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I have had the opposite experience with TJ's milk - I find it usually lasts well past the sell-by date, and is much cheaper than most grocery stores in my area. If you're a milk drinker, give it a try and don't be shy about returning it if it doesn't last.

I like to shop at TJ's for pantry staples like oils, spices and condiments, most of which are very competitively priced and of good quality. They have a fantastic and well-priced cheese section (though I do have problems with their cheese going bad quickly, so don't buy too much), and their nuts are generally much cheaper and more flavorful than other stores. TJ's also has best prices on steel-cut oats in my area.

I do mostly avoid the produce for the reasons the others mentioned, but they are fine in a pinch, especially if you are planning on eating within a day or two. Exceptions to my produce rule are the bagged brussels sprouts and fennel, which are inexpensive, long-lasting and tasty.

What Are Your Best Tips for Shopping at Trader Joe's? Good Questions
11/1/13 03:18 PM

Ice cream!

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5/10/13 02:26 PM

Beautiful story. I inherited by Grandmother's Cuisinart food processor after she passed away about a year ago. The machine is a beast: big, heavy and the lights dim whenever I turn it on (the plug isn't polarized and I probably shouldn't be using it!). But it works great and I think of her fondly whenever I use it.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Mom’s Mixer
3/1/13 02:15 PM

Not everybody has the space/time/equipment to cook from scratch. If Trader Joe's sees a market for this (and there must be if they've been selling it for years), what's the harm? Just because I find it worth my time and money to make a big batch of steel-cut oats at the beginning of the week, or somebody else has another method they like, it doesn't mean that the world doesn't "need" quick oatmeal.

Do We Really Need Quick Oatmeal?
1/11/13 01:52 PM

I know everybody says this, but my mother makes the best chicken soup!

My Family Recipe Rocks! What Does Your Family Make Better Than Anyone Else?
7/31/12 08:18 PM

At the beginning of the summer, I make a batch of crumb topping and keep it in the freezer. Whenever the craving strikes, or I have fruit that I need to use up, I can make a quick crumble. I have two small baking dishes, which are perfect for using up small amounts of fruit.

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6/5/12 01:43 PM

My BF and I do it the opposite way. We will spring for a beef tenderloin to grill and ask our friends to bring the side dishes and desserts. Seems a bit classier if we are asking our guests to bring the less expensive component of the meal.

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6/2/11 01:32 PM

I try to buy as much fresh food as possible, but I do use coupons for the packaged foods and health/beauty items I buy. My techniques are not that different from those used by the "extreme" couponers, but on a much smaller scale. The savings can add up quickly if you shop smartly, and I use the money I save from coupons to buy high-quality fresh foods and meats.

Weighing in on Extreme Couponing
4/18/11 01:53 PM

I often cut the amount of sugar in muffins without otherwise changing the recipe, without any consequences. Muffins do tend to be more forgiving than other baked good, though.

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1/3/11 01:40 PM

These look delicious. I am thinking if you used portabella mushrooms this would be an excellent vegetarian main dish.

Look! French Onion Soup-Stuffed Mushrooms
11/24/10 01:33 PM

Once when making baked ziti with my college roommates, we stirred pesto into the ricotta - it was delicious!

Summer Flavor: 10 Ways to Use Pesto (Besides Pasta!) | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/18/10 02:15 PM

Asparagus. I love most other veggies, but cannot stand asparagus, even when prepared well. Every now and then I try it to see if my tastes have changed, but so far not yet.

I also can't stand pineapple.

What Foods Have You Tried To Like, But Just Can't?! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/15/10 01:39 PM

This happened to my mother about a year ago. We made a pesto-like sauce with pine nuts, and everything she ate tasted bad for about a week. I ate that pesto too and didn't notice any ill effects. She does smoke, so we wondered is some interaction with the cigarettes was the reason she got pine mouth and I didn't.

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5/13/10 01:35 PM

I am reminded of a disagreement I had with my boss a few months ago as to whether mayonnaise is dairy. He insisted it was because it wad made from eggs!

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3/4/10 03:06 PM

I sprinkle a few seeds on a very simple fig and prosciutto tart that I make. The fennel seeds really tie together and enhance the flavors of the figs and prosciutto.

From the Spice Cupboard: Fennel Seed | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/19/10 02:48 PM

Though I have never tried it myself, I once saw Emeril garnish a pureed soup (I think it was tomato) with plain popcorn.

Crispy, Crunchy, Chewy: 6 Unusual Garnishes for Soup | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/7/10 03:12 PM

A little bit unconventional, but absolutely delicious is Matzel Toff - toffee and chocolate covered matzah. The dark-chocolate version has a little bit of sea salt in the chocolate and is superb.

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12/2/09 02:53 PM