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Goood idea. Not sure about thyme, but i add a little nutritional yeast for the yolk taste. Yummy!

Vegan Recipe: Lemony Eggless Egg Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
5/16/12 03:21 PM

Ditto on the pieces of fabric especially the brown patterned one by the side of the bed. Love the teapot through :)

Monica's Teeny-Tiny Student Studio House Tour
5/15/12 02:38 PM

meh don't like the look of it, but great idea!

Shake Up Cocktails for Any Party With Mason Jars
5/10/12 02:48 PM

Wonderful summary and reference articles. I especially found the "tips for attracting beneficial insects" helpful. It was well written as well.

You Can Do It! First-Time Vegetable Gardening for the Black-Thumbed
4/10/12 04:09 PM

"Don't interrupt....RUde!"


Table Manners: A New Cellphone Etiquette?
Los Angeles Times

2/24/12 04:33 PM

Boyfriend says beer.

What Can I Do with Rolled Barley?
Ingredient Questions

2/9/12 10:49 PM

Whole Foods has them also. My friend and I looked at one today, but at $30...another time.

How Can I Make Truffle Salt?
Good Questions

1/12/12 01:50 AM

nice lamp

Green Style: Tiffany's Tiny Studio Apartment
1/5/12 10:33 PM

i got some. It's awesome. We used it to make paper chains for the house ^_^

Hand-Printed Gift Wrap
Daily Find

12/8/11 02:49 PM

Poor squirrels :( The ones in my neighborhood are looking very skinny

Aw, Nuts! Why You'll Pay More for Pecans This Year
11/16/11 12:59 PM

Yai, i guessed right ^_^

Old Favorite, New Form: What Is This Mystery Spice?
11/2/11 07:36 PM

I have heard of beets being used in holistic medicine to help lower blood pressure. So maybe that's the reason. My mother made me drink the juice when I was little and got random spikes in blood pressure.

Help Me Eat Four Beets a Week!
Good Questions

10/17/11 09:17 PM


Fill in the Blank: A Little More ____ Never Hurt!
10/10/11 01:42 PM

Love red velvet. Haven't had it in years because red food coloring was making me feel uneasy. But I shall try this version

Red Velvet Cake Conspiracy! Plus a Modern Dye-Free Recipe
Gilt Taste

10/6/11 09:18 PM

Cucumber tomato dill salad
Random soup
Pear cake
peanut butter cookies
Apple cider
Mushrooms with italian tofurky sausage
Pasta with Swiss chard and asparagus
Mashed taters with dill

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of October 1-2, 2011

9/30/11 08:31 PM

Here is a similar looking plant but of another genus. In ukraine we would rub it with sugar when someone had a cold or a sore throat.

Both are very interesting plants with long folklore histories.

Ingredient Spotlight: Rowan Berries
9/30/11 03:47 PM

honestly, not quite as ingenious as you made it sound. Plus I bet it looks really cheap up close.

Can You Tell What This Wreath Is Made Of?
High Heels and a Hammer

9/30/11 02:52 PM

I like the railing. Imagine all the flowers you can hang from it, not to mention perhaps some pots with veggies and stuff in them. So I like it. There is a lot of potential in it.

Before & After: An Upcycled Duplex in Portland
Jetson Green

9/30/11 02:43 AM

That looks great! :)

Bricks Turned Succulent Planters
9/30/11 02:29 AM

i think it's a creative idea ^_^ especially for people with creative kiddos

Turn a Milk Jug Into a Snack & Sandwich Container
9/23/11 04:57 PM