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Hm, I dislodged a bag of mixed berries [blackberries, blueberries and strawberries] in the freezer and am thinking of stewing them up, straining out the blackberry seeds and making a tart. I have the urge for a somewhat short crust, a layer of the mixed berry compote and a layer of creme anglaise and then topping it with halves of strawberries macerated strawberries romanoff style and serving the sourcream/whipped cream from a more regular strawberries romanoff on the side. I think it will make a fantastic dessert for with a grilled leg of lamb and greek potatoes.

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7/11/14 03:42 PM

Pearls of oil - in molecular gastonomy you add some chemical to a liquid, use a syringe/turkey baster to drop little droplets into water that has a different chemical added and the droplets form a thin skin. You scoop out the droplets and rinse them in clear water and you have these little pearls, sort of like tiny bath oil beads that you can eat. They have videos on youtube showing how to make them.

And people have been using pork rinds as bred crumbs for years, ever since I had an AOL email and was on an Atkins food email list [so, 1995?]

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7/2/14 10:04 PM

I remember those, but they were still also wrapped in little twists of wrapped paper.

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6/30/14 06:54 PM

Silly, and somewhat stupid IMHO - we have tervis insulated cups in the classic mug with lid and the large tumbler with lid. Spill resistant, flies tend to leave cold drinks alone, and the cups don't leave rings because the outside surface is at ambient temperature.

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6/13/14 08:55 PM

Simmering is not at the boiling point, it is below the boiling point [otherwise you would just call it boiling.] Simmering is properly done at 82c 180f to 93c 200f - properly you bring a liquid to the boil then drop it back until the surface just barely has small bubbles starting to form [in a clear liquid it looks like it is shimmering] if you see bubbles roiling the surface, it is boiling and not simmering [and poaching is done even lower, 70c 160f to 80c 175f, you really only want steam coming from the liquid]

I had all this drummed into my head when I was training in french cuisine to work as a chef.

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6/13/14 08:51 PM