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My Pop was born in 1927, in Missouri, an only child to a fairly affluent family. My mother was born in 1925 on an eastern Colorado farm, the oldest of 10 children during the Depression. I can honestly say that even though they were from completely different backgrounds, my parents were PARTNERS. (My Pop has been gone for 20 years.) I asked my Pop one time why he was doing the house work & cooking & he said this to me: "There is no such thing as women's work or men's work; it is OUR work." This has stuck with me my entire life & it's something that I have tried to pass down to my children & my nieces & nephews that never got to know my Pop. He was ahead of his time!

The Battle of the Sexes Continues: Does It All Come Down to The Dishes?
12/19/13 02:34 AM

I also used two of the small Expedit "cubes" with four spaces, side by side, behind my two armchairs that sit kind of in the middle of my living room. It works like a sofa table, dividing the space, without visually breaking it up. It gives a nice place behind the chairs for a reading lamp, some decorative bowls, etc, but below I've used the top shelves for books, with the Ikea Pjas boxes in the bottom shelves for files, magazines & clutter. It helps to make my fairly small space work, with the most impact. I've had many, many compliments, with people saying that they never would have thought to use these shelves this way.

The Expedit: 7 Ways to Use It
12/19/13 02:26 AM

I used the Expedit shelving unit, the one separated into thirds with odd spaced shelves as an entertaining unit. I set it on it's side & found sea grass baskets from different places for our massive movie collection. It gets our very large flat screen at a nice viewing height & is more interesting than the evenly spaced "box" Expedit. As our movie collection has grown, I just added two dvd towers on either side, from the Ikea Benno collection in the same color & it looks great. I love Ikea!

The Expedit: 7 Ways to Use It
12/19/13 02:16 AM

I really liked this article, as it gave me some great ideas to try that I'd never heard of before. I've had quite a few compliments on my turkey, but basically the best thing I can say is rinse, rinse, rinse with running water inside & out! Make sure to get under the wings & drumsticks. I also like to put a heaping teaspoon of minced garlic inside the turkey cavity. This gives it a very nice, light garlic flavor that enhances the butter that the turkey is basted with. I also like to mix my melted butter with virgin olive oil & a bit of rosemary. Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving: The Simplest, Easiest Method Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/28/13 03:30 AM