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Very delicious. Other than my wife thinking that it needed more acid (red wine vinegar) and that I added a tad too much salt at the end, it was very successful.

My wife and I always disagree about acid balance in vinaigrettes. As we are watching our calories, we split the salad which went very nicely with the farro risotto salad I made.

Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
7/17/14 11:55 PM

Yes to all said in the post. When cooking eggs in the morning when rushed, keeping it as simple as possible (and quick) is helpful, but one or two added touches I would consider for poached eggs are
1) fresh are best--seriously makes a difference with how they cook and adhere to each other
2) if the egg is older, put the egg in a handheld sieve and allow it to drain for about 20-30 seconds. A lot of the trailing bits will drain out but still leave you with plenty of 'solid' uncooked white to make a prettier poached egg.
3) fleur de sel or any fancy sea salt goes great with eggs!

How To Easily Poach an Egg Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/11/14 10:15 AM

I will occasionally shop at TJ's, and I have no problem buying their staples, be it frozen meats or fish, eggs, etc. I shy away from their prepared meals as a general rule simply because I prefer to make my own.

My one problem with TJ's (among others) is their sizing. Prices are always good, but its important to note the volume and weight of what you're purchasing vs other stores. A box of pancake mix might be cheaper than a local chain's, but the volume might be a few ounces lighter (15oz vs 12oz). Not all and only some, but be careful.

Also-- small companies supply to TJ's it seems...only for the buyers to figure out how to make it themselves and cut out their own vendors by making it themselves with their own brand.

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/8/14 11:50 PM

As the cheesemonger for a large grocer here in Berkeley, I will admit that she is correct...and I break this rule constantly. It's simply poor management, I suppose. We also wrap a lot of our cheese in plastic to sell--we're a 'grab 'n' go' type grocer, though we do have cheesemongers present at the 'cheese island' for customer service, making recommendations, etc. Fortunately, our cheese sells quickly enough that a few days in plastic is better than a longer period. We always recommend alternative wrapping methods for home use.

The Cheesemonger: Don't Store Your Cheese in Plastic!
6/28/14 03:28 PM

I found a few recipes to fit the nice weather we've been having here in the SF Bay Area and quickly threw them together for my wife and I as our planned dinner hopes fell through.

Three dishes; watermelon Crudo with thyme and olive oil, sliced hamachi drizzled with Yuzu and lemon juice/olive oil and a bit of basil, and a warm dish of fork-smashed potatoes with butter, mustard seed, Dijon mustard, and garnished with quick-pickled shallots. Biggest winner of all three, that last one.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of May 17-18, 2014
5/18/14 07:14 PM

Fun, well written article. And no numbers in the title!

A Bright & Colorful Mother's Day Brunch Gatherings from The Kitchn
4/30/14 07:03 PM

I love the idea of enameled cast iron like Le Creuset but even at the outlet store, their discount prices are still too much for me to consider. I'd love one...but I'll stick with good ol' fashioned cast iron for most of my cooking.

A Guide to the Best Material for Pots and Pans: A Pros and Cons List Cookware Materials 101
4/29/14 02:02 PM

Along these lines would be scrambled egg with za-atar stuffed into warmed pita bread, or untried, putting said stuffed item under the broiler for a couple of minutes.

Is There Anything Better Than Toast? Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
4/29/14 01:30 PM

Great list. I look forward, though, to the day that you stop using cardinal numbers in your post titles,


10 Ways to Stuff Your Face With Asparagus Recipes from The Kitchn
4/29/14 01:06 AM

You could also be a typeface, now that I think of it.

Hang Pots on Wall Week 4: Did It Work? The Big Pot Rail Reveal Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/23/14 11:12 AM

Cambria Bold? That's your real name? You sound like a movie star!

Hang Pots on Wall Week 4: Did It Work? The Big Pot Rail Reveal Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/23/14 11:12 AM

House cleaning is so low on my to do list I can't begin to tell you. Sometimes I think that the only reason I cook is so that I'll have an excuse to tidy up the house (basically hide the junk behind bedroom doors and utility closet doors), sweep and dust a bit, clean the kitchen floor, counters.

I'm always amused by people who worry about 'appearances' and how it might reflect on them. Here's the big secret--everyone has a messy side and there are very few of us who are OCD enough to keep things tidy enough that other OCDers could appreciate it.

Which is why when we retire, we're moving to the Philippines where we can afford maids. Hey, I like tidy more than messy, but I'm not willing to do the work myself!

Stop Worrying: 7 Things About Your Home That Aren't a Big Deal
4/23/14 11:06 AM

Is there such a thing as a 'classic Spanish fritatta'? I have often made what is usually considered the classic Spanish potato dish, the Tortilla Espanola or Tortilla de Patatas which, in its most basic form, are eggs and sliced potatoes. Folks in Spain still argue whether or not onions should be allowed in these dishes or not, but it is one argument I've managed to stay away from, including onion, chorizo, bell peppers, garlic and even avocado when moved.

Your fritatta looks delicious! I've seen this sort of recipe so many times that it's already a classic, though your spindle using yogurt is interesting.

Recipe: Potato Breakfast Gratin with Red Peppers & Parmesan Recipes from The Kitchn
4/23/14 10:50 AM

I don't have a favorite variety of date. I've noticed that many of you regular blogger/posters ask a question at the end of each article, particularly Faith from the kitchen. I recognize you're all trying to push for interaction and comments, which is fine, but for me as a writer, its a tired ploy. You're a good enough writer, Megan, as I'm sure that Faith is, that you needn't all constantly invite comments from your readership. Just a pet peeve. I enjoy your writing otherwise.

Blonde, Honey & Thoories: 3 New-to-Me Dates and How I'll Use Them at Home Ingredient Intelligence
4/23/14 10:43 AM

We got our ikea kitchen put in a out two years ago. The whole thing, including contractor and cabinet assemblers cost in the vicinity of $10k, but one thing that the Ikea sales reps don't mention to you are the unexpected costs--for all the new appliances, our old house would need an electrical up grade. Oh, our contractor figured this out when we initially consulted win th him but it was disappointing that the ikea reps never brought this up. Our kitchen electrical upgrade cost an additional $1500 which was still within our budget...and absolutely necessary. Newer appliances have a strong electrical draw--microwave, hood, stove, fridge, and occasional use of the dish washer could blow out the existing circuits.

We are very happy with it--and installing it ourselves? Worth having someone else do it!

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: 5 Things We Learned While Buying an IKEA Kitchen Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
4/23/14 10:33 AM

The reason I fell for this is that,apparently, someone in the SF Bay Area was charging $4 for a slice of toast. It caused a mild uproar locally in the food blogosphere. I believe the guy was grinding his own artisan heirloom flour from a lost grain...or something.

Your $10 toast was not a stretch when considering some artisan pricing.

How To Make $10 Toast at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/1/14 11:14 AM

Interesting. I like the idea of farmers markets and there are plenty here in Berkeley, CA. As it stands and because I work at the Berkeley Bowl West Marketplace, a crossover grocery that has a huge produce department, full service meat and fish, and deli, PLUS I get a store discount, the appeal of farmers markets is minimal. And unnecessary.

PLUS...while I admit that the produce and offerings may indeed be topnotch in terms of quality etc., their prices mix the deal. If you're in Bumfuck, MO and you have no good grocery or produce stop, I guess farmers markets are your best choice, but here in Berkeley there is plenty of competition--though farmers still seem to charge a lot because the privileged, usually well off attendees with their giant-sized strollers can afford to buy it.

Or like to be seen buying it.

5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market With You
3/21/14 12:28 PM

Friday night was Fideos with Duck, Chestnuts, and Olives. Saturday we ate out, but friends dropped by so I threw together a quick blueberry galette. Sunday I made chicken thighs cooked with onions, garlic, egg yolks, and garlic--with some potatoes thrown in for good measure (alas, the flavors were too subtle and 'delicate' as the author noted.

But I cooked a lot.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 15-16, 2014
3/16/14 11:25 PM

You've got to tell them they've been doing it all wrong and that they might actually enjoy their coffee more if they bought less and used it up in a couple of weeks.

I buy ground espresso every couple of weeks. I can't be bothered to grind it myself every morning--one of my choices.

What's the Deal with Storing Coffee Beans in the Freezer? Good Questions
3/7/14 01:35 PM

Cambria Bold? That is an awesome name! Really! It almost sounds like a classy typeface.

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3/7/14 01:14 PM