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@amym1 -- I have never had a problem making cookies with natural PB -- indeed, that's all I've ever used. Just mix it well before you add it!

How Can I Make Bland Peanut Butter Taste Better? Good Questions
1/21/14 02:12 PM

I do this most of the time, particularly with chicken or fish, but if you want the seasoning to penetrate the meat, you have to let it sit. .

This Simple Seasoning Tip May Just Change the Way You Cook Tips from The Kitchn
1/21/14 01:28 PM

The real problem here is that cocktail parties -- almost by definition -- are pre-dinner events. Dessert and drinks are after dinner. So if you really want people to eat before arriving at your door, invite them for dessert (and you can always have a few savory snacks and cheese out, too!).

The Un-Dinner Dinner Party: How Much Food Should You Prepare?
4/6/13 03:43 PM

Wooden "spoons" with flat bottoms. I have some that were designed for stir-frying. They are the best for stirring risottos, deglazing pans, and pretty much everything else. I would also add a steamer basket or two. I agree about tongs -- though I am happy with the flimsy salad tongs I bought at the grocery store -- they are great for everything except the grill, where I do use a bigger one. Great list!

Essential Kitchen Prep Tools & Utensils
Setting Up a Kitchen

2/25/12 11:18 AM

Absolutely a kitchen essential -- not only for roasting veggies, baking/reheating, but also to contain messes! When I made pulled pork recently, I put my cutting board inside the pan -- it didn't quite fit, width-wise, so I tilted it. It worked perfectly -- juices in the pan, not on the counter or the floor! I also use it to catch the drippings from the turkey after roasting -- just move the turkey with the rack from the roasting pan. This frees up the roasting pan for making gravy while the turkey rests. And on and on .. . .

My Essential Baking Tool: Half Sheet Pans
Essential Kitchen Tools

2/17/12 12:33 PM

Adding a little water will help the dressing emulsify -- as does the mustard. And it does soften the vinegary edge!

What Do You Know About Adding Water to Vinaigrette?
1/19/12 03:22 PM

Made this soup tonight -- it is fabulous! I used my turkey stock and threw in some leftover deli roast turkey. The vinegar does make an indescribable difference -- and it doesn't take much! Definitely a winner!

Mid-Winter Recipe: Minnesota Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup
1/16/12 07:48 PM

Alton Brown's stock recipe includes the instruction to put an open steamer basket on top of all the ingredients -- works beautifully! You can then mash all the stuff at the bottom easily!

Tip: Use a Metal Colander for Easier Homemade Stock
11/22/11 04:11 PM

I know it sounds heretical, but I don't baste. I do put some butter and herbs under the skin, or olive oil and herbs on top, but I do not baste. The turkey is still wonderfully moist. I think the real secret is tenting it with foil. If it isn't brown enough, take the foil off for the last hour.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/16/11 05:41 PM

Peanut butter and cheddar cheese on stoned wheat crackers; poached eggs and toast; or soup. If I'm lucky and there's a sweet potato in the pantry, I might just zap that and eat it with lots of butter!

Got Home Late and Starving: What Do You Do?
4/18/11 03:18 PM

Breathe through your mouth. The instant you breathe through your nose it's all over.

Five Tips on How to Cut Onions Without Tears
12/21/10 01:16 PM

Dry them in the warm oven after you wash them. Put them on a cookie sheet or in a metal bowl. Mine are wonderfully rust free and well used.

How Do I Keep Cookie Cutters from Rusting? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/27/10 06:06 PM

The applesauce/cinnamon ornament recipe is on the McCormick Spice website: http://www.mccormick.com/Recipes/Other/Cinnamon-Ornaments.aspx
Glue is not necessary, but lots of cinnamon is. I made a batch of these ornaments 20 years ago and we are still hanging the survivors on the tree each year!

How To Make Gingerbread Christmas Tree Ornaments Holiday Guest Post from Jennifer of Chocolate Shavings | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/17/09 02:38 PM