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@ 6ingredientsorless - "Then, again carefully, put the skillet and steak back in the oven. Cook the steak for 2 minutes"... after searing on the stovetop, you put in the oven to finish cooking it :)

How To Cook a Steak in the Oven
2/13/12 02:14 PM

"Because if you must have vodka, make it a Texas vodka" you are so right! A Tito's martini is ten times better than a Grey Goose :)

Bar Basics: 12 Bottles Any Bar Should Have
1/6/12 05:11 PM

You forgot Nutella - Pinterest is crazy about Nutella....

Pinterest Food Groups: What We Eat, According to Pinterest
12/12/11 07:29 PM

Recipe: Farmer's Lunch Sandwich
6/27/11 02:34 PM

We are a family of five, and laundry done every day is NOT excessive, it is a necessity! It will take over your life if you don't do it a little at a time. It may be sheets one day, towels the next, and clothing the next... It isn't always clothes, but laundry every day is not at all wasteful at my house.

How To Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
11/1/10 11:13 PM

I love how you found a lemon and immediately thought "cocktail"! We would be great friends :)

Inside the Kitchen Cure: Cleaning the Fridge and Freezer
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

10/19/10 07:23 PM

I didn't know baking soda expired... I had some from 2006. And some cake mixes and pudding mixes from the same time period. Yikes! I guess I don't need to buy any more of those!

Inside the Kitchn Cure: Cleaning and Organizing the Pantry
Fall 2010 Kitchn Cure

10/19/10 07:20 PM

And none of the Cowboys I know go for upholstered headboards, monogrammed sheets, letters on the wall (Think "Cattle brand over the fireplace" instead), glass coffee tables, floral rugs, or Rube Goldberg-ian bedside lamps...

@ bepsf You might be surprised what a good cowboy will put up with for the sweet "little lady" in his life :)

The Urban Cowboy Rustic Farmhouse Inside Man | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/21/10 06:31 PM

I know this goes against the grain, but even better than turning off the TV a few minutes before bedtime is not to have a TV in the bedroom at all.

We are the only ones we personally know who don't have a TV in the bedroom, but there have to be more of us out there... Anyone else?

How To: Keep Technology Quiet at Night | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/23/10 10:57 AM