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I dig your blog, and I agree that this is a great way to cook a steak, but could you please curb your use of the term "hack?"

Although the accepted blogosphere definition of hacking has become significantly wider in the last few years, there are still some things that shouldn't be considered "hacking" by any stretch of the imagination. Cooking food in your oven's broiler is one of them.

Typically "hacking" in this context refers to modifying something to gain additional functionality. For example, if one were to disassemble their George Foreman grill and add the circuitry from an alarm clock to enable their grill to automatically wake them with the smell of freshly cooked bacon, this could be considered a hack. Dare I say it, this combination of alarm clock and grill could even be considered a "mashup."

In short, hacking implies modification, and using your oven for its intended purpose is hardly a "hack."

How To Cook a Steak in the Oven Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/17/10 10:01 AM