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I run a 5* B&B on Skye (Scotland) and poach many eggs a week. I agree with all of this - but don't use vinegar. And I agree with Chris that the eggs need to be fresh.

But I don't use a saucepan; I use a saute pan (stainless steel and very like a frying pan). The water doesn't need to be very deep to cover the egg, and this way you can poach many eggs at once and it's much easier to get the slotted spoon or fish slice in to lift out the egg/s. If the yolk does turn out to be a bit "pert" just spoon some of the water over the yolk.

When lowering the egg in to the simmering water, I let the water in to the cup as the egg goes in the water.

And it doesn't have to be water. We poach smoked haddock in milk and then remove the fish to a warm plate and then poach the eggs in the milk. Then just place the poached eggs on the fish - wonderful breakfast, brunch, or supper!

How To Easily Poach an Egg Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/11/14 10:45 AM