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i like both, but its certainly a matter of preference which you would like in your home ;)

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2/16/12 12:41 PM

i have the same tile, only in 2 shades of blue. i have the same feeling as others here about the concern for mold with the wainscotting. we are looking into having a professional reglaze the tiles white, including the tile in the shower area. i heard it also helps block mold in the shower/bath, which would be an added benefit.

as one poster mentioned, no you're right, its not difficult to remove the tile, but it is terribly messy and could expose issues that will turn it into a much bigger project (experienced this too many times in my 1920s colonial already ;))

good luck with your decision, but i do suggest against wainscotting

Can I Install Wainscoting Over Tile?
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2/13/12 12:19 PM

i agree @lindseyroberts, you guys can be so rude. its very feminine and pretty. question - where is your cable box hiding? the only place for my tv is above the fireplace, which is flanked by 2 french doors and i am not sure what to do about wires and cable box.

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1/27/12 12:13 PM

mmm fantastic, i'm making mini tarts with goat cheese, carmelized onions and fig jam as an appetizer this weekend. i'll have to look for this at my local market.

Product Review: Dalmatia Fig Spread
1/24/12 12:58 PM

oxy boost is natural? is it animal friendly? that would make my day if it was!

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1/24/12 12:52 PM

well sadly when this is your only option, like mine, you make it work and make it look good. for me, not having a tv in the living room is not an option.

Thinking About a TV Above the Fireplace? Pro Tips to Consider
1/19/12 03:58 PM

sorry i dont have any recipes but i would think that the best way to get the filling in them would be to spread it on the cookie dough, roll em up then bake!

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12/23/11 09:19 AM

ha almost all the captions and images are messed up ;) haha

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12/22/11 03:29 PM

sorry @richelle, but it is black and white when it comes to the fur trade. if it were cow hides from a cow that was slaughtered for its meat then that is one thing that can at least be justified by some (although still not being showcased in my home), but the killing of animals simply to decorate your home is barbaric, disgusting and serves zero purpose

Aerin Lauder's Winter Wonderland Aspen Home
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12/19/11 12:15 PM

i have almost the same setup as you - here's a link to my house on apartment therapy (please not that this was before we moved in and changed everything - curatins, mirror above fireplace, carpet, etc.) http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/good-questions/paint-to-brighten-a-room-with-dark-woodwork-good-questions-111853

i would suggest a smaller size left side sectional where your current couch is (chaise part by the door, creating an "entrance way"). then if it lines up move the tv to the wall with the dining room entrance. i'd also place a chair where the tv is now for added seating.

good luck. love the style of the house ;)

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12/15/11 10:57 AM

ha @humane

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12/8/11 03:07 PM

i plan on stenciling the walls up my stairs at some point in 2012 ;) i just wonder if its as easy, albeit time consuming, as everyone says

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12/7/11 10:32 AM

"no-chicken" broth by imagine? i wish my grocery store had that!

Comforting Recipe: Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup
12/6/11 03:15 PM

@kittensandpie: that sounds delish! i just saved the recipe for my christmas eve dinner party!

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12/6/11 03:06 PM

regarding furniture, can you form an L with the 2 couches (they both dont need to be placed against walls), leave the end table in between, use ottoman as coffee table and remove the chair? i would then mount the tv on the wall with the doorway to foyer and add a wall mounted cabinet for media storage.

curtains, i would def do simple floor length sheers in both living and dining rooms, with the rod mounted on the outside of window frame (like in dining room).

Design Help for My 1920's House?
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11/30/11 10:53 AM

i think this kitchen is bright and open and i like it!! :) my only qualm is removing the dishwasher. i think its a nice thing to have, even if not used on a regular basis. plus, its good for resale ;)

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11/29/11 02:47 PM

that was beyond sweet!!!!! bostons have a warm spot in my heart :)

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11/29/11 02:07 PM

i feel bad for the bloggers on this site that have to be "cordial" in their responses to your bizarre comments.

i think its great to show 2 options - regular and vegan friendly. thanks.

Make Eggs In a Basket For A Crowd: With a Vegan Twist
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11/21/11 10:17 AM

i agree with the "do it" comments. my plaster walls drive me crazy. just make sure you prepare for the tons and tons of dust you will get with the plaster. proper prep will go A LONG way in keeping your sanity! be sure to seal the room as best you can to contain the dust (again, as best you can ;))

Thoughts on Replacing Plaster Wall with Insulation and Drywall?
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11/21/11 09:58 AM

i think its nice to take a guest's dietary restrictions into consideration for a least a dish or 2. being a fairly recent vegetarian i typically bring a dish that i know will at least fill me up in case there is nothing else for me to eat

What Are Some Good Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes?
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11/18/11 01:37 PM