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I tried to grow these last summer and not a single seed sprouted, unfortunately. I need to try to find some at our farmer's market!

5 Reasons You'll Want Buy Husk Cherries at the Farmers Market
7/24/14 02:12 PM

Adding all of these to my list to try! I'd add Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale to the bourbon category. It is so beyond delicious.

5 Great Beers for Cocktail Lovers Tapped In
7/24/14 12:21 PM


Recipe: Caramel Fudge Brownies with Marshmallow Cream Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
7/24/14 10:48 AM

I had a carrot salad at Root Down in Denver once that blew my mind. It had gorgonzola and marcona almonds and a citrus vinaigrette. I need to try it with these carrot curls!

The Fanciest Carrot Salad You've Never Made Delicious Links
7/24/14 09:52 AM

Joy the Baker's browned butter blueberry muffins are one of the only ways I can convince my husband that all of the blueberries shouldn't be eaten immediately, straight from the container (
My grandmother used to make blueberry syrup with freshly picked berries for her big homemade waffles. Best breakfast ever. Need to see if someone in my family has that recipe!

The 15 Tastiest Ways to Make the Most of Blueberry Season! Recipes from The Kitchn
7/23/14 02:42 PM

I've seen this and always wondered if it's worth it. I cooke my chickpeas from dried, so I feel like they already have a pretty great texture, and my hummus is always very smooth ( I just don't know that that much extra time (since I tend to make a lot of hummus at once) is worth it for anything less than a mind blowing difference.

Why I Spent 20 Minutes Peeling Chickpeas Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
7/23/14 01:01 PM

I need to start freezing it, because zucchini is just so good. Zucchini bread is a favorite, and I made a crazy good zucchini salsa the other day that I keep thinking about (

The Best Way to Pick a Great Zucchini Ingredient Intelligence
7/23/14 12:03 PM

I'm torn, because while 99% of the time I wouldn't use this and think it's kind of terrible, there are a few restaurants that are SO HARD to get a reservation for that I would be tempted for special occasions or trips.

Would You Pay Money for a Restaurant Reservation? Good Food Reads
7/23/14 09:36 AM

These look so good. Summer foods are just the most fun. Now way around it. I make a nut free granola often (, and I bet it'd be amazing in here, though I think I'd leave any dried fruit out of that batch. I'd be afraid the dried fruit would be too hard/chewy

Recipe: Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles Recipes from The Kitchn
7/22/14 01:18 PM

I made focaccia last night from dough that I stuck in the fridge on Saturday and turned some into BLTs ( for dinner. The whole time it was baking, I kept thinking of ways that I could use it for an simple dinner party. Simple doesn't mean boring or unimpressive!
I'm also a fan of making a big batch of cocktails, portioning them into mason jars, and leaving them by big bottles of tonic water so everyone can assemble their beverage easily and I don't have to worry about it.

3 Reasons Why a Simple Party Menu Is Best Gatherings from The Kitchn
7/22/14 12:55 PM

We've had a jar of strawberry water in our fridge pretty much constantly this summer ( Sometimes we add mint leaves or basil to the strawberry tops too. love using something I would normally throw away anyway.

How I Make Tap Water More Appealing (Really!) Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
7/22/14 12:46 PM

I do salads for us just about every week for lunches (, and I just package up each salad in an individual container, and make each of us a big container of dressing to get through the week. I never have any issues, and we love it!

5 Tips for Making a Week's Worth of Salads on Sunday Tips from The Kitchn
7/22/14 10:31 AM

Shutterbean's pizza dough is fantastic, and while I haven't grilled it, I know she has successfully (

Recipe: The Best Pizza Dough for Grilling Recipes from The Kitchn
7/22/14 10:29 AM

I haven't had tomato pie in years! My mom makes such a good one.
Now I want pimento cheese on Wonder Bread. Immediately.

7 Reasons Pimiento Cheese Is My Surprising Pantry Staple Kitch Diary: Anne in South Carolina
7/21/14 01:35 PM

My sister went through a fat free half and half phase and I spent months trying to explain to her why that was such a weird thing to consume.
I do love it in coffee, though this week my milk guy was out. Heavy cream for the win!

What Is Half-and-Half? Ingredient Intelligence
7/21/14 11:41 AM

Just burn down the kitchen. I'm tempted to do that almost every Sunday after doing all of my meal prep for the week.

How Can I Make Hand-Washing Dishes Faster & More Fun? Good Questions
7/21/14 09:59 AM

My go to "kick it up a little" s'more treat is Nutella... but this would so beyond amazing.

The Salted Caramel S'mores of Your Dreams Delicious Links
7/18/14 10:17 AM

This looks crazy good and simple. Especially since my apartment is indeed sweltering. I need to try my hand again at poaching eggs, but til then, I'd probably just top it with a 6 minute egg ( And then be stoned by the french.

Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
7/17/14 01:28 PM

Turn it into pig candy and give it to your friends! Everyone will love you. This is a good recipe I've used before:

Ideas For Using Up a Lot of Bacon? Good Questions
7/17/14 09:42 AM

I recently did fried polenta with a zucchini salsa the other day, and the tomatoes were so crazy good after marinating with the zucchini for a few hours. Sooo tasty (

6 Tasty Dinners Featuring a Pint of Cherry Tomatoes Recipes from The Kitchn
7/16/14 12:01 PM