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Love the live edge wood counter. Nice!

And Now for Something Completely Different: 10 Standout Kitchens
7/23/14 01:23 PM

Wow - although not really my style, this is an amazing use of texture and more texture. Very cozy and well done. I really like a lot of the elements here, especially the first fireplace photo with the plant on the left side of the mantle. So very interesting, thank you!

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/11/14 01:31 PM

Bet it is great on fish tacos!

3-Ingredient Recipe: Magic Summer Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
6/25/14 08:34 PM

Banana ice cream! Banana ice cream!

Pick a Favorite Post from Our First 10 Years
5/27/14 12:33 PM

Lemons are falling off our tree so I will do this today. Thanks!

How I Cook: How Abby Cleans and Maintains Her Huge Chopping Board Kitchen Tour
3/12/14 01:29 PM

Love the idea of a vegetarian version. Thank you!

How To Make Panna Cotta Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/12/14 12:26 PM

Very nice. Love the little chair holding the cookbook.

David's Live/Work Kitchen In a Former Firehouse (Complete with Fireman's Pole!) Kitchen Tour
12/10/13 10:02 AM

I make lavender pineapple biscotti and it is super yummy. Question tho - I need to package each in a cello bag. When they are done with their second cooking, they are dry and ready to go. However, two days in individual bags and they are soft. The bags are closed but not airtight. Could that be it? Maybe the fruit keeps the moisture in? Any ideas? Thanks a bunch.

How To Make Crunchy Biscotti Cookies Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
12/6/13 06:08 PM

Anyone know the colors on this house? I would really love to know or a suggestion for something similar. Appears on my screen as a grey with some purple in it. Thanks.

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 02:33 PM

Family turkey rules: Always cook breast side down. This helps retain moisture in the white meat. And, Dad gets the heart - Ewwwwww.

How to Cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving: The Simplest, Easiest Method Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/12/13 12:16 PM

Interesting... while not my style initially, the more I looked, the more I liked it. All the wood accents such as the kitchen shelves and stools and the side wall of the kitchen, not to mention the beautiful floor really make this place. Although it borders on too sterile for me, I like this - well done. And, the cats are beautiful.

Greg & Rob's Sky Suite House Tour
10/25/13 12:44 PM

Grey Hexagon for both the master bathroom and small bathroom downstairs.

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 12:35 PM

This all sounds soo good. How long do you roast whole zuchinni?

An Interview with Yotam Ottolenghi
10/1/13 01:58 PM

I inherited two large sets of silverware. Pretty boxes and all. One day as I was contemplating buying new flatware for our daily use, I wondered why in the world I was not using the beautiful silverware safely tucked away upstairs in the closet. How silly that I would even consider buying more when I had these beautiful sets just waiting to be used. I got them down off the shelf and never looked back. They go thru our dishwasher and get used daily. They show some tarnish now but not much, and it's been over a year since they were sprung from the closet. The cute little butter knives and beautiful serving spoons get used now too. What a find in my own closet.

What $70 Gets You At a Flea Market
6/27/13 07:22 PM

Looks wonderful. A dear friend once made potato tacos for us. All the same fixings as above and then either roast the potatoes or cook them, chop into chunks and then flatten them somewhat in a hot pan to get a good crisp on them. Add whichever seasoning you like. Use them as the filling. We also use pan cooked cod for our fish tacos. There are so many yummy variations.

Recipe: Roasted Shrimp Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa Recipes from The Kitchn
6/14/13 01:06 PM

A bit too busy for me and I just prefer my house rabbits real.

Lucy Fenton's Colorful Modernism HomeLife
6/8/13 12:26 AM

Love the Kashmir White granite against those dark cabinets. The floor is awesome and it's great to know my Schefflera will root!

Erin's Family-Friendly Atlanta Kitchen Kitchen Tour
6/4/13 12:18 PM

Oh little Penny! So cute :) She needs to be included.

Small Space Furry Friends: Pets From Small Cool 2013 Entries
5/31/13 12:11 AM

Great idea - we still have a lot of swiss chard in the garden.

One-Skillet Recipe: Tortilla Espanola with Rainbow Chard Guest Post from Erin Gleeson of A Forest Feast
5/27/13 01:12 PM

No staging or otherwise helpful hints here. Just need to know the color of the house in the photo above, please.

Five Things I Learned About Real Estate From Reality TV
5/16/13 05:04 PM