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Cookies should do great in a gas oven, the one time I had this issue I was using parchment paper on the pans and had two side to side, well the air circulation was completely destroyed (due to the parchment, it works fine without) and I ended up with charred bottoms.

Help! My Gas Oven Bakes Unevenly — What Should I Do?
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5/13/11 01:44 PM

It's fine--I remember a story where the army had chickens frozen for like 15 years and there was minimal bacteria growth.

Is My Frozen Baked Ziti Still Safe to Cook and Eat?
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5/13/11 01:41 PM

Wow kind of surprised that people are so negative on this---she clearly eats and eats well---she was in the PBS show Spain along with Mario Batali and Mark Bittman and I think she outdid Bittman when it came time to cook. I made the blueberry muffins and they were quite good and basically had a clean California style---not processed, full of fruit and pure ingredients, just good wholesome food. I would think that would appeal to Kitchn readers but obviously you're more concerned about the girl on the cover than the food.

Why You Should Give Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook a Chance
5/4/11 03:34 PM

I'm a clipper. As I go through the magazine the first time I fold corner then when I've completed my first flip through I start tearing---whole pages. If it looks good and I think there is some probability that I will make something the page gets ripped out and put in a pile. The rest of the magazine is brought to either family or friends so they can flip through also. I rip between 1 and 8 pages per magazine with an average of 3 per issue. These pages go into a pile. On Friday night I flip through the pile a decide what I'll buy at the store the next day. If my pile ends up too big I sort to the recycle bin to weed out any seasonal items like Christmas cookies that just won't be made. If the recipe was compelling enough I would have already made it. Personally I buy them for the photos, the artistry is not the same on the web and I'm not sure why---it very much could be but it seems that the convention is to have side columns which detracts from the photography.

On Saying Goodbye to Cooking Magazines
4/27/11 11:30 AM

I don't think that rancid is the same as bitter, I'm with the zest people---don't put the white part in even a tiny amount---ideally use a microplane grater.

Why Were My Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins So Bitter?
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4/26/11 02:30 PM

If you want to master a non-sweet potato biscuit I recommend cream biscuits from gourmet. Using cream instead of buttermilk really transforms them.

Breakfast Recipe: Sweet Potato Biscuits & Maple Butter
4/4/11 03:37 PM

I'm not sure if it qualifies as good looking, but this is a fairly traditional version with an easy pour spout.

Help Me Find a Better Honey Pot
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4/1/11 10:18 AM


Anjali's Favorite Knife: Japanese Nakiri-Bocho
3/22/11 11:07 AM

This type of exercise is called negative visualization and it's part of stoic philosophy.

Weekend Meditation: Expressing Gratitude for Things That Did Not Happen
3/21/11 10:13 AM

I highly recommend Sears for appliances---they have a system set up to deal with this, if you want an appliance moved (ie your own) it costs more, especially moving on stairs but they will do it. What you most likely signed up for was haul away and installation----yes they will move the one stove and install the new one in the same place, but this does not include installing two stoves or moving one stove from place to place. In fact, I don't think I know of anyone who would have installed both stoves for you. I don't think that your expectations are in line with the services that are available. Hiring a handyman is the right call on this.

Is Best Buy's Appliance Installation Service a Good Deal?
3/18/11 10:23 AM

Shortbread cookies and tea.

A Dozen Simple Ways to Eat, Drink & Enjoy St. Patrick's Day
3/17/11 01:23 PM

Depends---so always yes for lemon and lime, for orange it depends if I am cooking it or not. For glazes always fresh but as part of a cake (usually like a cup of OJ) I'll just use bottled, same for poaching. The primary difference in fresh and store bought is that the stuff at the store has been heated so if you're going to cook it anyway why worry.

Fresh Squeezed Juice: An Essential or a Luxury?
3/1/11 01:32 PM

These are more like candy canes than homemade lollipops---here is a recipe from Martha Stewart.

How Can I Make Whirly Pop Lollipops?
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2/22/11 11:33 AM

I have a trash and recycling just down the hall---that is great but we do have to get the chute professionally cleaned periodically and on my floor (2nd) you can smell the trash if it hasn't been removed from the bottom (ie the fumes will go up the chute from the trash below, it just goes to a holding room and then out to the dumpsters). So yeah, eeeew!

Do These Doors Make Kitchen Life Easier?
2/18/11 08:47 AM

No offense, but if you're the first to catch it these are the meals they should be making for you.

5 Meals To Make Without Giving Others Your Cold
1/28/11 03:35 PM

jenawithonen the problem is this is an overdone technique and would be like singing amazing grace when mary had a little lamb was requested. As with others, cut in half, use a knife to assist in pit removal, score into cubes then use a spoon to free the cubes. Easy and pretty.

A Better Way to Dice an Avocado
1/28/11 03:33 PM

While beautiful keep in mind that some of the vintage orange pieces are in fact radioactive---during my radiation training they held up a small orange fiesta-ware plate and it was really hot.

Souffléed Mac & Cheese and Bright Orange Crockery
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1/26/11 11:17 AM

An awful lot of cookbooks never get cooked from. I usually find the prettier the pictures the worse the recipes, but there are people who would buy and enjoy leafing through this on the living room sofa, while nuking a lean cuisine in their all stainless kitchen with a complete set of kitchen aid and Cuisinart appliances. To each his or her own.

What To Do With a Big, Pretty, Expensive Cookbook
1/26/11 11:15 AM

1) Those cookies look awesome!
2) Those waxed canvas lunch bags last forever, I have had one for around 20 years now and it is still water resistant and easy to clean.

Mrs. Bean's Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps
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1/6/11 12:19 PM

Is it stable or are the cookies mushy after a day?

Recipe: Cranberry Cream Cheese Cookie Filling
12/16/10 11:28 AM