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We recently created a dining nook on a spare little wall and turned our dining room into an office. My husband and I each have a table for our projects. In installed two open shelves over mine for supplies in use (and those constantly in use, like my thread rack), and the table's drawers hold most-used tools. My supplies and tools are otherwise stored in big bins on a metal storage rack in a closet. It works really well! We love working close together and share space when the other is not there (or if a project needs both tables, like basting a quilt).

Do You Have a Dedicated Craft Space?
4/22/14 08:40 AM

The idea to go for hospitality-grade furniture is great. At the hospital recently, I noticed how nice their furniture was in all the rooms. It was comfy, looked great, but was, on inspection, a plasticy upholstery that could be kept very clean. That would help with durability and bed bugs too.

Personally, I wouldn't want to go back to a place that used cheap stuff and replaced often, because of the waste involved.

Best to Buy Expensive & Long-Lasting or Cheap and Oft-Replaced? Good Questions
6/21/13 06:04 PM

I hate laundry. I do it once a week and it takes forever, even in my building's machines (we have two sets for 9 units and I never see anyone in there).

My big issue is that I feel the need to run my towels or whites or sheets through each machine before putting other things in, because we have had so many clothes ruined by bleach (from other people) in our years of apartment living. I adopted this system of laundry to prevent that, but it means I need to devote an entire afternoon to laundry rather than work it in around other things. It also keeps me from just going to the laundromat and doing everything at once.

Does anyone else have a better solution to this issue? Does wiping out the top/inside of the machine really prevent bleach spots? I think it is terribly rude to use bleach in a public machine (and not at least run another load after that), but maybe I'm the only one...

Tell Us: The Laundry Nitty Gritty
4/8/13 01:38 PM

Agree with above comments, but here's another suggestion.

My parents' home has been pretty cluttery at times, but I know my mom would love the chance to have help to change that. If I were going to be there, I'd say "hey, while I'm here, are there any projects around the house you'd like help with?" and see where it goes from there. You can't force anything, it's not your space, but you could see if there are changes she wants to make and doesn't know how or where to start.

Additionally, if you get a chance to carve out your own space within her house, as others have said, if your mom complements or seems to like it, let her know you'd be happy to help her redecorate the rest of her space while you're there (or some of her other spaces...).

How Do I Forge a Style Compromise with My Mom? Good Questions
8/8/12 02:02 PM

@Red, this is what I use as a sewing table. It might be big enough?

Office on Wheels: 8 Great-Looking Mobile Workstations
5/11/12 12:43 PM

This is a very interesting discussion. Some people are focusing on the quality and quantity of objects described in the article, and others are focusing on the nature of those items.

For me, this post comes hours after signing the lease to move into my first non - college-owned apartment and remarking that I finally feel like an adult. However, when our friends come over, which is often, we get a lot of comments about how peaceful our place is. These friends have apartments mostly identical to ours, but something about our space puts them at ease. I'm not the best interior decorator on the block, but we are really intentional about everything we bring into our home and I think that's one thing that is crucial to this article.

The items in a grownup home are chosen items. They were weighed and measured and entered the door for a calculated reason - even if the consideration was "do I need all of these mismatched tupperware pieces from mom? where will I put them? shouldn't I toss the ones without lids?" Or the consideration may be "I really need to keep extra batteries and lightbulbs in my home, they are essential to have."

Our furniture and belongings are a mixture of new and used, discounted and free, but they were all selected to be in our lives. My $1 IKEA water glasses sit on the same shelf the as the gold-leaf antiques from my great-grandmother; both have their purpose and both were brought into my home because I loved them, had a use for them, and had space for them.

It may be defined a lot differently in countries with "stuff" less plentiful. But here I think that that ONE definition of a grownup living space is a curated home.

Do You Live In A Grownup House?
4/29/12 03:05 PM

EMMB -I'm very visual and always look for things based on what they look like anyway. I find I actually find my books faster now that they are arranged by color. :) That might not be the case if 80% of the books weren't mine...but being a grad student has some advantages.

Bookshelf Refresh: Easy Weekend Organizing Project
2/24/12 04:18 PM

Just because the cups are "not as wasteful" as other things in our society does not make them not wasteful. I think the point is that people who claim to care about the environment should do whatever they can to reduce waste, including not using K cups/Nespresso. Every little piece of plastic we use and throw away adds to the problem, and the problem is not going to be solved just by big wasters deciding not to waste, it's going to be solved by everyone honestly looking at their lives and their consumption habits and doing everything within their power to reduce wasteful usage of our limited resources.

Sheesh. /end rant.

$51 Per Pound: The Deceptive Cost of Single-Serve Coffee
The New York Times

2/8/12 03:43 PM

I recently started using it in my old family recipes that call for shortening. Just use half as much as you would shortening. For sugar cookies etc, pop in the freezer for a couple minutes before cooking to help them hold their shape.

Pantry Staples: Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil
1/10/12 11:28 AM

I recently made us a "home improvement" budget that goes to both needs and wants. I still shop carefully, but when it's budgeted I no longer feel guilty for finally picking up that kitchen utensil drawer organizer, etc. Sometimes it really is the little things in life... :)

Flowers come out of farmer's market cash when I have some left over on my way out, so that $4/week comes out of the grocery budget. ;)

Also, we have live plants in the one window bright enough for them, they bring a lot of bright freshness into our home. We choose native plants so they are harder to kill. They also help keep our air fresh!

Challenge: Something Fresh for Your Home Each Month
1/3/12 06:10 PM

We bought ourselves a food processor for Christmas last year instead of getting gifts for each other. Amazing.

I got a great 12-quart stockpot from my mom this year... I opened it early so I could use it to make wassail for our Christmas party!

What's The Best Practical Gift You Ever Received?
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12/16/11 04:50 PM

Great idea! This is exactly the sort of thing I look for on re-nest. Thanks Kate!

Just to back up what @oceanlife said, vinegar is a great mold killer so I wouldn't worry about these getting moldy.

How To Make Your Own Lemon Dust Cloths
8/7/11 12:13 PM

I'll echo quinnley's advice! Take the bowl you just used to let your dough rest, turn it upside down, and use that to shape your dough. Works great!

Another thing for those making dough by scratch: weigh the flour!

How Can I Get My Pizza Dough to Stretch?
Good Questions

7/6/11 01:12 PM

Why do you wipe off the wax in between colors? Don't you leave it on until the end, instead of having to re-add it after every step? This is the way I've always done it. We leave the old wax on and only add new wax to the areas where the current color should stick.

An Easter Favorite: Tips for Making Pysanky Eggs
4/22/11 05:51 PM


I'd always heard not to donate to Goodwill because their higher-ups rake in so much cash. Looking at these links though, it looks like a regional thing, and partially understandable (the the legal requirement in the second)... I don't know too much about it, but this is what I found.

Five Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping
4/20/11 10:32 AM

What's so 1953 about borrowing a cup of sugar? Yeah it was a little weird that he was asking someone he didn't know, but still. My neighbors and I constantly borrow food from each other. Whether it's a staple I didn't know I was out of until in the middle of fixing dinner, or a speciality item someone doesn't want to buy a bottle of for one tsp. Our cupboards and fridges are totally open to each, our tables too! I love sharing meals with my friends and neighbors.

That said, if it was someone I didn't know, and wasn't in a delivery uniform, I may or may not have opened the door if I was alone after dark. There's a couple times when I haven't, and those were decisions made with my gut I guess.

Heh, I distinctly remember being a young teenager, watching my siblings at home, and being charged not to let anyone in the house. When the local fire dept came around to check our smoke alarms, I made them stand outside the window to listen as I pressed the test button myself. :) I think they were amused.

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/18/11 06:09 PM

Not really a fan of this idea. If I saw it at someone's house I'd probably think that they don't care to read at all. Maybe for someone with only a few books it would be cute. I'm a grad student though and add to my collection at the rate of at least half a shelf per-quarter.

I arrange my books by spine color - which I'm sure I learned on AT at one point - and it seriously reduced the clutter look of my bookshelves. Since I'm very visually oriented I already looked for books based on color, so I actually find them faster now. :)

Book Covers As Cover-Ups
12/20/10 11:48 AM

I'm pretty sure I would have to switch a few colors around to confuse people.

Tokushu Tokai Paper Head Office
Hiromura Design

9/2/10 01:54 PM

Oh yummy, thanks for the idea!

If you want them hot, but no work in the morning, just put your oats and water into the crockpot on low overnight. Just make sure to grease the pot well and to turn it off when you dish up.

Simple Breakfast: No-Cook Overnight Steel-Cut Oats
9/1/10 03:12 PM

Instead of buying a specific plastic egg carrier, how about a cheaper, yet probably identical option of an over-sized plastic Easter egg? Either the perfect size for eggs you buy, or a little bigger so it can be wrapped in something soft like a small napkin.

I'd still put the whole thing into a ziploc to be sure, but those plastic eggs withstand being handled by children fighting over candy... they should be good for the train.

What's the Best Way to Transport a Raw Egg to the Office?
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9/1/10 02:56 PM