it away. I can't imagine thinking Halloween is about encouraging a sugar coma any more than I think New Year's Eve is about getting drunk.

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9/25/12 03:35 PM

I think it's great he's found a way to do this successfully. That being said, I would have a problem doing the same with water from the Great Salt Lake which is half an hour a way. There are so many chemicals and mercury and things, how would I know what I was selling my clients? And how would I get out all the midge flies and brine shrimp? Ick. I will just keep using my purchased products so I can lie to myself about what I am eating. :)

Hand-Harvesting Salt from the Sea with Ben Jacobsen of Jacobsen Salt in Portland Maker Tour
7/5/12 02:00 PM

Our air quality isn't very good today due to wild fires that have been burning up the west. I sit outside every evening and listen to the birds but I won't be doing that today. Without AC to screen out particulates I would be using my nebulizer.

On, Off or In Between? Air Conditioning
7/2/12 01:43 PM

If you only have dried herbs here is a nice mix of mock "Hidden Valley" that can also be used as a marinade or rub:

Tip for Better Salads: Make Big Jars of Homemade Dressing
5/15/12 09:43 PM

Also a way to find a new home for unwanted items and you might not even have to leave the house to regift it. They will come to you!

20 Things to Do with That Vase After the Flowers are Gone
4/3/12 12:42 AM

I make something very much like this and we call it, "Stinky Chicken" due to the smell of the cheese when it heats. It is my 10 year old granddaughter's favorite meal and what she requests for her birthday. She has moved several states away recently so I sent her the recipe and she can make herself now. We do love mushrooms so we always use a lot of mushrooms to the pan as well.

I prefer boneless skinless chicken thighs browned in a skillet with a bit of pepper and garlic. I put them in the baking dish. Put diced onion and sliced mushrooms into the pan with a bit of olive oil or butter. Saute until tender, browning isn't necessary. Pour on top of the chicken. I deglaze the pan with white wine, my granddaughter adds a can of french onion soup concentrate to the pan of chicken. Cover the pan with foil and bake until the chicken is about 10 degrees from done, but thighs are forgiving so 30 minutes is fine. Pull the foil, add shredded cheese and put under broiler on low. Pull the dish when the cheese is melted with a bit of browning on the cheese. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and serve with rice, a crisp salad and a green vegetable. Even a 10 year old can do it. :)

Dinner Recipe: Braised French Onion Chicken with Gruyère
1/28/12 01:01 AM